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  • HKS, UNStudio, and Gehl Team Selected to Create System-Wide Architecture and Urban Design for Austin’s Light Rail
    by Sibley Fleming on 06/03/2023 at 18:30

    The Austin Transit Partnership announced a partnership with an international design team led by HKS, UNStudio, and Gehl to create system-wide architecture and urban design for the light rail program of Project Connect, a major expansion of Austin’s public transit system. Project Connect is a transformative, voter-approved investment that includes light rail, expanded bus routes, and more services across the city. The post HKS, UNStudio, and Gehl Team Selected to Create System-Wide Architecture and Urban Design for Austin’s Light Rail appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

  • Optimism for Increased Multifamily to Office Conversions in Pittsburgh
    by Danielle Zarnick on 06/03/2023 at 15:19

    Despite uncertainty for 2023, participants in a ULI Pittsburgh event in January said converting 18 to 20 buildings would transform the downtown. The post Optimism for Increased Multifamily to Office Conversions in Pittsburgh appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

  • Modular Construction Offers Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis
    by Karen Jordan on 03/03/2023 at 17:31

    In high-cost markets such as Los Angles, modular construction is reducing the average cost per unit by more than 50 percent, in addition to higher retention for the workers assembling the units off site. The post Modular Construction Offers Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

  • Planning the Road to Blue Oval City in West Tennessee
    by Brandon Herrington on 02/03/2023 at 19:58

    A member of ULI Memphis discusses the optimism for a new Ford Motor Company facility in Haywood County. The post Planning the Road to Blue Oval City in West Tennessee appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

  • The State of Data Science and Adoption in Global CRE Investing: How Does Your Firm Compare?
    by Sponsored Content on 02/03/2023 at 18:01

    Sponsored Content: While most investors are building and investing in data science and analytics capabilities, few seem to have a good understanding of what their peers are doing in this space or where their own capabilities fall on the adoption curve. The post The State of Data Science and Adoption in Global CRE Investing: How Does Your Firm Compare? appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

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  • VROOM planter
    by Rok Grča on 06/03/2023 at 15:08

    VROOM planter comes in several sizes and can be used on its own or joined to the VROOM bench. It can be supplied in special sizes and with a watering system. Check VROOM litter bin and other products from the VROOM family in the photos below or find more photos in the official Vestre product gallery.

  • VROOM litter bin
    by Rok Grča on 06/03/2023 at 15:00

    VROOM litter bin is available as a free-standing version (80 and 140 litres) or for mounting on a wall (40 litres). Choose between smooth and corrugated steel panels. Free-standing models have a concrete base. The VROOM litter bin is easy to empty by opening the door and removing the bin bag, with no heavy lifting

  • Renome KID’S LAB by AFA
    by Urska Skerl on 03/03/2023 at 10:51

    Playgrounds: what is their purpose? Are they designed to bring variety to everyday family life; to offer visitors completely new and interesting experiences or maybe to create new ideas for stimulating children’s communication and minds?What can really make a playground unique and educational and how to succeed in bringing all these features together in one

    by Rok Grča on 02/03/2023 at 13:24

    STOOP family builds on the idea of using steps as seating in public places. The STOOP picnic tables and benches work as a sociable and informal meeting place for people of all ages.

    by Rok Grča on 02/03/2023 at 13:17

    STRIPES is a modular furniture system with rectangular and circular benches that can be used on their own or in countless combinations. It comes in various sizes and is available with an opening for trees and plants.

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  • Cable problems crop up as non-Tesla EVs begin charging at US Supercharger sites
    by Charles Morris on 06/03/2023 at 16:38

    Tesla has started to open some Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EV drivers in the US. EV boosters and influencers have been converging on the half-dozen or so “open” stations in the state of New York to test out the system and share some of the good and bad points. In a recent video, Marques Brownlee... Read more »

  • US Postal Service finally places an order for EVs—but there’s a catch
    by Charles Morris on 06/03/2023 at 15:58

    After a two-year campaign to avoid electrifying its fleet, the US Postal Service has announced plans to do what it should have done in 2021. The agency will purchase 9,250 off-the-shelf Ford E-Transits as a first batch of replacements for its 30-year-old Grumman LLV delivery vehicles. Delivery of the EVs is expected to begin this... Read more »

  • Los Angeles rideshare provider Kaptyn uses Zeem’s fleet-as-a-service solution
    by Charles Morris on 06/03/2023 at 15:55

    Kaptyn operates a rideshare fleet of Tesla Model Ys in Los Angeles. Since November 2022, the company has been using a fleet-as-a-service solution provided by Zeem Solutions. Kaptyn’s vehicles reside at Zeem’s depot near LAX, and Zeem acts as an extension of Kaptyn’s fleet operations team by managing on-site charging, parking, security, scheduled maintenance and... Read more »

  • Lubrizol introduces new sulfur-free driveline lubricant technology for EV transmissions and e-axles
    by Charged EVs on 06/03/2023 at 11:53

    Sponsored by Lubrizol. The explosion in EV uptake has created huge opportunities for innovations in the vehicle electrified powertrain, and the unprecedented rapid design of completely new lubricating fluids to allow the electrified powertrains to operate at their utmost efficiency. At the heart of the e-powertrain is the electric motor. Increasingly this is intentionally soaked... Read more »

  • Rincon Power launches new 750-volt, 20-amp relay series
    by Charles Morris on 03/03/2023 at 20:47

    Rincon Power has announced a new addition to its line of sealed contactors, relays and switches. The new RER02 Series ultra-compact relay offers the ability to isolate high-voltage systems in a robust package. The RER02 Series can carry 20 amps of continuous current for applications up to 750 VDC. It can also handle 80 A... Read more »

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  • Amid fire concern, NYC banning sale of electric bikes without UL-listed batteries
    by Micah Toll on 07/03/2023 at 08:30

    A new law already passed by the New York City Council will ban the sale of electric bicycles, electric scooters and other electric mobility devices that are not UL-certified. The move is part of an on-going push to improve e-bike safety and reduce the risk of fires. more… The post Amid fire concern, NYC banning sale of electric bikes without UL-listed batteries appeared first on Electrek.

  • Quick Charge Podcast: March 6, 2023
    by Mikey G on 07/03/2023 at 02:34

    Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more… The post Quick Charge Podcast: March 6, 2023 appeared first on Electrek.

  • This rapper just launched the ‘lightest electric supercar’ that can go 0 to 60 in 2.3 sec [Video]
    by Peter Johnson on 06/03/2023 at 23:18

    Haitian rapper and musician Wyclef Jean officially launched the Attucks Apex APO electric supercar at The Amelia in Florida Sunday, dubbed “the lightest-ever electric Supercar” on the market. more… The post This rapper just launched the ‘lightest electric supercar’ that can go 0 to 60 in 2.3 sec [Video] appeared first on Electrek.

  • Honda teases latest generation Autonomous Work Vehicle ahead of debut at CONEXPO [Video]
    by Scooter Doll on 06/03/2023 at 22:18

    American Honda Motor Company is giving the public a first look at its latest generation WALL-E Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) prototype before it showcases its full capabilities at CONEXPO 2023 in Las Vegas later this month. The autonomous prototype was designed to support worksite efficiencies in the construction industry and can haul up to 2,000 pounds with zero emissions. You can see it in action in the video below, more… The post Honda teases latest generation Autonomous Work Vehicle ahead of debut at CONEXPO [Video] appeared first on Electrek.

  • A Florida lawmaker wants to ban EVs from evacuating during hurricanes
    by Michelle Lewis on 06/03/2023 at 20:46

    A Florida state senator told the state’s Department of Transportation that he thinks EVs could run out of charge and block traffic during hurricane evacuations. more… The post A Florida lawmaker wants to ban EVs from evacuating during hurricanes appeared first on Electrek.

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  • Trying To Find A Charge At An Off-Grid Expo
    by David Waterworth on 13/09/2022 at 01:29

    What do you do when you a have a lot of travelling to do and limited access to power? You ask your mates for a hand. In the Aussie tradition of mate ship, I reached out and was offered a top-up, but it didn’t work. Tess was attending the Goomeri Off Grid Expo, and to The post Trying To Find A Charge At An Off-Grid Expo appeared first on EV Obsession.

  • AEVA Presents Electric Vehicles in Australia’s Capital
    by David Waterworth on 29/08/2022 at 06:26

    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) played host to the Australian Electric Vehicles Association’s (AEVA) annual conference earlier this month. Running from August 5 through to 7 and incorporating a conference with gala dinner and 2 days of exhibitions, the event was designed to provide knowledge on current and emerging electric vehicles in the market. Patrons The post AEVA Presents Electric Vehicles in Australia’s Capital appeared first on EV Obsession.

  • Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Pivots to EVs
    by David Waterworth on 28/06/2022 at 02:04

    The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland ran its annual Motorfest day on the 19th June. Sadly, it was the same date as the Noosa EV Expo and I was unable to attend. Many of my friends did and they have graciously allowed me to use their comments. RACQ Events Manager Tamara Van Der Walt said The post Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Pivots to EVs appeared first on EV Obsession.

  • Repowering Gladstone
    by David Waterworth on 16/06/2022 at 22:24

    Gladstone Ecofest, with the motto Repowering Gladstone, has a history of promoting environmental issues, but also difficulty attracting electric vehicles to the event. Locals seem reluctant to display their Teslas (yes, there are some in this huge coal export hub). The fact that the event is sponsored by major energy companies firmly committed to fossil The post Repowering Gladstone appeared first on EV Obsession.

  • Opinion: US Regulators Need To Stop Trying To Silence Elon Musk
    by Johnna Crider on 07/04/2022 at 14:18

    US regulators need to stop attempting to silence Elon Musk. TechCrunch recently reported that US securities regulators said that they have the authority to subpoena the Tesla CEO about his tweets and are pressuring a federal judge to not let Elon “get away with tweeting with abandon.” Earlier this year, Elon Musk called the actions The post Opinion: US Regulators Need To Stop Trying To Silence Elon Musk appeared first on EV Obsession.

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  • 90,000 Miles On My Tesla Model 3 — Maintenance Costs Higher Than Expected
    by Arthur Frederick (Fritz) Hasler on 06/03/2023 at 14:24

    I am a huge EV and Tesla fanboy. I know that in principal EVs are much less complex than cars with internal combustion engines. An internal combustion engine (ICE) replacement cost is ~$7000. It is much more complex than an electric motor. In addition, ICE cars have very complex transmissions (replacement cost ~$5000). You also

  • Tess Hits 100,000
    by David Waterworth on 05/03/2023 at 15:01

    Seven years ago, I put down my AU$1500 deposit and sat tight and anxious waiting for my Tesla Standard Range Plus (SR+) to arrive. Which she did, three and half years later. We watched videos, we participated in events. Tesla even brought out a left-hand drive version and we queued for one and a half

  • BYD Atto 3 Reviews — 5 Months On The Road In Australia
    by David Waterworth on 18/02/2023 at 04:07

    The BYD Atto 3 was launched in Australia last quarter of last year. At that time, I spoke with Caleb Gittins, who told me that ordering his car was like placing a takeaway order online — it was that easy. He recently informed me that the car is due for its complimentary 5000 km service,

  • E-Bike Comparison: NIU vs. Heybike vs. Suburbia
    by Jo Borrás on 03/02/2023 at 21:21

    Two different e-bike brands, one mission: to get you around suburbia in reasonable comfort and style for less than $2000.

  • CleanTechnica Tested: The Flyer L885 Long Tail Cargo E-Bike
    by Kyle Field on 31/01/2023 at 14:00

    As kids, many of us grew up with the Radio Flyer brand and its iconic red wagons. Whether it was a signature wagon or another multi-wheel device designed to maximize joy for children, they’ve been around for decades. Radio Flyer is pushing into the electric mobility space with a line of electric bikes and scooters

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  • Tesla awaits final permits for Giga Mexico and could start building later this month
    by Joey Klender on 07/03/2023 at 00:35

    Tesla is aiming to start construction on its new factory in Mexico later this month as it is already awaiting final permits and could start building its first vehicles at the plant as soon as early 2024, officials said. Tesla is already awaiting approval of the project and the awarding of final permits, Nuevo Leon The post Tesla awaits final permits for Giga Mexico and could start building later this month appeared first on TESLARATI.

  • UCLA unveils new ARTEMIS robot for soccer tournament
    by William Johnson on 06/03/2023 at 22:22

    UCLA has posted a new video showing off its latest iteration of the ARTEMIS robot project, which will compete in the RoboCup soccer league. A renewed sense of enthusiasm has surrounded the robotics industry since Tesla entered the space with the Optimus robot, especially when combined with Elon Musk’s fervent backing of the technology and The post UCLA unveils new ARTEMIS robot for soccer tournament appeared first on TESLARATI.

  • Tesla begins deliveries of vehicles with Hardware 4 computer
    by Joey Klender on 06/03/2023 at 20:45

    Tesla has seemingly started deliveries of vehicles equipped with the Hardware 4 (HW4) computer, as an owner who took delivery of a Model X has confirmed his car is outfitted with the new system. Jason Clinton, a member of the TeslaMotors subreddit, took delivery of his Model X this past weekend and was shown by The post Tesla begins deliveries of vehicles with Hardware 4 computer appeared first on TESLARATI.

  • Mercedes doubles down on subscription tech with new payment system
    by William Johnson on 06/03/2023 at 20:16

    Mercedes has launched an all-new in-car payment system that will integrate with its car feature subscription technology. Mercedes became a controversial figure in the automotive world after it began offering customers new features they could unlock by paying a subscription. This includes features like rear-wheel steering and mobile A/C controls. To support those systems, Mercedes The post Mercedes doubles down on subscription tech with new payment system appeared first on TESLARATI.

  • Tesla Model S & Model X named ‘Best Resale Value Award’ winners
    by William Johnson on 06/03/2023 at 19:20

    The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are among the recipients of the Kelley Blue Book “Best Resale Value” award for 2023. A common trait among the hot new electric vehicles currently on sale is their incredible resale values. Vehicles like the Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, and Ford F-150 Lightning have become appreciating The post Tesla Model S & Model X named ‘Best Resale Value Award’ winners appeared first on TESLARATI.

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  • London City becomes first major airport to be fully remote controlled
    by E&T editorial staff on 30/04/2021 at 12:35

    Air traffic controllers normally sit in a tower with panoramic windows overlooking the airport runway. However, this digital control tower allows the London Docklands-based airfield to be managed from approximately 80 miles away in an office block in Swanwick, Hampshire. The new 50m-tall digital control tower features 16 HD cameras: 14 static and two able to pan, tilt and zoom. The tower has metal spikes on top to keep birds away from the cameras and each camera has a self-cleaning mechanism to prevent insects and debris from making the lenses dirty. The project cost just under £20m. Live video, audio and radar data are transmitted to the base of air traffic control provider NATS, where it is displayed across 14 screens in a control room. The panoramic moving images can be overlaid with useful information, such as aircraft call signs, altitude, speed and weather readings. This augmented or enhanced reality view allows the same number of controllers to deal with a larger number of plane movements. The airport will be able to handle 45 plane movements per hour, up from 40 in 2019. The airport began planning for a digital tower in 2016, when it realised it would need to invest significantly in its old control tower to support larger planes as part of its £500m expansion. The remote tower technology was developed by Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions and has been tested at remote airports in Sweden. Construction of the new tower was completed in 2019 and the quiet switch to full remote control occurred in January of this year. “This is the UK’s first major digital control tower and represents a significant technological and operational achievement, especially against the backdrop of Covid-19,” said Juliet Kennedy, operations director at NATS. “Digital tower technology tears up a blueprint that’s remained largely unchanged for 100 years, allowing us to safely manage aircraft from almost anywhere while providing our controllers with valuable new tools that would be impossible in a traditional control tower.” London City COO Alison FitzGerald commented that the remote-control aspect “always raises an eyebrow” from passengers, although this is not a cost-cutting measure: “This isn’t about removing air traffic controllers. It’s more about making it safer and making it more efficient.” She added that it could in future enable flights that would previously have been cancelled or diverted due to poor visibility to take off or land at the airport. According to Jonathan Astill, airports director at NATS, access to information means the digital system is a “better tool to use in keeping aircraft apart” than the conventional method. He added that the fibre connection between London City and Swanwick is “resilient to cyber-attack” and “very difficult to hack into”. If a link is lost, there is always a back-up. In future, more airports could adapt remote air traffic control, so London City’s new set-up will be watched with interest. Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye told Reuters: “When we look at our expansion plans that includes remote control towers.”  

  • Cranfield Airport becomes first in the UK to install digital air traffic control centre
    by E&T editorial staff on 13/12/2018 at 11:50

    Opened by the Aviation Minister Liz Sugg, controllers at the Airport will be able to use live footage from high-definition cameras to direct take-offs and landings. The technology replicates what can be seen through the windows of a traditional air traffic control tower and presents a live feed of panoramic views displayed on 14 screens in an operations room at the airport. According to Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, which installed the system, it enables smarter approaches to air traffic control by digitising and integrating airport functions and improves a controller’s situational awareness, enabling quick and informed decisions. It also provides the ability to zoom in on aircraft and locate them in times of poor visibility. Around 20,000 take-offs and landings are carried out every year at Cranfield, which hosts light aircraft, business jets and aviation research. “Cranfield’s new control centre is a fantastic example of harnessing technology to improve the efficiency of flights,” Sugg said. “The upcoming Aviation Strategy consultation will set out how the Government proposes to encourage the use of innovative technology to achieve sustainable aviation growth and enhance passengers’ experience.” Cranfield Airport is working with the Civil Aviation Authority to complete the transition from its traditional tower to the new centre. It is the first time a digital ATC centre has been used at a UK airport although the technology has already been tested in Australia, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. Saab Digital Air Services chief executive Johan Klintberg said: “This is a historic moment for air travel in the United Kingdom and shows the future of the UK’s aviation sector lies in leading-edge technology combined with operational expertise.” Rob Abbott, director of aviation operations at Cranfield University, which owns the airport, said: “The new digital system will improve our air traffic controllers’ situational awareness, enabling quick and informed decisions, leading to opportunities for improved safety and efficiency. With our partners, Saab, we are working extremely closely with the regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, to ensure we meet all the safety standards required of traditional air traffic control systems.” London City Airport is currently building a digital tower linked to the Hampshire base of ATC provider Nats. This is expected to be fully operational in January 2020.

  • Google to help tackle drone traffic management
    by By Rebecca Northfield on 23/07/2015 at 23:00

    The search engine has signed agreements with Nasa, along with at least 14 other companies including Amazon, Verizon Communications and Harris, to help make a system to manage small, low-altitude drones to prevent mid-air collisions and disrupt companies’ operations.In the future, commercial drones are expected to fill the skies in cities and other urban areas and UAV crashes are far more likely, but according to Bloomberg Business, the government has yet to verify who will manage the system or how it will be controlled, and it is asking for ideas.“We think the airspace side of this picture is really not a place where any one entity or any one organisation can think of taking charge,” Dave Vos, who heads Google’s Project Wing told Bloomberg News. “The idea being that it’s not ‘Google is going to go out and build a solution and everyone else has to subscribe to it'. The idea really is anyone should be free to build a solution.”Nasa is calling this potential system the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management, in which computers will order drones to fly around each other, as well as obstacles like buildings and birds.As well as the verified companies, more than 100 other establishments and universities have shown interest in the project and many will attend a conference on the idea next week, which will be sponsored by Nasa.According to Bloomberg Business, much interest will indeed be needed before commercial drones can fly long distances to deliver goods, inspect power lines and survey crops.It has yet to be decided whether the system will be a private or a public one.

  • Drone in near-miss with Lufthansa plane
    by By Edd Gent on 20/07/2015 at 23:00

    The incident happened about three miles from the airport as the plan arrived from Munich at about 4pm local time yesterday afternoon, according to Warsaw airport spokesman Przemyslaw Przybylski.The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) came within 300ft of the plane, he said, adding that Polish police are investigating the incident to determine who was operating the drone, which should not have been flying in that location.Mikolaj Karpinski, of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, told the TVN24 broadcaster that the pilots immediately reported the drone to air traffic controllers, who redirected the plane. He added that he considered the incident to be serious.A drone had a near-miss with a plane at Heathrow Airport last July that resulted in calls for tougher regulations of the booming UAV sector as well as stricter requirements for their operators.

  • TV signals 'to replace radars' in aircraft tracking
    by By Laura Onita on 09/06/2015 at 23:00

    During the trials, researchers said they were able to track 30 planes simultaneously flying at altitudes of up to 11,000ft by monitoring how aircraft interfered with TV signals. Traditionally TV signals use different chunks of the radio spectrum to radar, but both bounce off solid objects.  The new system costs less, suffers less interference from wind farms and could be more accurate than radar, according to the researchers. However, they stressed that more work has to be done.“Questions around resilience and service standards need to be answered and we’d need to explore formal agreements with the broadcasters, but this is very exciting and we’ll be looking to further develop the concept over the next five years,” said Nats engineer Nick Young.The study involved a TV signal broadcast by a transmitter at Crystal Palace in London and specialist receivers were used to measure the directions of the signal reflected by the aircraft. They studied the time difference it took to be received compared to the unobstructed TV signal to then deduce the various planes’ locations.“Specialist receivers then measure the directions of the signal echoes and the time taken for them to arrive in order to calculate the aircraft’s location,” said Young.Another trial was conducted in Liverpool that suggested the signals were less susceptible to the interference wind turbines cause to traditional radar – a problem that has affected the renewables industry in recent years.Radars can pick up the rotating blades of a wind turbine as they enter a specific velocity range – a typical wind farm can have turbines moving at aircraft speed, so radars may detect it, thinking it’s an aircraft.Reductions in cost could be a considerable advantage, Young said, and it would also free up radio spectrum for other uses. It is not an entirely new idea: it was previously trialled in 1935 by radio innovator Sir Robert Watson-Watt.The research was been carried out with the defence firm Thales UK and Roke Manor over the past two years.

  • Real-time data sharing to cut airport waiting times
    by By Laura Onita on 17/05/2015 at 23:00

    Researchers at University of Lincoln have proposed a new holistic framework for airports that combines the scheduling and routing of aircraft, 4-Dimentional Trajectory (4DT) optimisation, plus runway and airport bus scheduling.With increasing air traffic, rising fuel costs and stricter environmental targets, the proposals could reduce delays, improve efficiency and cut pollution at major airports, researchers said.“By 2030, it is forecasted that the number of airline passengers globally will double to about 6 billion per year,” lead author Dr Michal Weiszer said.The framework focuses on detailed fuel consumption at different power settings, which was not considered in previous studies, according to engineers.It was tested on real-world data at Doha International Airport that closed in 2014 to make way for the new commercial airport Hamad International Airport.“Without action, 12 per cent of flights could not be accommodated because of lack of airport capacity", Weiszer said.“This, together with the global effort to meet ambitious environmental targets, such as ensuring ground operations in Europe are emission-free by 2050, combined with rising fuel costs, is pushing the airlines and airports to reduce fuel consumption and their operational costs as much as possible.”The Lincoln team used a multi-objective algorithm to aggregate different data, usually analysed on its own, such as ground movement of both aircraft vehicles, runway scheduling and ground services, landing time, pushback time and aircraft ground position.“In this study we tested a new concept, which is the cooperation and sharing of real-time data between airports, aircraft operators, ground workers and air traffic control in order to reduce delays, improve the predictability of events and optimise resource,” Weiszer said.The researchers believe the most benefit would be obtained by large and busy airports, where the runway needs to be used as efficiently as possible, with high volume traffic on the airport surface and increased need of ground services.The model was published in the journal Applied Energy.

  • Planes could be hacked through in-flight entertainment system
    by By Edd Gent on 14/04/2015 at 23:00

    The threat was identified in a new report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) highlighting emerging cybersecurity challenges faced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which also included protecting air traffic control systems from cyber-attacks and clarifying the cybersecurity responsibilities of multiple FAA offices.GAO investigators spoke to cyber-security experts who said on-board firewalls intended to protect avionics from hackers could be breached if flight control and entertainment systems use the same wiring and routers."Internet connectivity in the cabin should be considered a direct link between the aircraft and the outside world, which includes potential malicious actors," the report said.FAA Administrator Michael Huerta concurred with the GAO's findings and said the aviation regulator has begun working with government security experts including the National Security Agency to identify the necessary changes."This threat will continue to evolve and it is something that needs to be at the forefront of our thinking," he told a Senate oversight panel.One cybersecurity expert told the GAO investigators that "a virus or malware" planted on websites visited by passengers could provide an opportunity for a malicious attack."This report exposed a real and serious threat – cyberattacks on an aircraft in flight," said US Representative Peter DeFazio, ranking Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee."FAA must focus on aircraft certification standards that would prevent a terrorist with a laptop in the cabin or on the ground from taking control of an airplane through the passenger Wi-Fi system."The report also said that despite the FAA taking steps to protect air traffic control systems from cyber-attacks, significant weaknesses remain.While the report conceded that the regulator had agreed to address the weaknesses, the authors say its failure to develop a cyber-security threat model to identify potential vulnerabilities in its information systems means it may not be properly allocating its cyber-defence resources.Further informationPlane safety: five technologies that could save your life

  • �70m boost for UK science and engineering projects
    by By Laura Onita on 19/03/2015 at 00:00

    In response to growing concerns over air transport capacity and rising demand, a major £2.8m project, called OR-MASTER, will use advanced modelling techniques to unlock additional capacity from the UK’s existing airports.Mathematicians at the Universities of Lancaster and Stirling will work closely with airlines and airports to come up with solution algorithms to improve the efficiency of airports and in doing so reduce passenger delays.Professor Konstantinos G. Zografos, project lead at Lancaster University, said: "Existing approaches to airport slot allocation do not consider all the real-world complexity involved. Therefore, there is room to improve airport capacity utilization which will benefit airlines, airports and the travelling public.”The research has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), alongside the universities that are to benefit from the £70m boost. The support comprises more than £30m of capital funding for 31 bundles of new equipment such as ultra-bright lasers, electron microscopes and advanced x-ray imaging.In addition, more than £40m will be invested in research projects spanning physical sciences and engineering, according to EPSRC.Professor Philip Nelson, EPSRC’s chief executive, said: “Put simply, investment in world-class projects, equipment and people helps to make the UK the best place in the world to research, discover and innovate.”Another potentially ground breaking project is SeeBiByte. Computer scientists at the University of Oxford plan on using their £4.5m grant to develop the next generation of computer vision methods that are able to analyse, describe and search image and video content with human-like capabilities.Image analytics is still in an early stage of development so SeeBiByte could impact the way we use extracted information in various sectors such as healthcare, surveillance or the environmental monitoring of roads.Other engineering projects include: 'Mobile Robotics - enabling a pervasive technology of the future' (University of Oxford, £5m) and 'SynFabFun – from membrane material synthesis to fabrication and function' (Newcastle University, £4.5m).

  • Talking drone could ease concerns over aviation safety
    by By Laura Onita on 27/02/2015 at 00:00

    The project was designed to integrate the drones into civil airspace without fears of causing disruption to air traffic management.The software enables drones to respond to information requests and act on clearance issued by air traffic centres using an automated voice recognition system and response technology.Reece Clothier, leader of the research team at RMIT University, said drones needed to be able to fly safely alongside other airspace users.“The majority of air traffic control services are provided to aircraft by voice radio – aircraft controllers speaking directly to pilots,” said Clothier.A prototype was successfully tested late last year and further research is planned to assess the effect of a talking drone on air traffic controller communications.“Our project aimed to develop and demonstrate an autonomous capability that would allow a drone to verbally interact with air traffic controllers.“Using the system we’ve developed, an air traffic controller can talk to, and receive responses from, a drone just like they would with any other aircraft.”Drone makers are expecting a surge in sales as UAVs are the fastest growing sector of the aviation industry. Figures from CES show that the global market for consumer drones will approach $130m in revenue in 2015.However, safety concerns have led industry figures to call for clearer and stricter regulation of the use of unmanned air systems.The talking drone is the brainchild of RMIT University, Thales Australia and UFA Inc.Watch the video:

  • Airport technology to cut flight delays
    by By Laura Onita on 22/01/2015 at 00:00

    The programme, Departure Planning Information (DPI), is being introduced at seven further airports across the UK after previously being in place only at Gatwick and Heathrow. It is being rolled out by the Transport Systems Catapult in partnership with air traffic services provider NATS.The technology enables airports to send out real-time information about the departure of a plane to European air traffic control centres, improving the flow of air traffic on the continent."When you consider that this roll-out covers over 30 per cent of all commercial air transport flights taking off in the UK every day, then you start to realise the scale of improvement that we're talking about,” said Steve Yianni, chief executive of Transport Systems Catapult, in a statement.Apart from improving passenger delays and the airspace efficiency, DPI could lead to a reduction in fuel consumption, noise pollution and carbon emissions.Following a review of the programme and its impact on the UK airport networks, it was estimated that “at least £10m” worth of savings could be achieved with the new technology.  "If the offline test results are replicated for real once the systems go live in the coming months, then we can expect to see less delays for passengers, both on the ground and in the air, as well as reduced fuel costs for the airlines and less harm to the environment."The airports that will benefit from DPI are London City, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Luton, and according to Yianni expansion plans to integrate other airports in the scheme are expected."So far, only a small proportion of airports in mainland Europe are using this technology, and they tend to be among the continent's biggest hubs. By extending DPI capability in the UK from major international hubs to regional level airports, the Transport Systems Catapult is helping to put the UK at the forefront of European air space efficiency," Yianni said."The DPI project is a key deliverable for the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy and with the Catapult’s support we have been able to update NATS control tower systems to provide this more accurate information to our controllers and the European Air Transport Network," said Andy Shand, NATS general manager of customer affairs. "With DPI, our controllers will have a more accurate prediction of take-off times, and this in turn will allow our airport and airline customers to better plan their operations, while NATS will be able to offer more fuel-efficient routes.”

  • UN to put forward 15-minute flight-tracking standard
    by By Laura Onita on 07/01/2015 at 00:00

    The intermittent reporting system comes as a precaution in the aftermath of the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 last March that sparked a consensual need for a new standard to make it possible to pinpoint the exact last location of a plane.According to a spokesman from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), if approved, the standard could go into effect in the near-term since it would not require additional technology on planes. The proposal is to be discussed at a safety conference in Montreal next month by ICAO members.     "If member states agree to the standard, the safety conference will also be asked how quickly it expects it to be implemented and if it would want ICAO to expedite that process," Anthony Philbin, ICAO spokesman, told Reuters."Once our states have made their views known in that regard, we'll have a better idea of the timeframe," he added.Although ICAO can effectively force airlines to act because the standards it sets usually become regulatory demands in its 191 member states, the agency thinks the decision should be consensual.Most airlines use satellite systems to track their planes and according to the ICAO the majority of long-haul planes already have systems in place that can transmit the specific route and location. However, the equipment is not always turned on, which leads to gaps in satellite coverage.On 8 March 2014 a Boeing 777 operated by Malaysia Airlines and with 239 people on board disappeared from air traffic control radars. The incident spurred what has since become the largest search operation in the history of aviation.UK satellite operator Inmarsat proved early in the investigation that the plane must have veered off its original course to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur and strayed thousands of kilometres into the Indian Ocean before running out of fuel.

  • Acoustic equipment to search for AirAsia black boxes
    by By Laura Onita on 02/01/2015 at 00:00

    Bad weather prevented the divers from looking for the wreck of the Airbus A320-200, which was carrying 162 people from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. According to France’s BAE, a ship with two hydrophones – underwater listening devices – was due to arrive at the scene with experts from France, Singapore and Indonesia aboard."With the increasing amount of evidence and data, it's very likely we're getting closer to the fuselage of the AirAsia aircraft, based on what has been detected by sea vessels," Supriadi, operations director of the Indonesian search and rescue agency, told reporters.Once found, the black boxes would determine the sequence of events that led to the crash of Flight QZ8501. Search teams based in the northern Java Sea, close to Karimata Strait, have recovered bodies along with debris such as a suitcase, an emergency slide and a life jacket. Experts say that finding the boxes should be relatively straightforward if the beacons, with a range of 2,000m to 3,000m, are working and given Flight QZ8501 crashed in shallow seas.The theory put forward by investigators is that the plane stalled as it climbed steeply to avoid a storm about 40 minutes after take-off.The plane was travelling at 9,753m and had asked to fly at 11,582m. Air traffic controllers received no response after they granted permission for a rise to 10,363m a few minutes later.The search for the jet is unlikely to be as technologically challenging as the two-year search for an Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 or for Malaysian Flight 370, which disappeared last year.On board Flight QZ8501 were 155 Indonesians, three South Koreans, and one person each from Singapore, Malaysia and Britain. The co-pilot was French. No survivors have been found so far.  

  • Independent inquiry into air traffic failure
    by Laura Onita on 15/12/2014 at 00:00

    The technical error, deemed “simply unacceptable” by UK’s Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, caused travel chaos with hundreds of flights being cancelled or delayed to and from London.In a joint statement, the CAA and the National Air Traffic service, said: “The CAA will, in consultation with NATS, appoint an independent chair of the panel which will consist of NATS technical experts, a board member from the CAA and independent experts on information technology, air traffic management and operational resilience.”The review will cover the root causes of the incident and further measures to prevent a repeat scenario, with the full terms of reference expected to be published after consultation with "interested parties including airlines and consumer groups".According to Richard Deakin, chief executive of NATS, failures of this sort are extremely rare and when they do occur it is because they are unprecedented.“If they do occur, root causes are identified and corrections made to prevent them happening again. We have never seen a repeat occurrence once a fix has been made.”However, according to the software analysis company CAST, it is unlikely that the issue has been fully resolved despite the fact that the glitch was caused by “one line of code in four million” and it was fixed in less than an hour."The challenge is that we have around 50 different systems at Swanwick and around four million lines of code. This particular glitch was buried in one of those four million lines of code,” CAST said in a statement.The technical failure generated major outcry from passengers who took on Twitter to complain, but also from British government officials.Paul Flynn, a Labour MP, told The Sunday Times: "I hope after the chaos, which was dreadful, though a rare event, he will have his bonuses stripped from him," talking about Deakin.Another incident in December last year hit the NATS hub at Swanwick when thousands of passengers were left stranded and the disruption was felt beyond Britain.

  • London airspace in chaos after air traffic computer glitch
    by Laura Onita on 12/12/2014 at 00:00

    Although the airspace has not been closed, flights were halted at some of the UK’s major airports causing severe delays for passengers.According to the BBC, Martin Rolfe, managing director of the National Air Traffic Services (NATS), has “absolutely ruled out” that the airspace disruption was caused by a cyber-attack.  Following the technical failure at Swanwick in Hampshire, NATS said on their website that the system has been restored, but “it will take time for operations across the UK to fully recover so passengers should contact their airline for the status of their flight”.Heathrow airport – with over 67 million passengers transiting it annually – took to Twitter: “Check your flight status before coming to the airport. Flights experiencing severe disruption due to technical issue at air traffic control.”Later that evening, the BBC’s science editor David Shukman tweeted: “Trickle of planes now leaving Heathrow.”Airports in other parts of the country such as Birmingham and Manchester, in central and northern England, were unaffected by the technical problem and anticipated diverted flights. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton were severely affected. A similar scenario occurred in December last year when thousands of passengers were left stranded as UK airports were hit by flight delays after a technical fault at the Hampshire centre.

  • Expansion of drones pose security and privacy risk
    by Edd Gent on 21/10/2014 at 23:00

    Research led by former director of GCHQ Sir David Omand found greater civil and military use of unmanned aircraft is inevitable and could have "significant benefits" for the UK's security and economy, but also warned that they could be exploited by malicious actors.Terrorists could turn drones into flying bombs by hooking them up to improvised explosive devices, according to the University of Birmingham Policy Commission Report, while shopping centres, sporting events and public rallies face being exposed to chemical or biological attacks.The devices could also become "ideal lookouts for burglars, train robbers and poachers" and the "weapon of choice" for paparazzi due to the ability to bypass traditional ways of securing buildings and properties."The security threat posed by individuals misusing RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) is a serious one, whether for criminal or terrorist purposes. While the hazards presented by inadvertent or accidental misuse of RPA, or the consequences of their malfunctioning are becoming better understood, more thought needs to be given to their employment for malign purposes in the domestic environment," the report states."Vulnerable targets might be hardened to withstand attack from outside, but it is entirely possible that in a public space like a shopping centre or sporting stadium, an attack could be launched from within."Crowds at sporting events or rallies could be vulnerable in a similar way if a future terrorist group were to look for means of dispersing chemical or biological agents. While such a scenario has so far not posed a real danger to UK citizens, as noted below, it is a threat that the UK authorities took seriously during the 2012 Olympics."The release of the report comes after a suspected drone pilot was arrested yesterday on suspicion of breaching the air navigation order after a device was flown over a packed football stadium.The 41-year-old man was held in the car park of an Asda supermarket near Manchester City's Etihad Stadium after reports of a drone flying over a stand during Saturday's match against Tottenham Hotspur.Drones under 20kg can be used within line of sight of the operator and with permission of the CAA but enforcing breaches is likely to become a major policy issue, the report says, as small commercial aircraft, including for taking photographs, are already "clearly being flown", often in breach of the rules.The report also notes that police in Merseyside; Staffordshire, Essex, Wiltshire and the West Midlands have acquired or used drones for surveillance, saying guidelines must be looked at governing how and when they can be used.Sir David said: "For too long drone technology has carried a burden of ethical suspicion given its controversial use for counter-terrorist strikes by the US."The recent decision to deploy RAF Reaper to Iraq is a welcome sign in line with our findings of the growing acceptance of RPA technology as an essential component of modern military capability - provided it is used strictly in accordance with international law, in the same way as for other UK weapons systems."RPA add precision targeting capabilities and long loiter times that can minimise civilian losses and protect friendly troops. We need not fear that their use by the UK Armed Forces represents a shift in the ethical framework of modern warfare. RPA will also have an important role in future in civil security and commercial use."This commission has highlighted the need for more work on the policies for such applications, and we hope that our findings will help clarify the issues that will need more attention, as well as providing a vision for how the UK can exploit this innovative technology."

  • Radar tests detect small aircraft among wind turbines
    by Lorna Sharpe on 14/10/2014 at 23:00

    Aviation radars are typically designed to show moving objects and filter out anything stationary, but the spinning blades of wind turbines can appear as ‘clutter’ and disguise the presence of legitimate objects of interest. This often delays or prevents wind farm developments that might interfere with air traffic control.UK air navigation services provider NATS, and the radar manufacturer, Danish aerospace business Terma, trialled the use of the Scanter system to assess its performance as an extended range wind turbine mitigation system between January and March this year.Early results indicated that the system was not only capable of mitigating the effects of wind turbines, but could also detect aircraft through wind farm locations, even at ranges beyond 40 nautical miles (nmi).Following this successful initial trial, the radar was evaluated during August by the UK Civil Aviation Authority as part of its spectrum release programme. According to NATS, the results confirmed that the system can detect even small targets beyond 40nmi and with good low level coverage. Based on these initial positive results, further testing is expected to be undertaken with the CAA.As part of government plans to release a proportion of public-sector spectrum for commercial use, the CAA is analysing ways in which aviation might be able to reduce its reliance on the 2.7-2.9GHz band currently used for civil and military primary surveillance radars, including through the use of emerging technologies.Terma developed the Scanter 4002 transceiver for detection and separation of small air targets and large surface targets such as wind turbines. To achieve simultaneous good performance for air and surface detection, it is designed as a two-dimensional coherent X-band radar with pulse compression and advanced MTI (moving target indication) processing, which provides enhanced detection and tracking of small air targets such as general aviation aircraft and helicopters between turbines.Iain Harris, NATS director of engineering, services, said: “We’re committed to working with a range of developers and radar manufactures to find the best way for airports to mitigate the impact of wind turbines. These latest trials with Terma represent a breakthrough for airport operations, adding to our progress we have already made in the en-route environment. “By supporting a range of technologies, we can help airports to manage their long term risk while ensuring they have a solution that best fits their individual needs.”Michael Agergaard Riis at Terma added: “Our solutions are based on well-proven products designed for mission-critical applications which enable us to minimise risk and respond quickly to customers’ needs. The recent trials together with NATS have further strengthened our belief that the Scanter 4002 radar is a very capable solution for single radar wind farm mitigation.”

  • Boris Island airport scheme dropped by commission
    by Edd Gent on 01/09/2014 at 23:00

    The independent Airports Commission has dropped the four-runway solution, nicknamed Boris Island, citing its £112bn price tag – roughly five times as much as the other three short-listed options for extra runway capacity – and complicated design.Prime Minister David Cameron appointed the commission in 2012 to find a solution to the capital’s growing air traffic demands and the body will now consider three remaining shortlisted schemes – two involving expansion at Heathrow Airport west London and the other for a new runway at Gatwick in West Sussex – before making its final report to ministers next summer."There are serious doubts about the delivery and operation of a very large hub airport in the estuary. The economic disruption would be huge and there are environmental hurdles which it may prove impossible or very time-consuming to surmount," said Sir Howard Davies, chair of the commission."Even the least ambitious version of the scheme would cost £70 to £90bn with much greater public expenditure involved than in other options – probably some £30 to £60bn in total.The Heathrow and Gatwick options had been shortlisted by the commission last December, with Sir Howard announcing that further studies would be made on the estuary plan with a decision towards the end of 2014, but the commission has decided to act ahead of time to rule the option out.Howard added: "We are not persuaded that a very large airport in the Thames Estuary is the right answer to London's and the UK's connectivity needs. While we recognise the need for a hub airport, we believe this should be a part of an effective system of competing airports to meet the needs of a widely spread and diverse market like London's."A decision on where to locate new runways has already been delayed for years because of u-turns by successive governments, with Heathrow – Europe's busiest airport – already running at 98 per cent full.But Johnson, who is seen as a potential successor to Prime Minister David Cameron after announcing he will stand as an MP in next year’s election, has signalled his intention to continue to fight for the project, potentially prolonging the uncertainty over airport strategy."In one myopic stroke the commission has set the debate back by half a century and consigned their work to the long list of vertically-filed reports on aviation expansion that are gathering dust on a shelf in Whitehall,” he said."Gatwick is not a long-term solution and Howard Davies must explain to the people of London how he can possibly envisage that an expansion of Heathrow, which would create unbelievable levels of noise, blight and pollution, is a better idea than a new airport to the east of London that he himself admits is visionary, and which would create the jobs and growth this country needs to remain competitive."It remains the only credible solution, any process that fails to include it renders itself pretty much irrelevant, and I'm absolutely certain that it is the option that will eventually be chosen."Manufacturing lobby group the EEF backed the decision not to shortlist the island project and said it was important that the decision-making process was transparent and not derailed by any change in government after the election."By excluding the Thames Estuary airport option, the Airports Commission has made the right choice on the basis of robust evidence. EEF has consistently argued that there is no support from industry for a Thames Estuary airport,” said business environment policy adviser Chris Richards.The airline industry also supported the commission's move."Britain needs additional runway capacity in the South East of England, but not at any price," said Nathan Stower, chief executive of the British Air Transport Association. "The proposals must be cost effective and offer value for money."The three options still being considered by the commission include a new runway at Gatwick more than 3,000m in length and spaced sufficiently south of the existing runway to permit fully independent operation.At Heathrow the two options are for a new 3,500m runway constructed to the north west of the existing airport that has been proposed by Heathrow Airport and an extension of the existing northern runway to the west of Heathrow proposed by Heathrow Hub, a consortium including former Concorde pilot Jock Lowe.The second scheme would see the runway lengthened to at least 6,000m, enabling it to be operated as two separate runways one for departures and one for arrivals.

  • Change flight paths to reduce contrails' climate impact
    by Edd Gent on 18/06/2014 at 23:00

    The thinly shaped clouds, called contrails, only form in regions of the sky where the air is very cold and moist, which is often in the ascending air around high pressure systems and they can sometimes stay in the air for many hours, eventually spreading out to resemble natural, wispy clouds.A study in the journal Nature Climate Change in 2010 showed that the amount of global warming caused by contrails could be as large, or even larger, that the contribution from aviation CO2 emissions.And now researchers from the University of Reading’s Department of Meteorology have shown that aircraft contribute less to global warming by avoiding the places where are produced, a fact that could have important implications for government climate policy.Dr Emma Irvine, co-author of the paper in journal Environmental Research Letters, said: “If we can predict the regions where contrails will form, it may be possible to mitigate their effect by routing aircraft to avoid them.“Our work shows that for a rounded assessment of the environmental impact of aviation, more needs to be considered than just the carbon emissions of aircraft.”Just like natural clouds, contrails reflect some of the Sun’s incoming energy, resulting in a cooling effect, but also trap some of the infrared energy that radiates from Earth into space, therefore having a warming effect. Detailed calculations indicate that generally the warming effect wins over the cooling effect.The researchers estimate that smaller aircraft can fly much further to avoid forming contrails than larger aircraft.  For example, for a small aircraft that is predicted to form a contrail 20 miles long, if an alternative route adds less than 200 miles onto the route (10 times the length of contrail that would have been produced) then the alternative route would have a smaller climate impact.For larger aircraft, which emit more CO2 than smaller aircraft for each mile flown, the alternative route could still be preferable, but only if it added less than 60 miles (3 times the contrail length) onto the route.Irvine added: “Comparing the relative climate impacts of CO2 and contrails is not trivial. One complicating factor is their vastly differing lifetimes. Contrails may last for several hours, whilst CO2 can last for decades.“In terms of mitigating these impacts, air traffic control agencies would need to consider whether such flight-by-flight re-routing is feasible and safe, and weather forecasters would need to establish if they can reliably predict when and where contrails are likely to form.“The mitigation targets currently adopted by governments all around the world do not yet address the important non-CO2 climate impacts of aviation, such as contrails, which may cause a climate impact as large, or even larger, than the climate impact of aviation CO2 emissions.“We believe it is important for scientists to assess the overall impact of aviation and the robustness of any proposed mitigation measures in order to inform policy decisions. Our work is one step along this road.”

  • Saab's remote air traffic control tower approved
    by Tereza Pultarova on 18/06/2014 at 23:00

    Designed by defence and security company Saab, the Remote Tower, essentially a mobile unit packed with cameras and sensors, has been tested at the Örnsköldsvik airport in Sweden since 2013. Following the Swedish Transport Agency’s approval, the technology will be fully operational by autumn 2014, allowing controllers to manage landings and take-offs at the regional airport remotely from a new control centre in Sundsvall, about one hundred kilometres away. "Remote Tower makes it possible to have a network of airports operated from one location and we can see a great deal of interest from many parts of the world,” said Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab. “I look forward to seeing what Saab's technology can do for travellers."   The technology is designed to improve safety and serviceability at small, low traffic airports. It relies on High Definition and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, surveillance and meteorological sensors, microphones, signal light guns and other devices, which are deployed at the airport. Data from these sensors are gathered and sent in real time to the Remote Tower Center (RTC). A controller at the RTC has the tools, in addition to live video, to operate the airport in a similar manner as he or she would be in a traditional Air Traffic Control Tower. Saab worked on the project together with the Swedish air navigation service provider, LFV. During the work’s progress, the team found out that some of today's air traffic control towers are no longer optimally positioned. In such cases, the Remote Tower system can enable controllers to see areas of the airport without having to construct a new traditional tower. The camera unit can be positioned where it has the best overview and it can even be moved easily if needed.

  • US regulator permits first commercial drone flight
    by Edd Gent on 09/06/2014 at 23:00

    The Federal Aviation Administration has given approval to UK energy giant BP and unmanned aircraft manufacturer AeroVironment to conduct aerial surveys of pipelines, roads and equipment at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.Last week, the agency said it was considering giving permission to seven film-making companies to use drones, a potentially significant step that could lead to greater relaxation of the agency's ban on commercial drone use.Transportation secretary Anthony Foxx said: "These surveys on Alaska's North Slope are another important step toward broader commercial use of unmanned aircraft. The technology is quickly changing, and the opportunities are growing."The first flight, by a Puma drone made by AeroVironment, took place on Sunday. The Puma is a small, hand-launched craft about 4ft 6in long with a 9ft wingspan.The FAA approved the use of the Puma and the ScanEagle drone, made by a Boeing subsidiary, over the Arctic Ocean last summer.Congress directed the FAA to provide commercial drones access to US skies by September next year, but the agency's efforts to write safety rules for such flights by drones weighing 55lb or less have been slow, and it is not expected to meet the deadline.FAA officials are on their third attempt to draft regulations acceptable to the Transportation Department and the White House.FAA administrator Michael Huerta has said drafting such rules is complex because they must ensure that the large volume and diversity of manned aircraft in US skies are protected. Even a small drone that collided with a plane travelling at high speeds or got chewed up by helicopter rotors could cause a crash.But as the cost of small drones has come down and their sophistication and usefulness has increased, entrepreneurs and businesses from real estate agents to wedding video makers are not waiting for government permission.Drone industry officials have warned that the longer the FAA takes to write regulations, the more rogue commercial operators will multiply.

  • Budget airlines terminal opens at KLIA
    by William Dennis on 21/05/2014 at 23:00

    Built at a cost of $1.25bn, KLIA 2 has a huge 275,000m2 of floor space with a 4,000m-long runway and is designed to handle up to 45 million passengers a year. There are 128 check-in desks and 15 carousels for luggage claim.It is equipped with a state-of-the-art flight information system, 80 aerobridges and eight remote stands. Some airlines initially objected to aerobridges, for which they pay a usage fee, but Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, the public-listed operator, went ahead with the installation on safety grounds. Passengers are supposed to be barred from walking across the tarmac to and from the aircraft at all airports.Currently nine airlines are operating from the new terminal, including five within the Air Asia group. Three more low-cost carriers are expected to join them later this year.KLIA 2 was built to replace the previous low-cost carrier terminal, which was bursting at its seams with a passenger handling capacity of only 15 million a year. Passengers had to walk as far as 400 metres to board the aircraft depending on where it was parked, as no aerobridges were installed.Airlines operating at this terminal had also refused to provide coaches to transport passengers to and from the aircraft even during Malaysia’s frequent thunderstorms. The Ministry of Transport and Department of Civil Aviation failed to act.KLIA now has a passenger handling capacity of 70 million in total, with three runways.

  • Radar mitigation to overcome wind farm safety fears
    by Lorna Sharpe on 12/03/2014 at 00:00

    The agreement secures the funding to modify Raytheon-manufactured radar installations at two sites – Lowther Hill and Great Dun Fell – in order to provide a mitigation service to the interference caused by wind turbines.In around 2 per cent of wind- farm planning applications, the proposed development would cause interference to the radar signals that air traffic controllers rely on.Reflections from turbine blades can create ‘clutter’ on radar screens and be mistaken for aircraft or hide the presence of genuine aircraft.In these cases Nats often has to object to the development on the grounds of aviation safety, resulting in the application being turned down by the planning authority.Sometimes the problem can be overcome by changing the layout of the proposed array, or by ‘blanking’ the turbine site from the screen, and possibly providing infill data from another radar with a different line of sight. However, this is not always possible, so Nats and others have been looking for a new solution.David Hawken, engineering director in Nats Operations, explained: “Project RM (Radar Mitigation) has been three years in the making and involves a technical radar modification that would mitigate turbine interference on our en-route radars in the majority of cases. This would enable us to avoid objecting to the development of over 2.2GW worth of new wind energy – around 1,200 turbines – across southern Scotland and northern England.”Project RM involved Nats, Aviation Investment Fund Company developers, DECC, Crown Estate, Scottish government and radar manufacturer Raytheon.The first phase of the project will involve a multi-million-pound upgrade to Nats radars and associated infrastructure. The radars will then be enabled, case by case, to mitigate the impact of developments that might otherwise have raised an objection.Funding has been secured for two radar sites with the option to roll the modification out to others and to investigate further improvements to the mitigation.Nats chief executive Richard Deakin said: “This is a landmark agreement that heralds a significant technical advance in mitigating the radar interference from wind turbines; it unlocks significant potential for wind-based power generation and indeed for the UK in meeting its carbon reduction targets.”Piers Guy, head of development for Vattenfall UK, added: “This investment in UK infrastructure will benefit the whole industry by unlocking the potential of gigawatts of otherwise stalled wind power capacity. We are very pleased to be part of such an exciting initiative, which has brought the aviation and energy industry together to successfully tackle a UK-wide problem.”

  • New radar technology to free-up radio spectrum
    by Edd Gent on 27/02/2014 at 00:00

    The government has tasked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with investigating options that would allow it to release bandwidth in the current air traffic radar spectrum allocation – in the ‘S Band’ between 2.7 and 2.9 GHz – to help meet its aspiration to free up 500 MHz of public spectrum by 2020.In response, Cambridge technology firm Aveillant has been awarded a contract by the CAA to demonstrate the ability of its Holographic Radar technology to provide a spectrum-efficient alternative to S-band radar.At present each radar typically has its own frequency assignment, but Aveillant hopes to demonstrate a surveillance system that can enable all air traffic control radars in the UK to operate through a single frequency assignment, separate from the ‘S Band’.The firm’s radars use the L band frequency as opposed to the highly congested S band, used by current air traffic control radars and highly sought after by mobile phone operators.Gordon Oswald, chief technology officer at Aveillant, said: “This is not a simple problem to solve, but based on our experience with Holographic Radar we’re confident that we are best placed to do so.“Air traffic control radars cannot be simply shifted to another frequency, such as L band: this would then itself become too congested. At the same time, a much higher frequency is less suitable for long-range air traffic control radar due to atmospheric effects.“This problem is ripe for a solution that changes the way air traffic radars occupy bandwidth. It’s going to be a demanding project to show how this solution will work – but one that we’re well equipped to handle.”According to the firm, its 3D Holographic Radar is also proven to successfully mitigate the effect of wind farms on radar and has excelled in trials held by US and UK aviation stakeholders.

  • Time-based plane separation to cut Heathrow delays
    by Lorna Sharpe on 17/02/2014 at 00:00

    Air traffic control firm Nats says the procedure will radically cut delays and reduce cancellations due to high winds. It will be introduced from spring 2015. Traditionally, flights are separated by set distances dependent on the type of aircraft and the size of the spiralling turbulence – or wake vortex – they create as they fly.Heathrow has been operating at 98 per cent of its runway capacity for a decade. Normally a flight takes off or lands every 45 seconds.In strong headwinds, aircraft fly more slowly over the ground, so maintaining a set separation distance in those conditions reduces the landing rate and can have a significant knock-on effect on airport capacity, causing delays and cancellations.The introduction of a time-based separation method will help maintain the landing rate and save more than 1,300 hours of delay every year – halving the current delay figure while reducing the need for airlines to cancel flights due to the effects of strong headwinds.Martin Rolfe, Nats managing director operations, said: “The introduction of time-based separation at Heathrow will be a world first and deliver major benefits for our customers – both Heathrow Airport and the airlines.”Supported in the Airports Commission’s interim report in December 2013, the delivery of time-based separation comes after three years of exhaustive analysis. Nats studied over 100,000 flights using state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measure the behaviour of aircraft wake vortices in strong headwinds.The results show that they dissipate more quickly in windy conditions, therefore allowing aircraft to be closer together on final approach while maintaining safety as the main priority.

  • New airport for disaster area in Philippines
    by William Dennis on 11/02/2014 at 00:00

    Construction is due to start in March and is expected to be completed in mid-2016. With a single runway, the airport will be equipped with four aerobridges and have a passenger handling capacity of 10 million a year through to 2030.It will be named Panglao International Airport (PIA) and will replace the existing facility in the provincial capital, Tagbilaran, one and a half hours by air from Manila. The plan to build PIA was conceived in 1991 but was approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines only in September 2012.The project will be partially funded by a soft loan from an unidentified Japanese investor and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) in Manila.Julianto Bucayan Jr., Undersecretary of DOTC projects implementation and special concerns, said that while PIA is being constructed a second apron at Tagbilaran Airport will be built to ease congestion.Bohol is located in central Visayas region of the Philippines and is a popular tourist destination, known for its Chocolate Hills geological formation – a rolling terrain of somewhere around 1,500 uniformly-shaped conical hills, mostly between 30-50m high. They are covered with grass and during the dry season turn chocolate brown, hence their name.On 5 October 2013, Bohol was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. With power already scarce as the supply lines from the Tongonan geothermal power plant in Leyte province were destroyed, Bohol was dealt a second blow when super typhoon Haiyan pounded it three weeks later on 8 November.Some commentators have questioned the government’s decision to build PIA instead of utilising the funds to restore power lines and rebuild infrastructure.

  • San Francisco crash proves Boeing 777's safety experts say
    by Tereza Pultarova on 07/07/2013 at 23:00

    The event, which killed two teenagers and resulted in serious injury to many of the plane’s 291 passengers, is not thought likely to pose a substantial setback for the aircraft manufacturer, as it presented a clear evidence that the safety engineering stood up well, considering the various stresses.Despite the frightening image, the flame retardant cabin interior managed to keep the fire at bay long enough for most passengers to evacuate the wrecked plane. Moreover, the fuselage remained mostly intact during the crash landing and subsequent sliding of the wreck over the runway."This, to me, is actually more of a story about tremendous safety," said Richard Aboulafia, an aerospace analyst at the Teal Group in Virginia. "You have this cataclysmic-looking crash where the overwhelming majority of people walk away. This is a very safe plane."The San Francisco accident was the first fatal crash of Boeing 777 since the wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner entered commercial service in 1995. "Investors will not view this negatively for the 777," said Ken Herbert, an analyst at Imperial Capital in San Francisco. "I do not think it will have any lasting impact on what has otherwise been a stellar record for the 777."The first hints from the investigation seem to confirm the presumption that mechanical failure of the plane was not guilty of the accident.Just hours after the accident - the first airliner crash in the United States since 2009 - Asiana Airlines President and CEO Yoon Young-doo confirmed the plane did not appear to be at fault. "For now, we acknowledge that there were no problems caused by the 777-200 plane or (its) engines," Yoon told reporters at the company headquarters on the outskirts of Seoul. The crashed plane was powered by engines from Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies.National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said on Sunday there was no evidence of problems with the flight or the landing until seven seconds before impact, when the crew tried to increase the plane's speed and the plane responded normally. The control tower was not alerted to any plane issues.Information later emerged the pilot who was in charge of the aircraft during landing was still in training on Boeing 777 and was manoeuvring the aircraft under supervision.San Francisco airport has said the Glide Path system, designed to give pilots exact information and navigation during the descent, was turned off for maintenance on Saturday. However, according to aircraft safety experts, this technology is not essential for safe landing when the weather and visibility is good."I am sure the investigators will look at operational error as a possibility and want to know how much experience this crew had with hand flying the aircraft rather than depending on the computer to take them to touch down," said Jim Hall, a former head of the National Transportation Safety Board.Some have suggested pilots in general might have grown accustomed to have the convenience of the Glide Path at hand even in good weather, as the technology has been around for decades. "The pilots would have had to rely solely on visual cues to fly the proper glide path to the runway, and not have had available to them the electronic information that they typically have even in good weather at most major airports," said Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the former US Airways pilot who gained fame with a successful crash landing on the Hudson River in 2009.Glide Path is a computerised system based on calculations of the plane’s path of descent that transmits information form the airport to the cockpit in real time. Even though it is usually available at all major airports even in good weather, it is routine to switch it off for maintenance from time to time as pilots have several other systems at hand aboard.The previous major incident involving Boeing 777 took place at London’s Heathrow Airport in 2008 when a plane landed short of runway. All people aboard survived and investigators later said a fuel blockage caused by the release of ice that had built up during the flight from Beijing was guilty of the accident. The discovery led to changes in the design of the British Rolls-Royce engines used on some 777s.

  • Emirates Aviation Experience offers flights on simulators
    by Tereza Pultarova on 04/07/2013 at 23:00

    Located next to the Greenwich peninsula terminal, the new London’s aviation theme park has been unveiled today by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline.Speaking during the event, Johnson praised the educational potential of the park, which aims at showing visitors the world behind the scenes of civil aviation. “It’s fantastically educational, children can pick up the technical stuff here,” he said.In terms of size, Emirates’ Aviation Experience can hardly compete with other world’s aviation parks and museum. However, the project’s authors believe the level of interactivity and the focus on the 21 century technology instead of on history, makes it rather unique.The four flight simulators available to visitors inside are said to be the only flight simulators in the world accessible to general public. Two of them are modelled after the cockpit of Airbus A380 and the other two after Boeing 777.Though a bit simplified compared to those on which pilots regularly practice, the simulators allow visitors to take-off, manoeuvre the aircraft and land, simulating a flight from London Heathrow  to Dubai. The HD screens and advanced graphics used in the simulators give an almost real-life experience of what it takes to fly the aircraft. In other sections of the park, visitors can follow the journey of a suitcase from check-in through various conveyer belts to the plane and back. On interactive screens they can play a series of aviation themed games that show various processes that are taking place away from passengers’ sight but are crucial for a flawless travelling experience - including picking up garbage inside the aircraft after landing.Quite impressive is the 2:1 model of the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 aircraft engine made of Lego. Including all moving parts, it consists of 165,000 lego bricks and took 8 weeks to build. The installation is accompanied by an interactive board explaining the aerodynamic principles behind flying.The admission fee to the park is £3 excluding the simulators. Those interested in taking a ride will have to invest a bit more - £40 for a 30-minute simulated flight.Watch our video here:

  • Birmingham Airport announces expansion vision
    by Edd Gent on 09/06/2013 at 23:00

    The airport, together with a coalition of business leaders and local councils, said the proposals, which it hopes will lay down a challenge Heathrow, will create more than a quarter of a million new jobs in the Midlands.The airport's "vision" supports growth of up to 70 million passengers each year and up to 500,000 air transport movements from an expanded facility.The proposals will also support the development of a business park for the Midland's manufacturing sector alongside the expanded site, and one of Europe's biggest conference centres at the NEC, all based at the cross-roads of Britain's road and rail systems.Figures released by Birmingham Airport bosses said that in 2011 three million business trips were made from Birmingham Airport; economic consultancy Capital Economics has predicted that by 2032 the airport could serve up to 18 million business travellers, second only to Heathrow.Paul Kehoe, chief executive of Birmingham Airport, said: "Great cities like Birmingham deserve great airports. In 20 years' time British air travel will double and it is widely acknowledged that all the country's long-haul traffic cannot be routed through one airport in West London."Instead, we believe that the best thing for UK aviation is to create a network of long-haul national airports, each supporting the comparative economic advantages of that region to boost trade, foreign investment and tourism."The region is home to half a million businesses, six and a half million employees and specialises in high-value manufacturing sectors, but airport bosses said three million people making business trips from the airport's catchment area travel to Heathrow each year.Expanding Birmingham Airport alongside the M42 gateway project and High Speed Two rail project is a "once in a generation opportunity" to meet the UK's aviation capacity needs.With its transport links, long-haul runway and spare capacity for 27 million passengers, Birmingham Airport has been arguing to the Airports Commission, which is examining the need for additional UK airport capacity, that it can offer much-needed capacity in the short-term.This recent announcement gives Birmingham the ability to play its part in the long-term strategy too, an airport spokeswoman said.Over the next 20 years annual passenger numbers will increase by 220 million passengers and plans for an additional runway at Heathrow only offers additional capacity for 20 million passengers.Mark Garnier MP, Conservative MP for Wyre Forest and chairman of the West Midlands APPG said: "A global travel hub at Birmingham Airport will bring long-haul air-travel to within one hour of the airport for 45 million people by 2032 when the HS2 network is fully operational. This will make it the most accessible airport in Britain".

  • Roke announces role in new air traffic control project
    by Edward Gent on 14/02/2013 at 00:00

    The Chemring Group company along with Thales and NATS, have been selected to support the Technology Strategy Board's Highly Innovative Technology Enablers for Aerospace (HITEA).The 24-month programme will demonstrate the suitability of a new type of air traffic control radar called Multi-Static Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR), that uses existing digital TV signals, as a replacement for traditional, costly Primary Surveillance Radars (PSR).The system works by having a number of ground stations that receive the same TV signal, but each receives the signal at a slightly different time because of the reflections and interactions with aircraft flying in their vicinity.The received signals are then compared to the original broadcast, and the difference is used to triangulate the position of the aircraft.Marion Broughton, head of Thales UK’s aerospace business, said: “Although in its infancy, this innovative application of new technology could reshape the way that air traffic is managed in the future. This is a good example of how government and industry can work together, share expertise, and sustain innovation and high-technology research within the UK”.On top of the financial benefits the new system will free up valuable spectrum for other uses, such as mobile phone technology, and it is also resilient to interference caused by wind turbines, which could lead to an improvement of air traffic surveillance performance in the areas where large wind turbines are being deployed.Roke’s role will be to support NATS in the development of the MSPSR system requirements, assessment of the system design and in an independent verification and validation of the MSPSR system performance.Simon Atkinson, Roke’s business sector manager for air transport, said: "Many air navigation service providers are hoping that MSPSR is a cost-saving alternative to replace the expensive primary surveillance radar systems currently being used.“Furthermore, as there is an increasing demand for the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, the current frequency allocations for PSR are coming under threat. MSPSR could be the answer to freeing up valuable spectrum and herald the first major revolution in radar since its use by the British during World War Two."He added: “The Technology Strategy's Board's decision to appoint Roke, teamed with Thales and NATS, is testament to our continual commitment to develop the most innovative technologies while delivering excellent customer service.“Our two partners share this ethos and we look forward to working with them to deliver an effective new approach to the way that air traffic is managed in the future."

  • Civilian GPS jammers threatening critical systems
    by Edward Gent on 13/02/2013 at 00:00

    Researchers will present a study at GNSS Vulnerabilities 2013: Countering the Threat, at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, confirming that it is GPS jammers available online for as little as £30 that pose the greatest threat to signals in the UK rather than extreme solar weather as was previously thought.The devices are believed to be used by drivers of commercial vehicles fitted with tracking devices in order to mask their whereabouts, but it is feared they could interfere with critical systems relying on GPS for timing information such as power networks and financial markets or navigation devices used by ships and light aircraft.But alongside the research, presenters will also demonstrate a series of new technologies including intelligent receivers and radio-based backups that will protect against the impact of these jammers.Bob Cockshott, director of Position, Navigation and Timing at the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network and organiser of the conference, said: "Our more complete understanding of the risks posed to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is bringing forward new mitigation technologies and approaches.“There is no one solution that fits all. Instead we need to combine the right protection and back-up technologies with legal reforms which punish the ownership and use of these jammers, and finally advise government and industry on new commercial and civil policies that will reduce the incentive to jam in the first place."The latest figures on GPS jammer use on British roads comes from the Technology Strategy Board funded SENTINEL Project and its new suite of detectors, which includes one deployed close to a busy airport that has been logging as many as 10 interference events per day.The interference profile, with marked peaks during the week and a drop of hits at the weekend, indicates that human activity is the primary cause rather than natural sources of interference such as the effects of space weather.More specifically, marked peaks during rush hour suggest the main users of jammers are commercial drivers of company vehicles rather than organised criminal gangs – who have previously been caught with jammers in lorry hijackings.Charles Curry, founder of Chronos Technology, and a leader of the project, said: “Over the past four months our sensors near this airport have detected nearly 100 events on Mondays, but this falls to less than 30 on a Sunday.“The pattern of behaviour suggests it is likely to be civilian sourced jamming and most likely the evasion of tracking within commercial vehicles for moonlighting activities or for other non-work purposes.“More broadly we are also seeing an overall increase in interference incidence, which is worrying at a time when GPS is being thrust upon people more and more with GPS tracked car insurances, company vehicle tracking, criminal tagging or asset tracking.”The danger of these jammers is confirmed by new results presented today from the STAVOG project, which developed state-of-the-art interference simulations to mimic both extreme solar weather and the latest illegal jamming devices available online and tested them on a variety of marine grade receivers used in commercial shipping vessels.Project manager Dr Chaz Dixon said: "The results from the simulated solar storms were unexpectedly dull. Concerns over the impact of space weather on the most precise use of GPS such as offshore oil operations are legitimate, but our testing proved that modern receivers cope remarkably well with even high levels of disturbance.“Instead the real danger seems to come from illegal jammers, which other studies have shown are increasingly common. Even the cheapest ones available online can cause complete outages of the receiver signal.”But today’s event will also feature new mitigation technologies designed to counter the threats posed by the jammers.The General Lighthouse Authorities will announce details of the first demonstration of a new jamming-proof receiving system for the shipping industry which switches automatically and seamlessly to the recently unveiled back-up eLoran radio-navigation signal in the Dover Strait if GPS signal is lost.Raytheon will outline how the modernisation and miniaturisation of military-grade controlled reception patterns antenna technology, which mitigates signal interference, is reducing cost, size and power consumption to a level where it is becoming viable for civil operations.And Mike Jones, senior consultant engineer at Roke Manor Research, will discuss the barriers to wider adoption of military anti-jam technology, and preview a new miniaturised anti-jamming product aimed at critical infrastructure, security and civilian markets.In addition, the accurate geolocation of jamming sources will be discussed, with technology offered to enable monitoring, enforcement and prosecution of GNSS spectrum offences.

FECM Press Releases and Techlines FECM Press Releases and Techlines


CleanTechnica Clean Tech News & Views: Solar Energy News. Wind Energy News. EV News. & More.

The Renewable Energy Hub Essential articles and recent news events related to the Renewable Energy Industry

  • What Would Mandatory Solar Panels on New Builds Be Like?
    by Administrator The Renewable Energy Hub on 09/02/2023 at 13:36

    Changes to Part L of the UK’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) took effect in June of 2022, setting higher targets for reduced carbon emissions. Part L covers the conservation of fuel and power, meaning new builds must include energy-saving measures to pass the SAP regulations. New structures must also generate at least 10% of their … Continue reading "What Would Mandatory Solar Panels on New Builds Be Like?" The post What Would Mandatory Solar Panels on New Builds Be Like? first appeared on The Renewable Energy Hub.

  • Get Answers to Your Questions About Climate Change
    by Administrator The Renewable Energy Hub on 09/02/2023 at 13:34

    You may have heard the term “climate change” used a lot lately, but what does it really mean? Climate change refers to a broad array of environmental degradation that is expected to result from increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, including global warming, alterations in precipitation, sea level changes, and more extreme weather events. In short, … Continue reading "Get Answers to Your Questions About Climate Change" The post Get Answers to Your Questions About Climate Change first appeared on The Renewable Energy Hub.

  • New Report Reveals UK’s Net Zero Economy is Worth More Than £70 Billion
    by Ellie Richardson on 09/02/2023 at 13:32

    The most recent report commissioned by the Energy and Climate Intelligence unit (ECUI) with analysis provided by CBI Economics and The Data City has revealed that there are almost 20,000 businesses whose work is within the net zero spectrum contributing £71 Billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy (3.7% of the total). … Continue reading "New Report Reveals UK’s Net Zero Economy is Worth More Than £70 Billion" The post New Report Reveals UK’s Net Zero Economy is Worth More Than £70 Billion first appeared on The Renewable Energy Hub.

  • Solar Industry Leaders Say Solar Power Must be Standard in New Homes
    by Ellie Richardson on 02/02/2023 at 09:06

    Senior leaders in the solar industry have told the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee that solar power must be installed in new homes as standard. Ian Rippin, Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) CEO told MPs that having photovoltaic panels on new home rooftops should be a fundamental “mainstay” of the Future Homes Standard to meet … Continue reading "Solar Industry Leaders Say Solar Power Must be Standard in New Homes" The post Solar Industry Leaders Say Solar Power Must be Standard in New Homes first appeared on The Renewable Energy Hub.

  • Bristol City Council Secures £1bn of Investment in Renewable Energy Deal
    by Ellie Richardson on 26/01/2023 at 14:40

    Bristol City Council has announced a partnership with Ameresco and Vattenhall Heat UK, companies working in the renewable energy and efficiency sector. This is a world-first partnership which will bring in over £1bn of investment to achieve Bristol’s carbon targets by 2030 as part of the ground-breaking venture known as Bristol City Leap. The Bristol … Continue reading "Bristol City Council Secures £1bn of Investment in Renewable Energy Deal" The post Bristol City Council Secures £1bn of Investment in Renewable Energy Deal first appeared on The Renewable Energy Hub. GreenBiz Group is a media and events company that accelerates the just transition to a clean economy. Through events that galvanize, stories that amplify, peer networks that bond and industry-leading analysis, we define markets and advance opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability.

Energy Efficient Articles These energy efficient articles provide great insight and they help you see the most practical places to begin improving your homes energy efficiency.

  • The Truth About Money Saving Electric Heaters
    on 24/11/2010 at 20:29

    by David NelmesWe have all seen the ads to cut heating bills in half with a $400 to $600 space-age electric heater. Some even sport a 'free' fireplace hand-crafted by the Amish. Are these deals too good to be true? 

  • Searching for Your Green Career Aha Moment?
    on 27/07/2010 at 20:29

    by Green Career CentralAha moments have transformed the careers, education choices, and retirement decisions for many people. For a jolt of inspiration, read their stories to gain insight in your quest for a green career. 

  • Energy Saving Improvements For Older Homes
    on 11/01/2010 at 20:29

    by David NelmesMaking energy saving home improvements is vital to reducing the power and fuel consumption of older homes. We'll help you discover how to reduce the energy costs on older homes that have little insulation and multiple sources of drafts. 

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Datafloq Data and Technology Insights

  • Ways Data Visualization Can Help You Scale Your SaaS Business
    by Lori Gillen on 07/03/2023 at 05:55

    The impact of data visualization on SaaS businesses is undeniable. It's evident that SaaS businesses generate lots of data on a daily basis. Data plays a huge role when it The post Ways Data Visualization Can Help You Scale Your SaaS Business appeared first on Datafloq.

  • 5 Ways to Secure a Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing
    by Alex Tray on 07/03/2023 at 03:22

    Organizations worldwide store 60% of their data in the cloud. The popularity of cloud computing is undisputed in 2023 and is predicted to grow in future years. The main benefits The post 5 Ways to Secure a Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing appeared first on Datafloq.

  • How to Succeed with Digital Transformation
    by Dr Mark van Rijmenam on 06/03/2023 at 09:19

    This is a summary of an article on Digital Transformation that appeared first on Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing The post How to Succeed with Digital Transformation appeared first on Datafloq.

  • The Future of VPNs: What to Expect in the Next Decade
    by Micheal chukwube on 06/03/2023 at 09:17

    For years, people predicted that virtual private networks (VPNs) would become obsolete. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything; during the early months of the crisis, the demand for VPNs skyrocketed The post The Future of VPNs: What to Expect in the Next Decade appeared first on Datafloq.

  • Interacting with Machines through IoT and AI: A Revolution in Home and Workplace Technology
    by Jessica Wade on 06/03/2023 at 09:15

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized our lives and work by incorporating technology into everyday devices, resulting in an exponential increase in connected devices that gather and exchange data. The post Interacting with Machines through IoT and AI: A Revolution in Home and Workplace Technology appeared first on Datafloq.

SmartData Collective News and Analysis on Big Data, the Cloud, BI and Analytics

  • Utilizing Data to Discover Shortcomings Within Your Business Model
    by Ryan Ayers on 03/03/2023 at 21:45

    To some extent, business is a practice in trial and error. You start with a business plan and try to cover all your bases. Then, you make adjustments based on what’s working within your business model— and what isn’t. Sometimes, however, the factors that are slowing down your business’s growth aren’t obvious. It’s important to

  • Embedded BI Tools Bring Huge Benefits to Business Applications
    by Hagi Trinh on 03/03/2023 at 21:32

    Business intelligence has made a huge mark on the world of business. According to Fortune Business Insights, businesses spent around $24.05 billion BI solutions in 2021. However, many workplaces are still trying to figure out how to leverage business intelligence effectively. This technology offers many potential benefits, but many companies don’t fully take advantage of

  • Small Businesses Use Big Data to Offset Risk During Economic Uncertainty
    by Ryan Kh on 02/03/2023 at 21:25

    Big data technology used to be a luxury for small business owners. It helps companies operate more efficiently, tap larger markets of customers, and solve some of their most complex challenges. In 2023, big data Is no longer a luxury. It is an essential resource that companies have to utilize. One survey from March 2020 showed

  • Can Machine Learning Address Risk Parity Concerns?
    by Kristel Staci on 28/02/2023 at 21:08

    Here at Smart Data Collective, we have blogged extensively about the changes brought on by AI technology. Over the past few months, many others have started talking about some of the changes that we blogged about for years. While the technology is not new, this is being referred to as the year for AI. Machine

  • The Importance of Data-Driven Approaches to Improving Healthcare in Rural Areas
    by Ryan Ayers on 28/02/2023 at 20:27

    While healthcare has evolved in many keyways over the last several decades, there are still several groups of individuals who find themselves without access to appropriate healthcare resources. One of these groups is rural residents, who face a number of challenges when it comes to having access to healthcare. Fortunately, data-driven approaches are emerging as

  • Why I Prefer Cloudera CDP
    by Shayde Christian on 03/03/2023 at 13:00

    CDO Spotlight: An investigation into the unfathomable assertion that the CDO of Cloudera would prefer CDP The post Why I Prefer Cloudera CDP appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

  • Streaming Ingestion for Apache Iceberg With Cloudera Stream Processing
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    How the new Apache Iceberg integration works in SQL Stream Builder (SSB) The post Streaming Ingestion for Apache Iceberg With Cloudera Stream Processing appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

  • A UI That Makes You Want to Stream
    by Mate Hargitai on 01/03/2023 at 13:10

    To get the most out of any application, a graphical user interface improves your efficiency and data streaming without exception. A UI should help you through the steps of an often-complex flow as the visible layer between your problem and solution. Even the most hardcore back end enthusiasts will admit that its significance is undeniable The post A UI That Makes You Want to Stream appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

  • Cloudera’s Impact Report 2022 is Live!
    by Caitriona Snell on 27/02/2023 at 13:01

    In 2022, Cloudera had some great results – over 3,000 hours volunteered, $680,000 donated and stories of groups of Clouderans getting together to give back, worldwide.  What’s most important to us is the individual lives impacted.  In 2022, Cloudera supported: Mentees to navigate early stages of their careers.  Veterans to re-build confidence through sport and The post Cloudera’s Impact Report 2022 is Live! appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

  • Leveraging Data Analytics in the Fight Against Prescription Opioid Abuse
    by Kyle Petrosino on 23/02/2023 at 14:00

    Every day in the US thousands of legitimate prescriptions for the opioid class of pharmaceuticals are written to mitigate acute pain during post-operation recovery, chronic back and neck pain, and a host of other cases where patients experience moderate-to-severe discomfort.  While many of these drugs provide pain relief, the potential for misuse and outright abuse The post Leveraging Data Analytics in the Fight Against Prescription Opioid Abuse appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

Making Data Simple Hosted by Al Martin, WW VP Account Technology Leaders at IBM. Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on leadership, big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.

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Cloud Computing News IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Data Security, CIO, Analysis

  • Lenovo ushers in new era of edge automation at scale
    by Duncan MacRae on 06/03/2023 at 08:42

    Lenovo has unveiled the next generation of ThinkEdge remote automation and orchestration with the introduction of new software solutions to accelerate the deployment of edge solutions. Lenovo’s new Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) 2.6 software delivers secure automated setup, enabling customers to complete global edge deployments for any number of locations in a matter of... Read more » The post Lenovo ushers in new era of edge automation at scale appeared first on Cloud Computing News.

  • Snowflake launches Telecom Data Cloud to help telecoms service providers monetise data
    by Duncan MacRae on 01/03/2023 at 08:33

    Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has launched the Telecom Data Cloud, which unites Snowflake’s data platform, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets. The Telecom Data Cloud helps telecommunications service providers break down data silos within companies and across the ecosystem, allowing organisations to easily and securely access data in near real-time, enrich it with... Read more » The post Snowflake launches Telecom Data Cloud to help telecoms service providers monetise data appeared first on Cloud Computing News.

  • 98.6% of companies have misconfigurations in their cloud environments
    by Duncan MacRae on 28/02/2023 at 10:51

    While the convenience and ease of public cloud technology has had a major impact on enabling scalable business operations to work from anywhere and increase productivity everywhere, the risks around using cloud technology are still slowly being realised and calculated by many organisations as they experience related attacks. That is according to the Cloud (In)Security... Read more » The post 98.6% of companies have misconfigurations in their cloud environments appeared first on Cloud Computing News.

  • Tata Communications and Oasis Smart SIM empowers SanCloud with CloudSIM
    by Duncan MacRae on 27/02/2023 at 10:17

    Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler and Oasis Smart SIM, a subsidiary of Tata Communications International Pte., has revealed that SanCloud will be powered by CloudSIM, a unique cloud-based embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM). CloudSIM will enable SanCloud devices with remote controlling and monitoring capabilities for operational performance of industrial equipment and plants across manufacturing, supply chain, and automotive sectors. It will simplify deployment across fragmented... Read more » The post Tata Communications and Oasis Smart SIM empowers SanCloud with CloudSIM appeared first on Cloud Computing News.

  • Here comes the supercloud: What does it mean for multi-cloud complexity?
    by James Bourne on 22/02/2023 at 10:08

    A new concept for cloud networking aims to bring clarity to multi-cloud and bring the true aspirational path we were all promised. Except it’s not that new. Say hello to the supercloud. This time last year, Lori MacVittie, distinguished engineer at F5, wrote for Network Computing around the results of the multi-cloud security and app... Read more » The post Here comes the supercloud: What does it mean for multi-cloud complexity? appeared first on Cloud Computing News.

  • The Best ClickUp Integrations: Connect ClickUp & Manage Tasks Effectively in 2023
    by Beatrice Manuel on 04/03/2023 at 12:00

    ClickUp integrations can help ensure a seamless workflow by connecting ClickUp with numerous tools and apps. Learn how to facilitate the smooth exchange of information between multiple systems and reduce your margins of error. The post The Best ClickUp Integrations: Connect ClickUp & Manage Tasks Effectively in 2023 appeared first on Cloudwards.

  • What Is Dropbox Paper in 2023? The Online Document Workspace From Dropbox
    by Samuel Okoruwa on 04/03/2023 at 12:00

    If you’re looking to get started with Dropbox Paper, read our “What is Dropbox Paper?” guide to learn more about this feature and how you can use it to create engaging documents and collaborate with team members effectively. The post What Is Dropbox Paper in 2023? The Online Document Workspace From Dropbox appeared first on Cloudwards.

  • Amazon Firestick Not Working: 2023 Troubleshooting
    by Brian Murray on 04/03/2023 at 12:00

    The Amazon Firestick is a great device, but like all electronics, it sometimes has its issues. If your Amazon Firestick is not working, take a look at this troubleshooting guide to help you quickly get back to watching your favorite streaming content. The post Amazon Firestick Not Working: 2023 Troubleshooting appeared first on Cloudwards.

  • vs Asana: Project Management Software Showdown in 2023
    by Brett Day on 04/03/2023 at 12:00

    It doesn’t matter which way you slice it; in the world of project management, and Asana are the two most popular workflow management tools. The biggest question, though, is which one is better? Join us as we attempt to put the Asana vs debate to bed with our detailed comparison of both services. The post vs Asana: Project Management Software Showdown in 2023 appeared first on Cloudwards.

  • How to Create a ClickUp-Slack Integration: Save Time & Increase Productivity 
    by Beatrice Manuel on 27/02/2023 at 12:00

    Use the ClickUp Slack integration and send a Slack message to create new ClickUp tasks, or add comments in any existing ClickUp task from a Slack message. You can increase your team’s productivity by integrating a wide range of ClickUp’s features into your Slack account. The post How to Create a ClickUp-Slack Integration: Save Time & Increase Productivity  appeared first on Cloudwards.

AWS News Blog Announcements, Updates, and Launches

  • AWS Week in Review – March 6, 2023
    by Jeff Barr on 06/03/2023 at 18:19

    It has been a week full of interesting launches and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you today. We’ve got a new region in the works, a new tool for researchers, updates to Amazon Timestream, Control Tower, and Amazon Inspector, Lambda Powertools for .NET, existing services in new locations, lots of

  • In the Works – AWS Region in Malaysia
    by Jeff Barr on 02/03/2023 at 02:06

    We launched an AWS Region in Australia earlier this year, four more (Switzerland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and India) in 2022, and are working on regions in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and Thailand. All told, we now have 99 Availability Zones spread across 31 geographic regions. Malaysia in the Works Today I am happy

  • New – Amazon Lightsail for Research with All-in-One Research Environments
    by Channy Yun on 01/03/2023 at 00:30

    Today we are announcing the general availability of Amazon Lightsail for Research, a new offering that makes it easy for researchers and students to create and manage a high-performance CPU or a GPU research computer in just a few clicks on the cloud. You can use your preferred integrated development environments (IDEs) like preinstalled Jupyter,

  • AWS Week in Review – February 27, 2023
    by Antje Barth on 27/02/2023 at 18:54

    A couple days ago, I had the honor of doing a live stream on generative AI, discussing recent innovations and concepts behind the current generation of large language and vision models and how we got there. In today’s roundup of news and announcements, I will share some additional information—including an expanded partnership to make generative

  • New: AWS Telco Network Builder – Deploy and Manage Telco Networks
    by Jeff Barr on 21/02/2023 at 17:30

    Over the course of more than one hundred years, the telecom industry has become standardized and regulated, and has developed methods, technologies, and an entire vocabulary (chock full of interesting acronyms) along the way. As an industry, they need to honor this tremendous legacy while also taking advantage of new technology, all in the name

  • French insurer teams with IBM Services to develop fraud detection solution
    by Séverine Prin, Director of Risk, Thélem assurances on 10/03/2020 at 13:00

    Auto insurance fraud costs companies billions of dollars every year. Those losses trickle down to policyholders who absorb some of that risk in policy rate increases. Thélem assurances, a French property and casualty insurer whose motto is “Thélem innovates for you”, has launched an artificial intelligence program, prioritizing a fraud detection use case as its The post French insurer teams with IBM Services to develop fraud detection solution appeared first on Cloud computing news.

  • Cloud innovation in real estate: Apleona and IBM rely on new technologies
    by Olaf Rick on 12/02/2020 at 14:00

    Digitization does not stop at the proverbial concrete gold — real estate. In fact, the real estate industry is on the move. Companies are realizing the benefits of digital transformation and are capitalizing on the power of new technologies such as cloud, AI and blockchain. Take, for example, Apleona GmbH, one of Europe’s largest real The post Cloud innovation in real estate: Apleona and IBM rely on new technologies appeared first on Cloud computing news.

  • Innovate with Enterprise Design Thinking in the IBM Garage
    by Rick Goldberg, Global Design Program Director, IBM Garage on 10/02/2020 at 14:00

    We’ve all been there. You have an amazing idea that’s really exciting. Maybe it’s a home improvement project, or perhaps it’s a new business idea. You think about all the details required to make it real. But, once you get to the seventh action item, you’re not so excited anymore. Sometimes when we realize the The post Innovate with Enterprise Design Thinking in the IBM Garage appeared first on Cloud computing news.

  • Driving innovation for connected cars using IBM Cloud
    by Holger Winkelmann, Founder and CEO, Travelping GmbH on 04/02/2020 at 14:00

    Cars have always been built for travel, but the experience of driving has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Today’s connected cars are not only equipped with seamless internet, but usually have a wireless local area network (WLAN) that allows the car to access data, send data and communicate with Internet of Things (IoT) The post Driving innovation for connected cars using IBM Cloud appeared first on Cloud computing news.

  • Accessible bookcast streaming service becomes securely available on IBM Cloud
    by Kat Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. on 30/01/2020 at 14:00

    Accessible entertainment isn’t often easily accessible. The mainstream entertainment industry doesn’t cater to people who can’t see or hear well; people with PTSD, autism or epilepsy; or those who are learning English as a second language. These population segments can become isolated, and then marginalized when they can’t enjoy the latest feature film – even The post Accessible bookcast streaming service becomes securely available on IBM Cloud appeared first on Cloud computing news.

Cloud | TechRepublic News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals

Cisco Blogs Latest articles published on Cisco Blogs Managed Magento & WordPress Hosting

  • How to do Website Redesign without Losing SEO Traffic?
    by Faizan Fahim on 02/12/2022 at 11:35

    Thinking of redesigning your website and afraid you might lose the traffic you worked so hard to earn. No worries. If you implement an efficient web redesign SEO strategy in place, you will not lose a single visitor. In fact, the website redesign will scale the traffic, rankings, and conversion rate — keeping your website … How to do Website Redesign without Losing SEO Traffic? Read More »

  • How to Completely Force Logout of All Users in WordPress?
    by Faizan Fahim on 26/10/2022 at 10:35

    Learn how to force logout of all users in WordPress to make your website secure. Remove all the login users so they can access updated content.

  • How to Create a WordPress Activity Log?
    by Faizan Fahim on 19/10/2022 at 04:22

    Want to track all the changes on your store? Learn to create a WordPress Activity Log using a WordPress plugin.

  • How to Remove Email Address Login in WordPress?
    by Faizan Fahim on 11/10/2022 at 11:28

    Are you looking to remove the email address login in WordPress? It is a small tweak but could do wonders if your website has recently become a target of brute force attack. And if you are on WordPress, you must take any opportunity to tighten the login security. In this quick tutorial, we will remove … How to Remove Email Address Login in WordPress? Read More »

  • How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages?
    by Faizan Fahim on 27/09/2022 at 07:57

    Lengthy blog post could increase the page size, eventually making them slow. Learn how to split WordPress posts into multiple pages to open faster.

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INAP IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • De-Risk Your IT Strategy with INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee
    by Kevin Goodman on 10/11/2021 at 16:09

    Businesses today face extraordinary risk and change while balancing the complexity of enterprise IT and digital innovation. With so much turmoil in the market today, customers need a partner who stands by its service capabilities and helps customers find the right infrastructure solutions for both immediate and future needs. High-Performance Guarantee Program INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee The post De-Risk Your IT Strategy with INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee appeared first on INAP.

  • Planned vs. Unplanned Downtime
    by Michael Maggio on 02/08/2021 at 20:58

    Downtime is a part of doing business and some downtime should be factored into any compute environment. Planned downtime is much easier to prepare for because you’ll often be notified will in advance of that planned downtime. The post Planned vs. Unplanned Downtime appeared first on INAP.

  • GratITude: Going Above and Beyond Prevents a COVID-19 Outbreak
    by Laura Vietmeyer on 28/07/2021 at 21:38

    Policies were put in place to keep both staff and customers safe, but when an unknowingly COVID-19 positive customer entered INAP’s flagship Phoenix data center, a dedicated supervisor stepped up to keep his team safe from exposure. Learn how INAP handled the situation to keep our data center and customers operating at peak performance. The post GratITude: Going Above and Beyond Prevents a COVID-19 Outbreak appeared first on INAP.

  • U.S. Colocation is Hot Right Now — Here’s Why
    by Laura Vietmeyer on 22/06/2021 at 15:48

    The global data center market is expected to reach 58140 million USD by 2026. In the U.S., colocation is hot, and—reflecting the global market—is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. Let’s take a closer look at why. The post U.S. Colocation is Hot Right Now — Here’s Why appeared first on INAP.

  • GratITude: Keeping Customers Online In the Face of Disaster
    by Laura Vietmeyer on 10/05/2021 at 12:00

    The INAP GratITude Series highlights the hard-working members of our data center and IT teams in essential roles powering a connected world. Their dedication enables our thousands of global customers to successfully operate their businesses in good times and in times of immense challenge. In this GratITude post, we share the story of our dedicated Dallas data center team and how they overcame the Texas winter storms to keep our customers online. The post GratITude: Keeping Customers Online In the Face of Disaster appeared first on INAP.

Cloud – Tech Wizard Lets do IT Spells

  • Gitleaks for Secret Scanning The Repositories
    by Tech Wizard (Sukhija Vikas) on 25/02/2023 at 18:56

    GitLeaks is an open-source tool designed to scan git repositories for sensitive data leakage. GitLab CI/CD is a platform used to automate the building, testing, and deployment of applications. In this blog, we will discuss how to implement GitLeak scanning from GitLab CI/CD pipeline. Environment is: GitLab Online Gitlab Runner on Windows Server 2016/2019 Before…

  • Migrate Azure Automation Run As Accounts to Managed identities
    by Tech Wizard (Sukhija Vikas) on 19/02/2023 at 21:35

    Azure Automation is a cloud-based service that helps you to automate and manage various processes, tasks, and workflows in your environment. It allows you to create, schedule, and run runbooks that perform various automation tasks. To manage and access Azure resources from within these runbooks, you need to create a Run As account. A Run…

  • GIT – How to Clone Multiple Projects
    by Tech Wizard (Sukhija Vikas) on 13/02/2023 at 10:36

    There can be scenario where you need to download or clone multiple projects at the same time. This can be daunting task if done one by one, so I thought of writing a PowerShell or Python script. But as you all know why to reinvent the wheel if something is existing, so I researched the…

  • PowerAutomate to GITLab Pipelines
    by Tech Wizard (Sukhija Vikas) on 18/01/2023 at 02:27

    We have integrated all our code repositories with Gitlab. With so much code built over the years, we have encountered a situation where we want to run the gitlab pipeline from Powerautomate to automate some of our processes. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to integrate Gitlab with Powerautomate. Note: Premium…

  • Bookings With Me to Salesforce Integration
    by Tech Wizard (Sukhija Vikas) on 11/01/2023 at 21:55

    We have been given tasked to automate Bookings with me appointments to Salesforce leads. With PowerAutomate it makes it too simple. (Follow the solution below) Let us appreciate Microsoft creating such a remarkable No Code Low Code solution. First Step is go to your Outlook à Calendar àCategorize à All Categories ADD a new category…

  • 2023 Social Media Image Sizes for All Networks [CHEATSHEET]
    by Karin Olafson on 03/03/2023 at 17:15

    Social media image sizes seem to change constantly. One moment you have the perfect cover page for your account. The… The post 2023 Social Media Image Sizes for All Networks [CHEATSHEET] appeared first on Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard.

  • How to Automate DMs on Social Media
    by Colleen Christison on 02/03/2023 at 23:00

    Are you looking to automate DMs on social media and live the good life, never having to manually reply to… The post How to Automate DMs on Social Media appeared first on Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard.

  • Social Media and Politics: Rules and Best Practices for 2023
    by Christina Newberry on 02/03/2023 at 21:15

    Social media and politics have been firmly entwined ever since then-candidate Barack Obama used social networks to launch a grassroots… The post Social Media and Politics: Rules and Best Practices for 2023 appeared first on Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard.

  • Brand Safety: Managing Risk and Building Trust on Social Media
    by Laura Wong on 02/03/2023 at 21:00

    In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for marketers to take steps to protect their brand safety online. Social media does… The post Brand Safety: Managing Risk and Building Trust on Social Media appeared first on Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard.

  • The 7 Best CRM Apps for Your Business in 2023
    by Colleen Christison on 02/03/2023 at 19:30

    Are you looking for the best CRM apps for your business? You’re in luck! This blog post will highlight the… The post The 7 Best CRM Apps for Your Business in 2023 appeared first on Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard.

Social Media Examiner Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

  • How to Grow a New Instagram Audience Quickly and in the Right Way
    by Anna Sonnenberg on 06/03/2023 at 11:00

    Want to know how to get your first 1,000 Instagram followers? Wondering what to post to attract your ideal target audience? In this article, you’ll discover a step-by-step strategy to speed up your Instagram audience growth without paying for followers. What Marketers Should Know About Growing Instagram Audiences Launching a new Instagram account can be The post How to Grow a New Instagram Audience Quickly and in the Right Way appeared first on Social Media Examiner.

  • Developing Web3 Community and Culture
    by Michael Stelzner on 03/03/2023 at 11:00

    Looking for a Web3 community management strategy? Wondering how the team behind the Moonbirds NFT developed a thriving community in Web3? In this article, you'll discover how to develop Web3 community and culture. Why Community Development Matters More in Web3 Than in Web2 In Web3, community is made of the people who invest time and/or The post Developing Web3 Community and Culture appeared first on Social Media Examiner.

  • Landing Pages That Convert: A Framework for Success
    by Michael Stelzner on 02/03/2023 at 11:00

    Want to boost conversions on your website? Looking for a process to make a landing page that converts? In this article, you’ll discover how to create sales pages that convert. Why Landing Pages Matter for Social Media Marketers You’re reading this on a website about social media so you already know you can sell through The post Landing Pages That Convert: A Framework for Success appeared first on Social Media Examiner.

  • Advanced LinkedIn Content Strategy for More Leads and Sales
    by Anna Sonnenberg on 28/02/2023 at 11:00

    Wish you were top of mind with decision-makers? Wondering how LinkedIn’s growing content ecosystem can help? In this article, you’ll discover a content strategy that will help you dominate your industry using LinkedIn. Lay the Foundation for a Solid Content Plan Before you begin creating content, set aside some time for research. Then use customer The post Advanced LinkedIn Content Strategy for More Leads and Sales appeared first on Social Media Examiner.

  • How to Improve Your Social Marketing With User-Generated Content
    by Anna Sonnenberg on 27/02/2023 at 11:00

    Have your influencer campaigns stopped performing? Wondering how to find and amplify engaging user-generated content (UGC)? In this article, you’ll discover the types of UGC that work for marketers right now. How to Source UGC for Social Media Marketing Strategy The best way to find UGC depends on the social platforms your customers typically use. The post How to Improve Your Social Marketing With User-Generated Content appeared first on Social Media Examiner.

Buffer Resources In-depth ideas and guides to social media & online marketing strategy, published by the team at Buffer

  • 3 New Ways Facebook is Helping Brands Manage Their Content and Communities
    by Erica Perry on 19/04/2021 at 15:20

    On the heels of its recent State of Small Business report, Facebook unveiled several updates including the editing and scheduling of posts making it easier for brands to manage their business across its family of apps. The post 3 New Ways Facebook is Helping Brands Manage Their Content and Communities appeared first on Social Media Week.

  • #SMWLA 2021 Preliminary Agenda Is Live!
    by SMW Staff on 15/04/2021 at 15:57

    #SMWLA returns (virtually) June 29 - July 1! Register today and save 40% on your full-conference pass! The post #SMWLA 2021 Preliminary Agenda Is Live! appeared first on Social Media Week.

  • Introducing the First Wave of Speakers for #SMWLA 2021
    by SMW Staff on 30/03/2021 at 14:33

    #SMWLA returns (virtually) this summer! Mark your calendars (June 29 - July 1) and be sure to check out our first wave of speakers and register today to save 40% off your pass! The post Introducing the First Wave of Speakers for #SMWLA 2021 appeared first on Social Media Week.

  • How Facebook is Diversifying Monetization Options for Creators
    by Erica Perry on 22/03/2021 at 14:24

    With a focus on short video clips, Facebook rolled out several new updates to help creators diversify their on-platform revenue options and accelerate fan support. The post How Facebook is Diversifying Monetization Options for Creators appeared first on Social Media Week.

  • 3 Ways Gen-Z is Empowering a Digital Economy
    by Erica Perry on 15/03/2021 at 15:53

    As the first generation to have grown up with technology, Snapchat's latest reported with Oxford Economics reveals optimism that Gen Z has the innate skills to make the most of the growing demand for digital skills in a post-pandemic economy. The post 3 Ways Gen-Z is Empowering a Digital Economy appeared first on Social Media Week.

Social Media Explorer Exploring the World of Social Media from the Inside Out

  • Twitter’s Website Was Down With API Access Errors In The Longest Outage Of Elon Musk Era
    by Adam on 07/03/2023 at 00:36

    Update 9;48 Twitter’s services appear to be restored Twitter’s website was down for about an hour this morning. Attempting to access the home page of returned an error suggesting that “your current API more The post Twitter’s Website Was Down With API Access Errors In The Longest Outage Of Elon Musk Era appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

  • Digital Marketing Guide
    by Digital Editor on 06/03/2023 at 20:59

    Digital Marketing Guide Today, businesses must establish an online presence to remain competitive. With the use of digital marketing, businesses can now connect with their target market and cultivate connections with potential clients. An entrepreneur, more The post Digital Marketing Guide appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

  • The workers the mass Twitter layoffs left behind
    by Adam on 06/03/2023 at 15:29

    These workers were left behind after the mass Twitter layoffs SME interviewed three ex-Twitter employees, their lawyer and about their last days with the company following Elon Musk’s takeover. They also discussed their life more The post The workers the mass Twitter layoffs left behind appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

  • She was weeks away from maternity leave at Twitter. Then Elon Musk took over
    by Adam on 06/03/2023 at 14:29

    New York SME  —  Bim Ali became pregnant early during her first child when Elon Musk, a billionaire, agreed to purchase Twitter. She worked on Redbird’s core technology team as an engineer. Ali stayed more The post She was weeks away from maternity leave at Twitter. Then Elon Musk took over appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

  • Twitter Still Littered With Crypto Scammers Buying Ads Featuring Elon Musk’s Face
    by Adam on 06/03/2023 at 02:59

    Elon Musk in a file photo at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo. … [+](Photo by Trevor Cokley of the U.S. Air Force) U.S. Air Force Academy Have you noticed a deluge more The post Twitter Still Littered With Crypto Scammers Buying Ads Featuring Elon Musk’s Face appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Speaker, Consultant & Author Influencer marketing, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging & content marketing advice

  • When is the Best Time to Post Your YouTube Shorts? Try This.
    by Neal Schaffer on 06/03/2023 at 12:15

    As content creators and marketers, we should all be focused on the quality of our content. After all, poor-quality content is unlikely to receive the quantity and type of engagement that we need. And of course, it is that engagement which ultimately gives us our ROI. However, even the best-quality content will receive fewer views than it should if it is posted at the wrong time of day. Even with a very high engagement rate, this results in your getting much less bang for your buck. And as business people, we understand that failure to optimize your content efforts will… When is the Best Time to Post Your YouTube Shorts? Try This. appeared first on

  • What is Blog Marketing? How Can It Work for Your Business?
    by Community Author on 02/03/2023 at 12:15

    Today, writing blogs is one of the most commonly used marketing strategies to give a boost to your website traffic. But it was not the case earlier as blogs came into existence some years back in the early 1990s. In the beginning, people mostly used blogs as online diaries to share their day-to-day experiences. However, in later years, blogs came to be used as a platform for writing about food, music, news, politics, and even business.  According to statistics, by 2022, there will be around 31.7 million active bloggers in the United States.   But the question is what is making… What is Blog Marketing? How Can It Work for Your Business? appeared first on

  • The 23 Best Video Marketing Tools for 2023
    by Neal Schaffer on 01/03/2023 at 12:15

    As nearly everyone in our industry knows, video marketing is hot. Really hot. In fact, video marketing has been slowly taking over multiple social networks due to its overwhelming popularity. Although at one time it was expensive to produce, nowadays, video marketing is a cost-effective option for most brands. If your company hasn’t tried this type of marketing, it should! Whether you’re looking to get into video marketing for the first time, or you just need new tools, here are some of the best video marketing tools to try for your next video marketing campaign. Video Marketing Software Once you… The 23 Best Video Marketing Tools for 2023 appeared first on

  • 15 Important Ecommerce Tools You Need to Know in 2023
    by Neal Schaffer on 28/02/2023 at 12:15

    If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I love to talk about tools. After all, marketing is a race, and everyone needs some advantages over the competition. Even without stiff competition, everyone wants to maximize their return on investment – and effort. Tools let you achieve your sales and marketing goals more easily, both by helping you target efforts and automate highly repetitive tasks. However, tools aren’t just for marketers. They’re also essential for people who own an ecommerce business. Many of the pressures are the same as for marketers. For instance, you want… 15 Important Ecommerce Tools You Need to Know in 2023 appeared first on

  • 8 Easiest Ways How To Make Money on TikTok in 2023
    by Community Author on 27/02/2023 at 12:15

    TikTok, the short-form video platform owned by Bytedance and known as Douyin in China, has been around for a while. But it wasn’t until April 2019 that TikTok really started to blow up in the US. TikTok’s success in the US has been driven by a few things. First, it’s become an outlet for brands and celebrities to reach younger audiences who are increasingly hard to reach via traditional media. Second, TikTok is wildly popular among teens and young adults, which makes it a natural fit for influencers looking for new platforms on which they can build their followings. With… 8 Easiest Ways How To Make Money on TikTok in 2023 appeared first on

Forbes - Social Media Forbes - Social Media

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Daily Fintech Fintech, Crypto and Insurtech trends & analysis

  • Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 21st December.
    by Alan Scott on 21/12/2022 at 10:00

    Here is our pick of the 3 most important stablecoin stories during the week. What a year 2022 has been!  As this is my last post for the year, I have picked stories that seem to sum up what has been a wild 2022.  Firstly, in stablecoins we had a number, in particular Algo stablecoins lose

  • Alt Lending Week ending 16th December 2022
    by howardtolman on 16/12/2022 at 06:30

    Alex Cartoon London Daily Telegraph 5th. December 2022 A picture tells a  thousand words. The popular Alex cartoon which shines a light on banking practices and attitudes, this morning featured medium ranking investment banking executive Clive trying to influence his boss on the subject of his  bonus. He constructs a list of deals that he

  • Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 14th December.
    by Alan Scott on 14/12/2022 at 10:00

    Here is our pick of the 3 most important stablecoin stories during the week. CBDC’s are coming but what type?  This week we saw more announcements on CBDC’s research and experiments, but it is unclear if we will get a Retail (direct account with the Central Bank) or Wholesale (direct account with a Bank and regulated

  • Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 7th December.
    by Alan Scott on 07/12/2022 at 10:00

    Here is our pick of the 3 most important stablecoin stories during the week. CBDC’s are still marching, but is it Tokenization that is playing the tune.  This week we saw a number of announcements on further progress being achieved with the many CBDC experiments taking place around the world.  While Crypto burns in the dumpster

  • Daily Fintech-Alt Lending week Ended 2nd. December 2022
    by howardtolman on 02/12/2022 at 06:30

    Credit Rating need reform: FCA I needed to think carefully to get my head around this one. Apparently the FCA think that the retail credit agencies in the UK have significant variances between the information they hold on borrowers. This would not be particularly important except that the major banks rely on the credit agencies

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FintechLinks - Fintech blog Subscribe to view our latest fintech blog posts

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Finovate Conferences Showcasing The Future of Financial And Banking Technology

  • Fintech is a People Business: Making Connections and Networking Done Right at FinovateEurope
    by David Penn on 06/03/2023 at 21:47

    FinovateEurope 2023 begins next week, March 14 through March 15, at the Intercontinental O2 in London, U.K. Tickets are on sale now. Visit our FinovateEurope hub today and secure your spot! This year’s annual European fintech conference is on track to be even bigger than last year’s event. What’s more, we have all of the Read more... The post Fintech is a People Business: Making Connections and Networking Done Right at FinovateEurope appeared first on Finovate.

  • Digital Banking Solutions Provider Bankjoy Secures New Funding
    by David Penn on 06/03/2023 at 18:23

    Digital banking solutions provider Bankjoy announced a new investment round led by credit union service organization, Curql Collective. The amount of the funding was not immediately disclosed. In addition to Curql, a number of Bankjoy’s current and prospective credit union clients also participated in the round. Among these investors were AEA Credit Union, Community Wide Read more... The post Digital Banking Solutions Provider Bankjoy Secures New Funding appeared first on Finovate.

  • Finovate Global Ireland: Hiring Tech Talent, Banning ChatGPT, and Shining a Spotlight on Fintech in Northern Ireland
    by David Penn on 03/03/2023 at 22:31

    Ireland’s Central Bank to Staff: No ChatGPT for You! While organizations, institutions, and businesses of all kinds are scrambling to figure out how to best make use of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, the Central Bank of Ireland already has staked out a position – at least for its employees. Ireland’s The Business Post reported Read more... The post Finovate Global Ireland: Hiring Tech Talent, Banning ChatGPT, and Shining a Spotlight on Fintech in Northern Ireland appeared first on Finovate.

  • Ramp Lands $5 Million to Automate Revenue Forecasting
    by Julie Muhn (@julieschicktanz) on 03/03/2023 at 21:44

    Business forecasting company Ramp (not to be confused with business finance automation startup Ramp) raised $5 million in Seed funding this week. The round was led by AlbionVC and Eurazeo with participation from Triple Point Ventures and a handful of Angel Investors. Ramp, which plans to use the funds to streamline and scale client onboarding, Read more... The post Ramp Lands $5 Million to Automate Revenue Forecasting appeared first on Finovate.

  • Data Fabric or Data Mesh: Can Financial Services Firms Benefit from Both?
    by lilinguyen on 03/03/2023 at 13:27

    This is a sponsored blog post by Saurav Gupta, Sales Engineer, InterSystems Financial services organizations are awash with data, and there’s a clear appetite in the sector to make use of it for a wide variety of initiatives, including analytics on real-time transactional data and reducing customer churn. But doing so requires putting the right Read more... The post Data Fabric or Data Mesh: Can Financial Services Firms Benefit from Both? appeared first on Finovate.

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  • Mastercard Supports Bahrain Banking Group With a Range of Services
    by Tom Bleach on 07/03/2023 at 05:01

    Ahli United Bank BSC has partnered with Mastercard, making it the exclusive partner of choice for all of AUB's card programs in Bahrain The post Mastercard Supports Bahrain Banking Group With a Range of Services appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • GMO Secures Latest Custodian for Japanese and US Dollar Stablecoins
    by Tyler Pathe on 07/03/2023 at 03:01

    Following a recent partnership, @KomainuCustody is to offer custodian services for the GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins issued by @GMOTrust; the US-regulated stablecoin subsidiary of Japanese financial services conglomerate @GMO_Group. The post GMO Secures Latest Custodian for Japanese and US Dollar Stablecoins appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • Australian Banks’ CBDC Pilot Gains Significant Pace
    by Tyler Pathe on 07/03/2023 at 01:01

    Australia's pursuit of a #CBDC is gaining significant traction as @RBAInfo and @DigiFinanceCRC launch a pilot scheme for select participants to explore the beneficial use cases; with added support from @CommBank. The post Australian Banks’ CBDC Pilot Gains Significant Pace appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • March at The Fintech Times: Innovative Technology
    by Tom Bleach on 06/03/2023 at 17:01

    This March, The Fintech Times sets its sights on #innovativetechnology: considering how #Web3, #DeFi, #blockchain and #NFTs could impact the future of #fintech. The post March at The Fintech Times: Innovative Technology appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • News & Views Podcast | Episode 105: CFIT & Open Banking
    by Dominic Brough on 06/03/2023 at 16:29

    This week, Polly, Francis and Tyler were joined by special guest Claire Woffenden, Editor at The Fintech Times to delve into the world of fintech! The post News & Views Podcast | Episode 105: CFIT & Open Banking appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • Mastercard Supports Bahrain Banking Group With a Range of Services
    by Tom Bleach on 07/03/2023 at 05:01

    Ahli United Bank BSC has partnered with Mastercard, making it the exclusive partner of choice for all of AUB's card programs in Bahrain The post Mastercard Supports Bahrain Banking Group With a Range of Services appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • GMO Secures Latest Custodian for Japanese and US Dollar Stablecoins
    by Tyler Pathe on 07/03/2023 at 03:01

    Following a recent partnership, @KomainuCustody is to offer custodian services for the GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins issued by @GMOTrust; the US-regulated stablecoin subsidiary of Japanese financial services conglomerate @GMO_Group. The post GMO Secures Latest Custodian for Japanese and US Dollar Stablecoins appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • Australian Banks’ CBDC Pilot Gains Significant Pace
    by Tyler Pathe on 07/03/2023 at 01:01

    Australia's pursuit of a #CBDC is gaining significant traction as @RBAInfo and @DigiFinanceCRC launch a pilot scheme for select participants to explore the beneficial use cases; with added support from @CommBank. The post Australian Banks’ CBDC Pilot Gains Significant Pace appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • March at The Fintech Times: Innovative Technology
    by Tom Bleach on 06/03/2023 at 17:01

    This March, The Fintech Times sets its sights on #innovativetechnology: considering how #Web3, #DeFi, #blockchain and #NFTs could impact the future of #fintech. The post March at The Fintech Times: Innovative Technology appeared first on The Fintech Times.

  • News & Views Podcast | Episode 105: CFIT & Open Banking
    by Dominic Brough on 06/03/2023 at 16:29

    This week, Polly, Francis and Tyler were joined by special guest Claire Woffenden, Editor at The Fintech Times to delve into the world of fintech! The post News & Views Podcast | Episode 105: CFIT & Open Banking appeared first on The Fintech Times.

Financial Technology Financial Technology's stories.

Wiley: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres: Table of Contents Table of Contents for Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. List of articles from both the latest and EarlyView issues.

SAGE Publications Ltd STM: Air, Soil and Water Research: Table of Contents Table of Contents for Air, Soil and Water Research. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

  • Health Risks of Major Air Pollutants, their Drivers and Mitigation Strategies: A Review
    by Sanjoy Maji on 03/03/2023 at 06:15

    Air, Soil and Water Research, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2023. <br/>The impact of increasing air pollution on human health and the environment is a major concern worldwide. Exposure to air pollution is one of the leading risk factors and substantially contributes to morbidity and premature mortality. This review paper aims to examine the exposure of major air pollutants (i.e., particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide) and its association with respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, and genotoxic adverse health outcomes that can cause DNA damage leading to genetic mutations. The study emphasized how a better understanding of source-receptor relationships and exposure assessment methodologies can support effective air quality management planning. Hence, there is a need to augment various exposure indicators (spatial modeling, personal/area monitoring, emphasizing central/rural site measurements, etc.) to generate reliable surrogates for informed decision-making. The critical drivers of anthropogenic interference for air pollution remain urbanization, growing vehicle use, and industrialization. This requires innovative approaches, such as energy-efficient and technologically sustainable solutions to gradually replace conventional fossil fuel from primary energy mix with renewable energy. It holds the key to meet future energy challenges and minimizing air pollution emissions. Further, there is an urgent need to frame effective public policy with graded mitigation actions to reduce the adverse impact of air pollution on human health and the environment.

  • Daily Variation on Soil Moisture and Temperature on Three Restinga Plant Formations
    by Anderson da Rocha Gripp on 18/02/2023 at 06:46

    Air, Soil and Water Research, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2023. <br/>Restinga forests and open scrubby formations establish on sandy well-drained soils alongside the Brazilian coastline. Restinga plants are exposed to extreme conditions and vegetation types are mainly structured by species access to groundwater. But to date, no systematic evaluations have been done in order to characterize soil microclimatic conditions and understand how they are associated with variations in climatic drivers. We evaluated hourly soil moisture and temperature along 84 days at Restinga Seasonal Dry Forest (SDF), sparse (Open Clusia Scrubs—OCS), and dense (Open Ericacea Scrubs—OES) tickets at Restinga de Jurubatiba National Park, at Rio de Janeiro state (Brazil). Due to distinctions on physical structure and access to groundwater between plant formations, we expected higher daily soil moisture and lower daily moisture and temperature variations on forests than on open vegetated areas. Daily soil moisture was higher, respectively, on SDF, OES, and OCS, whereas soil moisture and temperature variability presented the opposite trend (SDF < OES < OCS), supporting our hypotheses. Daily soil temperature dynamics are quite well predicted by solar radiation incidence patterns, whereas daily soil moisture is mainly regulated by precipitation at OCS, an interaction of precipitation and temperature at OES and delayed effects of precipitation at SDF. Our results corroborate our expectations that forests are more effective in buffering both air temperature and precipitation effects on soil conditions than open vegetated areas. They also indicate that soil moisture and temperature conditions are important aspects differentiating Restinga vegetation types.

  • Reviewers for Air, Soil and Water Research: 2022
    on 11/02/2023 at 07:10

    Air, Soil and Water Research, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2023. <br/>

  • Analyzing Wetland Dynamics Using Geospatial Techniques: A Case of Abay Choman and Jimma Geneti Watershed, Horo Guduru Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia
    by Mitiku Badasa Moisa on 30/01/2023 at 10:08

    Air, Soil and Water Research, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2023. <br/>Wetland ecosystems are one of the most important areas that provides different ecosystems services as well as habitat for plant and animal species. In spite of multipurpose, wetland ecosystems are under threats. This study attempts to analyze wetland dynamics of Abay Choman and Jimma Geneti watershed in Horo Guduru Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia using geospatial techniques. The land use land cover (LULC), the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) were investigated using Landsat 5 TM of 1991, Landsat 7ETM+ of 2003, and OLI/TIRS of 2021. In the present study, the LULC was classified using a supervised classification method with maximum likelihood algorithm. The red and infrared bands of Landsat imagery from three different time periods were used to calculate NDVI, while the NDWI was estimated using the green and near infrared (NIR) bands of multispectral Landsat images. Results show that wetland ecosystem in the study area decreased by about 125.2 km2 (8.8%) with the rate of 4.2 km2/year. In contrast, agricultural land increased by 223.4 km2 with the rate of 7.4 km2/year between 1991 and 2021. About 66.7 km2 wetland was converted to cultivated land whereas 29.3 and 24.7 km2 of grassland and shrubs land were converted into cultivated land. As a result, the maximum NDVI and NDWI values were decreased between 1991 and 2021. To minimize the rapid loss of wetland and water bodies in the study area, proper land use planning and environmental education should be promoted.

  • A Comprehensive Review of Atmospheric Air Pollutants Assessment Around Landfill Sites
    by Lukumon Salami on 26/01/2023 at 01:24

    Air, Soil and Water Research, Volume 16, Issue , January-December 2023. <br/>Air pollutants generated as a result of operations of landfill sites pose a threat not only the environment but also to human life. This work focuses on comprehensive review of atmospheric air pollutants around landfill sites with a view of identifying areas where future studies can be conducted. Environmental and health effects of air pollutants within the vicinity of landfill sites and the ways of minimizing the level of the air pollutants were presented. Previous works carried out by scholars for the past two decades were critically examined. Mathematical models for prediction of gaseous pollutants for landfill sites and assessment of human health risk due of inhalation of poisonous gases from landfill sites were discussed. Amongst conclusions made were: (1) Further studies on health impacts of particulate matters (PMs) within the vicinity of landfill sites should focus on low-income countries (LIC) especially in Nigeria which has been perceived as the capital poverty of the world. (2) Developing countries have not been practicing Circular Municipal Solid Waste Management System (CMSW) due to some militating factors hence further works should look into how the militating factors can be surmounted and provide way forward for the implementation of CMSW in developing countries. (3) More works still need to be conducted especially in temperate region to mechanistically explain the positive correlation between PMs and Coronavirus disease. (4) Future works should dive into the cost and economic implications of assessing atmospheric air pollutants within the vicinity of landfill sites for policy making decisions.

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  • Danfoss trials new hydraulic system on three Volvo excavators
    on 06/03/2023 at 17:47

    Danfoss Power Solutions has partnered with the Ashcourt Group to test the Danfoss Dextreme system in three Volvo excavators. Ashcourt, a building materials supplier based in East Yorkshire, England, expects the system to increase the productivity of its machines while reducing fuel consumption.

  • CDE promotes Sarah Corr to vice president of the Americas
    on 06/03/2023 at 17:31

    CDE has appointed Sarah Corr as its new vice president of the Americas.

  • CASE and BRUNT bring style and function to work boots designed for equipment operators
    on 06/03/2023 at 16:45

    CASE Construction Equipment and BRUNT Workwear have partnered to create a better work boot for equipment operators. This partnership will kick off within the CASE booth at CONEXPO/CON-AGG, through several days of research with construction tradesmen and women to best understand their everyday needs. The goal is to gather real-world input from those on job sites to build a construction equipment operator boot.

  • Venieri focuses on unique backhoes and compact machines for CONEXPO
    on 06/03/2023 at 09:54

    VF Venieri has manufactured a variety of multifunctional machines since 1948, and is sharing five of its units on its booth at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

  • Terex Advance to unveil its first all-electric mixer
    on 06/03/2023 at 09:10

    Terex Advance will introduce its first all-electric mixer at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, at the show's outdoor booth (#S5435). The all-electric option is available on the Terex Advance Mini-Mix range, which was launched in 2022 to support ready mixer producers and contractors with a small volume mixer for short loads or tight spaces. We envision a waste-free future – a world where wastes become resources and sustainable systems bring value to businesses, institutions and communities, enhancing environment and quality of life.

  • 2022 Year in Review
    by Candace Vadnais on 17/01/2023 at 19:42

      The post 2022 Year in Review appeared first on

  • Council of the Great Lakes Region Releases Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan
    by Candace Vadnais on 07/12/2022 at 19:57

      Plan Provides Roadmap for Forging a Future Without Plastic Waste and Litter Ann Arbor, Mich., December 7, 2022 – Resource Recycling Systems Inc. (RRS) is excited to recognize the release of a five-year Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan, which was developed by the Council of the Great Lakes Region (CGLR) as part its The post Council of the Great Lakes Region Releases Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan appeared first on

  • RRS Named to Inc.’s 2022 Best in Business List for Environmental Issues
    by Candace Vadnais on 06/12/2022 at 20:02

    3rd annual list recognizes 241 private companies putting purpose ahead of profit Ann Arbor, Mich., December 6, 2022 — Resource Recycling Systems Inc. (RRS) is excited to announce that it has been named to the Inc. 2022 Best in Business list in the Environmental Issues category. Inc.’s Best in Business Awards honor companies that have The post RRS Named to Inc.’s 2022 Best in Business List for Environmental Issues appeared first on

  • Environment+Energy Leader Names Jim Frey to 50 Leader List
    by Candace Vadnais on 30/11/2022 at 18:42

    Ann Arbor, Mich., November 29, 2022 – Resource Recycling Systems Inc. (RRS) is thrilled to announce that its co-founder and CEO, Jim Frey has been named to the 2022 Environment+ Energy 50 Leader list honoring the top 50 environment and energy professionals. For more than 40 years, Jim has provided technical expertise and strategic consulting The post Environment+Energy Leader Names Jim Frey to 50 Leader List appeared first on

  • Job Opening – Remote Corporate Sustainability Consultant
    by Candace Vadnais on 24/10/2022 at 17:20

    Job Opening – RRS Job Title – Corporate Sustainability Consultant Location – Remote RRS is a mission oriented company dedicated to community-centered sustainability, materials management, and climate solutions since incorporating in 1986. In that time, we have grown to nearly 65 employees in four countries and have conducted over 1,000 projects around the globe. RRS The post Job Opening – Remote Corporate Sustainability Consultant appeared first on

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No Title Own less. Live more. Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism.

  • Want Less Stress? Limit Your Child’s Screen Time
    by joshua becker on 06/03/2023 at 05:50

    According to important new research, when kids watch lots of television, parents’ stress levels increase. The research is helpful because it seems counterintuitive. In fact, many parents turn on the television specifically when they are stressed—just hoping for a little downtime or an opportunity to catch up on work or household chores. And there is

  • Let’s Learn to Appreciate the Invisible Joys of Life
    by joshua becker on 03/03/2023 at 13:08

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupery The most valuable things in life will never be seen with the naked eye: love, friendship, hope, integrity, trust, compassion, faith, empathy. These pursuits may be invisible, but they bring real substance, fulfillment, meaning, and joy to our

  • To Become Better Adults, Look to the Lessons We Teach Our Kids
    by joshua becker on 27/02/2023 at 04:31

    “Be who you needed when you were younger.” —Brad Montague It’s easy to see the faults in others but difficult to see the places where we fall short in our own lives. We are so sure that life would be better if “he didn’t act like that,” if “she didn’t say those things,” or if

  • Encouraging Simplicity. Weekend Reads.
    by joshua becker on 25/02/2023 at 03:58

    Never underestimate the importance of removing stuff you don’t need. Encouragement provides us with motivation to persevere. It invites us to dream dreams of significance for our lives. And it begs us to work diligently with optimism and promise. Overcoming the pull of consumerism is a difficult challenge regardless of our stage in life. Simplicity requires

  • Small Steps Lead to Big Changes. Celebrate Them.
    by joshua becker on 21/02/2023 at 21:56

    “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” – Keri Russell Every significant, major change that we make in our lives is the result of a long series of small changes. Consider these examples of how small steps lead to lifelong changes: Studies show that one of the ways to fuel the

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  • Tuiles – A Maple Syrup Candy Recipe
    by Merissa on 06/03/2023 at 11:08

    How to make delicate Maple Syrup Tuiles from scratch. The post Tuiles – A Maple Syrup Candy Recipe appeared first on Little House Living.

  • Sweet and Sour Sauce Without Pineapple
    by Merissa on 06/03/2023 at 11:00

    Make your own super easy Sweet N Sour Sauce recipe in just 5 minutes! You won't even have to buy it again and it's perfect with so many different dishes! The post Sweet and Sour Sauce Without Pineapple appeared first on Little House Living.

  • Frugal Friday Week #5
    by Merissa on 03/03/2023 at 12:33

    I always feel like I post many how-to’s and not many “real lifes”. Although I do try and incorporate that into my newer posts, I’ve often thought that it might be even more helpful for my readership to get a better glimpse inside of what our simple/homestead/from scratch/frugal life really looks like. Frugal Friday Week... The post Frugal Friday Week #5 appeared first on Little House Living.

  • The Cheapest Meals to Make on an Incredibly Tight Budget
    by Merissa on 02/03/2023 at 10:39

    Looking for some incredibly cheap meals to make for your family? In the list below you will find the cheapest meals to make. These meals below will be perfect if you need to stretch your budget as far as possible right now. I’ve previously written a post on 14 Cheap Meals to Make at the... The post The Cheapest Meals to Make on an Incredibly Tight Budget appeared first on Little House Living.

  • Homemade Carpet Cleaner For Scrubbing or Machines
    by Merissa on 01/03/2023 at 10:00

    Have a stubborn stain in your carpet that just won't come out? Skip the chemicals and toxins and get it out with this recipe! The post Homemade Carpet Cleaner For Scrubbing or Machines appeared first on Little House Living.

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  • 7 Micro-Habits that Changed My Life
    by Intentional View on 06/03/2023 at 13:00

    Why am I so interested in habit change? Because my life used to be an unconscious stream of short-term dopamine hits. Whether it was another fast fashion haul I couldn’t afford, or binging on trash TV shows like Love Island or Real Housewives, it was mindless, comfortable and soul-destroying. Month to month, my gym subscription The post 7 Micro-Habits that Changed My Life appeared first on No Sidebar.

  • 7 Ways to Intentionally Use Your Photos and Videos
    by Nikki Cox on 02/03/2023 at 13:00

    My grandfather passed away a few years ago. More recently I was given a photo album that was found in his bedroom as my father was sorting through his things. It was filled with photos, newspaper clippings and theater programs of me growing up through the years. My grandfather was a man of few words The post 7 Ways to Intentionally Use Your Photos and Videos appeared first on No Sidebar.

  • Seeing What We’re Missing
    by Julia Ubbenga on 27/02/2023 at 13:00

    It’s 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and the smell of coffee beckons from the kitchen. Rolling out of bed, I make my way to the living room sofa and groggily settle in between my husband and our eight-year-old daughter. She immediately snuggles against my side, chattering away. I’m often on my phone right now, I The post Seeing What We’re Missing appeared first on No Sidebar.

  • Why Minimalism Might Make You Happy Even If You’re Skeptical
    by Karen Trefzger on 23/02/2023 at 13:00

    Have you heard, said, or thought any of these sentiments? “I could never be a minimalist because I hate modern art and furniture.” “I could never be a minimalist because I have kids, and they need a ton of stuff.” “I could never be a minimalist because I need all my equipment for [name of hobby].” The post Why Minimalism Might Make You Happy Even If You’re Skeptical appeared first on No Sidebar.

  • 10 Little Things that Make Life Beautiful
    by Shani Hecht on 20/02/2023 at 13:00

    I tried the 5 am club for a week. Mainly because I love a good challenge but also because I made a bet with my husband that whoever caves first is on dish duty for the rest of the week. To make a long story short, after a rather sleep-less week, hubby won and I The post 10 Little Things that Make Life Beautiful appeared first on No Sidebar.

  • This is my last post.
    by Unknown on 15/02/2023 at 01:27

    I have known for a while that this post was coming, but I didn't know when. This is my last post. I'm closing my blog, for good, and I'm not coming back like I have in the past.  I've been writing here for 16 years and my blog has been many things to me. It helped me change my life, it introduced me to so many good people, it became a wonderful record of my family life, it helped me get a book contract with Penguin, and monthly columns with The Australian Women's Weekly and Burke's Backyard. But in the past few months, it's become a burden.In April, I'll be 75 years old and I hope I've got another ten years ahead. However, each year I'll probably get weaker and although I'm fairly healthy, I do have a benign brain tumour and that could start growing. There are so many things I want to do and with time running out, leaving the blog behind gives me time to do the things that give me pleasure.On the day the blog started I felt a wonderful, heartwarming feeling when I first pressed the "publish" button. I wanted to share what I know, help others live simply, get out of debt and be kinder to our planet. I think I achieved some of that but the amount of money still being spent on cars, clothes, holidays and things that will end up in land fill is heart breaking. The blog will remain open so you can come back to read whatever you like but next Wednesday, I'll turn off the comments. For those that like the stats, I've written 2995 posts, there have been 91,222 comments and over 360 million page views. Thank you for being part of that.  I'm continuing my Instagram page so if you've got an account there, I'll see you around. It's much easier to write on Instagram because they have a limit on keystrokes so I'm pretty sure that can fit into my life.You can find me on Instgagram by searching for rhondahetzel If you follow me, when I post, you'll see the post along with anyone else you follow.  I'll put up a link in my side bar this week to guide you there.During the 16 years I've written here I've felt loved and appreciated and I thank you all for that. I also say a special thanks to the people who commented - that's what kept me going. Having that contact with like-minded folk gave me a better understanding of the world around me, helped me come up with ideas to write about and showed me that despite what we see on the news, the world is full of people who are trying to do their best.Thank you for being here with me.  ❤️COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED

  • Listing your favourite, easy meals
    by Unknown on 09/02/2023 at 01:13

    I've written a lot about the various things I choose to do with my days now and apart from not being able to work in the garden, I'm a peace with my daily choices. What I've never talked about with you though, is what I choose not to do. Recreational shopping, smoking, reading fiction, flying, making soap, vinegar and yoghurt from scratch, growing food, travelling, sitting in front a some sort of screen day in and day out and hundreds of other things. I believe the things I do not choose are shaping my future just as much as what I choose to do.When I get up each morning, I'm not catapulting myself out of bed like I used to but getting up slowly, thinking about my day, making decisions about the hours I'll spend within these walls, having breakfast, tidying up, drawing, talking to myself and Gracie and writing. I think that time weaves its own strange web and without me realising, the hours become another ordinary day. Another day I'm thankful for; another day in my past. Today I'm writing about the process of feeding ourselves. I suppose we know this process as cooking but it also involves preserving, fermenting, preparation, shopping, baking, and depending on the type of cooking you do, a variety of other processes that delivers food to the table. I'm currently working out ways to keep cooking from scratch and eating the foods I love without wasting what I buy.  I was pleased to see many responses to the information about the Zwilling vacuum-packed food. It's a good way to keep fresh food available for a long time.But today's main topic will be some of the recipes I have on rotation in my own home. I'm not giving the recipes for each meal because writing out recipes is painful and the main reason I didn't write a cook book. But all recipes you choose should be edited to suit your own taste. When you find the meal you want to cook, look for a few different versions of the recipe and then edit your chosen one to your taste.  Here is my list of 40 favourite easy meals.All the recipes here are for four servings. I used to serve two portions for Hanno and I and either freeze the other two portions or eat them the following day. Cooking this way helps you build up a stockpile of frozen home-cooked meals to eat on the days you're busy or too tired to cook. If, like me, you're cooking for one now, you'll either halve these recipes before you cook, then eat one portion and freeze one. Again this helps by building a small stockpile of home-cooked meals. Work out which spices you'll need to have on hand when you're cooking. If you're eating mainly European food - German, Italian, French etc., you'll need salt, pepper, paprika, and herbs, either fresh or dried. Asian food requires soy sauce, chilli paste or flakes, cumin, curry paste or powder, coriander/cilantro, turmeric, ginger etc.  You'll probably find the meals you like will use the same or similar seasonings. Grow your own herbs, it's easily done in containers and it will save you a lot of money over the year. Currently a bunch of herbs is between $3 and $4.90, depending on if you buy organic herbs.If you're a solo cook, it might be better for you to buy your meat at the local butcher shop instead of the supermarket. The supermarket has only trays of meat and apart from $70 per kilo fillet steak, generally the trays are too big for a solo cook. However, if you want to buy a bulk tray of meat, that will save you money as long as you repack it into meal sized portions to freeze at home. A butcher will give you what you ask for - 2 sausages, 200 grams minced beef, two chops, a small piece of corned beef, a small whole chicken or a rack of 4 prepared chops suitable for roasting. They also have a range of bones for stock.If you're new to this kind of cooking, set up your systems first because it is having a stockpile with a variety of food, having your kitchen well organised, and your list of meals that will support your cooking and make things easier for you. Here is some extra reading all about home cooking and providing nutrition. It also contains my own list of 40 meals I cook on a regular basis. If you're serious about home cooking, it's helpful to build your own list. It will provide constant and long-term inspiration. Beef casseroleCottage Pie LasagneRoast chicken with herb stuffing and gravyKFC - Korean Fried ChickenBangers and mash and curried sausages Stuffed cabbage rollsMeatballsSpinach PieKartoffel PufferTo find more recipes on my blog, go to the side bar under my photo and search for simple terms such as chicken, not roast chicken, or just click on Home Cooking in the list of topics on the bottom of the page. Good luck with this. If you can organise a list of favourite and easy meals, get your kitchen ready and create a small stockpile or pantry, cooking will be easier for you. Don't forget to delegate jobs too. Kids and partners love to cook, peel, chop and test taste. 😉

  • Food storage - stop wasting food
    by Unknown on 28/01/2023 at 03:55

    This is the first post in a short series on cooking for one. If you're in a larger family, search in my right side bar, under my photo, and that will give you recipes and information about family food for two, four, or larger. But before we get into cooking, we need to have our systems in place so we don't waste food. Food prices are still rising and it's wise to look at how you store food so you don't throw food (money) out every week.When my kids left home, I fell into shopping and cooking for two quite easily. The shopping trolleys full of groceries were gone, I was cooking smaller meals and it was convenient to cook for four, eat two of those meals, then freeze two for later. When I'd done that for a couple of months, I had a very healthy stockpile of frozen homemade meals ready to go for the days I didn't feel like cooking. That system worked for Hanno and I for many years and I never had a reason to change. But when you're solo, cooking for four isn't such an attractive option. It's better to cook for one. And you have to set up a system that will help you do that and not waste food. The simple art of stockpiling - a previous post on stockpiling How to grocery shop for one - a good article on grocery shopping   This is the stockpile we created in March 2020 when we realised that the Corona virus wasn't the short-term virus we all hoped it was.  It seems that no one saw Covid coming - there were rumours coming out of China in December 2019, then within a couple of months we were all locked down. Back then, no one thought we'd still be dealing with it in 2023. You never know what's in the future but with a stockpile, at least you'll be able to safely stay in your home and feed yourself and your family. Take every opportunity to increase your skills because at some point, you'll need them.Before we cook food, we have to buy and store it first. I no longer have a vegetable garden but I do grow all the herbs I eat and I have a fruit trees and passionfruit vines, so I have occasional fruit. I buy the rest of my food. If you're trying to work out a way of cooking for one, first work out how you'll store your food. When Hanno got sick my sister stayed with me for a couple of months so I continued shopping, storing and cooking the way I had for the previous 20 years but when Tricia went home, I started wasting food and that was what triggered most of my current changes. Almost every week I threw out a half-eaten lettuce, a collapsed cucumber, a mouldy wedge of pumpkin or something else that died before I had a chance to use it. One of the problems with buying fresh food is that you don't know how fresh it actually is. Most food at the supermarket looks fresh but you don't know if it really is fresh or if it's been sitting in a cold room for a month or two. If it's the latter, it will wilt when you put it in the crisper of your domestic fridge and probably won't last a week. If you're growing your own vegetables, they should last for weeks before you notice any problems. Most of us have a fridge and freezer, most have a pantry where we store all the open packets or jars of food currently in use. If you can add a small stockpile it will help you a lot - by cutting down on the trips to the supermarket and money saved, as well as the knowledge that you can feed your family well into the future if you lose your job, someone in the family is sick or any weather-related catastrophe hits. I had all those storage options - the fridge, freezer, pantry and stockpile cupboard, what I added last year was a Zwilling vacuum sealer unit. I saw a vacuum sealer on sale at Aldi but I wanted reusable bags, and that's what Zwilling gave me. I've worked with it for a few months now and I love it. Even though I tried hard, I was wasting food every week but now I've gone back to zero food waste. It's particularly good for storing fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, cold cuts, cheese, left over meals. The starter pack I got comes with bags for flat storage and two containers - one is glass, one plastic. I've had coleslaw in the glass container and it's lasted almost a month so far. You can store soup and other liquids as well as dried foods.  I bought my starter set from I've just bought another set of bags, I use the bags more than the containers. The bags are strong and can be washed and dried after use and be reused many times.I love cauliflower and now I can buy a larger one and know it will remain edible.Here are the three Zwilling bag sizes, with a box of tissues so you can work out the size.I bought this Iceberg lettuce for $1.90 on Thursday. Now it's in the bag, I know it will remain crisp and delicious until I finish the last leaf.  And no, the vacuum pack doesn't crush it. I had to put the lettuce in the larger bag because it didn't fit through the opening of the smaller bag. I made sure it was at the bottom of the bag before I packed it so I could neatly fold the bag in two for storage.Corned beef cold cuts. I cooked this meat and enjoyed it during the week with cauliflower, cheese sauce and sweet potato. Now I have one pack in the fridge for sandwiches or a quick salad meal and one in the freezer for eating next month or the month after.If you're a meat eater and you have a freezer, it's wise to buy small bulk packs of meat or chicken because they're a cheaper price for the same amount of meat on a flat tray. Repackage them at home and freeze them in meal-sized portions - for one or ten, depending on the size of your family. Zwilling makes this type of freezing, efficient and convenient. When you have your bags full and vacuum sealed, you can store then in a drawer or container like in a filing cabinet. Standing them on their sides so you can flip through them, allows you to see exactly what you have. When vacuum sealed in Zwilling bags and stored in the fridge, your food will last five times longer than in a plastic bag or container. Watch this! A good demonstration of the Zwilling unitsThe food I eat now is mainly the food I grew up eating - it's the old fashioned casseroles, curries, stews, soups and salads that most people had in those days.  It's nourishing, easy to cook and delicious. If that's the food you want to eat, I have plenty of recipes here on my blog. Just search for "beef casserole", "curry", "soup" etc in the right-side search bar and they should come up. Most of those recipes will be for four servings, so freeze or vacuum pack two serves, eat one serve straight away and store the other in the fridge to eat tomorrow or the next day. Or if you have a Zwilling unit, eat one serve and vacuum pack three serves to add to your fridge or freezer filing cabinet.For those days when I want to try something different, there are plenty of websites for cooking for one. I've chosen this one because their recipes look nutritious and satisfying and there's a vegetarian section at the bottom of the page. I like this one as well because it shows how quick and easy it is to cook tasty food at home.In my next post, I'll have some recipes for you - some are what I eat, some I've found on the internet and am happy to recommend.  Of course, we'll also talk about storage again, specifically how to store any leftovers from the recipes I share.  I'll also talk about prepping food - this is for carers, working folk and parents with kids who may benefit from new ways of getting through housework. I hope you'll have time to change your food systems if they need changing and if you have any questions about your changes, ask questions in the comments and I'll see if I, or the other readers, can help you sort out any problems you have. So get stuck in because if we all stop wasting food and the money it costs, we can move onto tweaking other areas in the home that will make life better.

  • My chest freezer died
    by Unknown on 14/01/2023 at 06:50

    I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of readers. I don't say this often but your comments really do keep me blogging. When they drop off, I do too.  So thank you for being here with me and thanks for the thoughts and prayers you send me. It's such a lovely thing to be thought of by people near aand far.  I think of you too. Every time you comment, I build up a picture in my mind of what you're like - how you talk and wear your hair, how you make a cup of tea and harvest flowers or tomatoes. I carry those picture with me and sometimes when I sit on the front verandah, someone from here sits in my brain for a while and makes me smile.  So thank you all for that and for giving me the time it takes to visit and comment.   💛 ~ 💜 ~ 🧡 At the beginning of the week there was a bad smell in the house. At first I wondered if Gracie had found a mouse and killed it but mice in the house in summer is very rare so I searched for another cause. My nose lead me to the bathroom, the bathroom I don't use. It used to be the main bathroom but when we added another bedroom with en suite, that became our main bathroom. The old bathroom is used by visitors and if they use the toilet, that is where they wash their hands.  The room also contains an old freezer, a cleaning cupboard and a shower. As soon as I walked in I knew I'd hit pay dirt - the smell was very strong and I could see the freezer light was off.   🫢  Then I remembered, I'd used my robo mop at the end of last week. That one electrical switch in the room has a dual purpose. It charges the battery on the mop and it runs the freezer and has done for over 20 years. I must have forgotten to turn the switch on again when I removed the mop cord. 😑    When I opened the door on the freezer my head nearly lifted from my shoulders. 😵‍💫 I put it down again but I could see rotting steaks, mince, two roasts, homegrown chard, a large bag of fresh ginger and chillies picked from the backyard. There was also two litres of lemon juice ready to be made into cordial for the second half of summer and about 5 kilos of bread flour I'd been storing in there.  Funnily enough, the loss of the food was a distant second place to worrying about the smell. This freezer was bought the first year we lived here. It was a medium sized freezer that served us well all that time and never caused any problems. It had started to rust in a few places and enamel paint chips on the outside wall fell off sometimes in the last year, so I knew it was on the way out. I didn't want to replace it but I knew I had to start thinking about getting rid of it. I don't live a freezer lifestyle anymore - no live-in family, no bulk meat purchases, no bread making and no garden to harvest from anymore.When I tried to move it, it wouldn't budge an inch. So I rang my son Shane. He told me not to worry and he'd be here the following day to get rid of it. And that's exactly what he did. He moved the freezer out of the house and onto the trailer hooked up to his car and took it to the dump. It was like losing an old friend. But when I thought about it, it was another decluttering exercise. Yes it happened out of the blue, yes, I couldn't rescue any of the food it contained, yes, it made a mess but if it hadn't happened like that I would have had to slowly use the food in the freezer, turn it off for the final time, cleaned it out and ask Shane to take it to the dump for me.  In this instance, I think the faster option was better.When Shane removed the freezer it was clear by some stains on the floor that it had been leaking for a while. I cleaned the corner of the bathroom with bleach, then with disinfectant and washing up liquid in almost boiling water, finished it off with dry rags and set up a drying rack in the space.  I have to admit, I miss that old freezer. It was such an important part of our first year living in our home and one of the first appliances I bought with visions of home productivity in mind. After I bought it, I set up a stockpile cupboard and a pantry and those three things - the freezer, stockpile cupboard and pantry helped me think in creative ways about home cooking, baking, fermenting, creating a food budget, food storage and cutting back on food waste. I'll miss the old girl but in the future she'll help me remember what life was like for the Hetzels when we picked her up from the shop and brought her home. I didn't fully realise her potential at first but she helped me answer a lot of the food questions I'd started thinking about. She allowed me to buy bulk meat from a local farmer for a fraction of the supermarket price and she provided space to place newly purchased dry goods - flour, oats, rice etc. - so that if they contained any insect larvae, it would be killed in the freezer.I guess it's strange feeling sentimental about a freezer but it really did kick start how I changed my thoughts about food production. And I'm pleased the end came fast and that Shane was there for me when I needed help. It's a pity about the smell though. 😵‍💫 Kerry, Sunny and Jamie gave me a Cuckoo rice cooker for Christmas.  I used it for the first time today because I made chicken curry for my main meal. It's a pressure cooker so it makes rice in 6.5 minutes. All I had to do was wash the rice until the water was not milky, add the rice and water to the cooker and turn it on. It worked out its own cooking time according to the weight of the pan and it kept the rice warm until I used it. Made in South Korea, I expect creative technology and I can see myself making more rice dishes because the rice it makes is much better than the rice I used to make. 😁Many of you know my good friend Grandma Donna who blogs at Generations Before Us. Her blog is full of wise ideas about living simply as well as wonderfully nostalgic photos of her home. Recently Donna started a forum and I told her I'd tell you about it. This year she and her husband are conducting a study into 1930s living - you can read about that on her blog. The forum is a way for the people doing the study with her to swap ideas and get support. There's also a general chat area so you can socialise with like-minded people, everyone is welcome. If you click the link to Donna's blog, look at the top of the page and click on  Forum to go there.  You have to join but there's no hidden agenda.  Donna's not well at the moment so it may take a little while to be welcomed into the forum, but it won't take too long. I'll be there to greet you. 🥰

  • A general review of how things are now
    by Unknown on 04/01/2023 at 00:33

    When I took a break from my blog I spent a short amount of time online but I didn't do much communicating; it was just a way of filling in time. I hope I'm never in that situation again. Staring at a screen isn't a healthy way to live. I'm happy to tell you that it was productivity and housework that got me back on track and brought me closer to an understanding so familiar to me - that doing, creating, moving, organising and planning are just as important as breathing.  Christmas lunch at home with my family.  We had ham, prawns, salads and pavlova. I bought beer and no one drank any of it, and champagne to toast Hanno and the bottle wasn't finished. I guess we're post-alcohol now.I never thought of life after Hanno and the huge changes I faced as one thing. I got through it all by sitting on the verandah with a note book then breaking it into smaller pieces and focusing on the next thing I had to do. That's worked really well for me. Even if something is a huge task, breaking into smaller bits and doing it piece by piece makes it feel doable.Gracie and I have a good routine worked out. She went through a period of searching for Hanno but I think she's given up on that. Now she doesn't like being alone. She loves being outside and I held the door open for her many mornings but she won't step out unless I’m with her. So she patiently waits for me to have my breakfast and after I put my plate in the sink, I make another cup of tea and we both go on to the front verandah and greet the morning sun. She inspects the entire verandah, drinks out of every water container, looks for lizards and March flies, stands at the gate and looks up the street, checks the boundary fence and finally settles down to closely monitor the neighbourhood from her surveillance position on the verandah. She won't let any black and white bird land in the yard now but ignores those feathered fiends, the native minors. Grrrr. They have been feasting on the capsicums I'm growing in the container garden near the bins.    Gracie was following the Korean robot mop around as it cleaned the floor. She's very suspicious of it. It was a gift from Sunny, Kerry and Jamie a few years ago. For Christmas they gave me a little Korean Cuckoo rice cooker.  I'll write about that when I use it.When Hanno died I spent a lot of time working out what I'd do. There were a lot of options but there was only one thing I knew for sure - I wanted to stay here in my home. But that provided problems too, mainly that I couldn't do the work Hanno used to do maintaining the house and mowing the lawn. I had to apply to the government for a Home Care Plan. I got one which started in December. For those of you unfamiliar with Home Care Plans - in Australia, our governments have a bipartisan policy to support older Australians who want to continue living in their own homes, even well into older age. There are four levels - level one is for basic care needs: $9,179 a year, level two is for low care needs at $16,147 a year, this is what I have; level three is for intermediate needs care $34,500, level four is for high level care at $54,000. There are strict rules for what the money can be used for. Once approved, the monthly funds are sent to an approved community care facility of your choice and they administer the funds on your behalf. They also provide records to the government to prove you spent the funds according to the rules. So I will never see the money, will never have to pay the bills to have the lawns mowed or the roof fixed and never have to provide documentation regarding the use of the money. So it's a win/win for me and so far it's working well.  The ever-changing fruit bowl.It's that time of year when I review my finances and negotiate prices for insurance, internet, phone and utility bills. Yesterday I spend quite a bit of time phoning my providers to see what they're charging this year and what I get for my money. Oh my! The cost of home and contents insurance is skyrocketing and I'm guessing it will be the same for car insurance, I'll check that in March. Last year my home and contents insurance cost $1713 and this year I got a renewal notice for $4695!!! I phoned around and all of them have big cost increases. I finally stumbled on to Australian Seniors insurance. They were good to deal with, are recommended by Choice and Product Review and they're charging me $2116.  If you're over 50, check them out if you're renewing your insurance. Another batch of homemade, three ingredient laundry liquid. It costs about three to four dollars for 10 litres and does and excellent job.  Here is the link to my recipe for laundry liquid.I'm continuing to reshape my home to suit me and not we. What you choose to surround yourself with in your home will help define the person you are. Those same items also have the power to nurture and soothe you or to take away your strength and ability. When we first came to live here 25 years ago, I decluttered to get rid of things I no longer had a use for. My main goal was to have a productive home with the tools, utensils and appliances that made that happen and to use the production of the home to nurture and strengthen my family and guests. After Hanno died and with the help of my sister, I removed Hanno's clothes and the things he loved but I kept a few small items he treasured. Now when I declutter, I'm choosing what I treasure and don't want to live without. It's not an enjoyable job, but it does improve life. You have less to look after and clean and it seems a weight is lifted with every bit you let go of.   This is how long my hair is now.  I was thinking of growing it longer so I could plait/braid it around my head but as it grows, I'm losing the feeling for it. It's a pain to wash it, which I do twice a week and I can see myself rushing over to the hairdresser soon.  I haven't been there for two years.I hope you like the changes I've brought to the blog. I simplified it all and if I wasn't sure if I should keep something, I got rid of it. LOL I will continue to write here. Many of you have told me that you enjoy my writing and look forward to each post. But I won't commit to a regular post because now when I make those commitments they have not worked out. What I will say though is that I enjoy writing here as much as you seem to enjoy reading it, so that's a good start. I'll work out a new routine for myself for taking photos and making notes and I hope that will result in a regular post being here. Sometimes that will be a full post, sometimes a single photo with a note attached, or a recipe, and at other times, something else. I hope you stick around and see what these days present for you and for me.  And thank you for being here today.  xx

Internet of Things News Internet of Things news and strategy

  • Intelsat expands global reach for Deutsche Telekom IoT
    by Duncan MacRae on 03/03/2023 at 10:34

    Intelsat, operator of an integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and provider of inflight connectivity, has revealed that Deutsche Telekom IoT (DT IoT) intends to integrate Intelsat FlexEnterprise into its cloud-based IoT offering to extend IoT solutions to locations regardless of the availability of fibre or cellular connectivity options. IoT services are increasingly used across a diverse array... Read more » The post Intelsat expands global reach for Deutsche Telekom IoT appeared first on Internet of Things News.

  • Edge SIM launched to connect IoT devices to cloud providers in 180+ countries
    by Duncan MacRae on 02/03/2023 at 09:05

    Console Connect, a global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, has launched what it describes as the world’s first private connectivity solution to help businesses dynamically and securely route traffic directly between devices and clouds globally without traversing the public internet. With IoT devices and traffic becoming increasingly vulnerable to network attacks, Edge SIM addresses the enterprise need... Read more » The post Edge SIM launched to connect IoT devices to cloud providers in 180+ countries appeared first on Internet of Things News.

  • Minima and stacuity partner on blockchain powered revolution in IoT connectivity
    by Duncan MacRae on 27/02/2023 at 11:31

    Blockchain and IoT connectivity specialists, Minima and stacuity, have teamed up to revolutionise IoT installations across multiple industries. The partnership will integrate Minima’s decentralised blockchain capabilities with stacuity’s programmable core mobile network and SIM cards, providing an exciting set of tools for IoT customers. This collaboration between Minima and stacuity is set to democratise access... Read more » The post Minima and stacuity partner on blockchain powered revolution in IoT connectivity appeared first on Internet of Things News.

  • IoT and edge ROI on the up – with open source a key indicator
    by James Bourne on 23/02/2023 at 14:04

    Investments in IoT and edge computing have continued to accelerate into 2023 in spite of macroeconomic headwinds – and the Eclipse Foundation is betting on the open source model augmenting the benefits. The foundation has released its 2022 IoT and Edge Commercial Adoption Survey based on responses from more than 260 IoT and edge professionals.... Read more » The post IoT and edge ROI on the up – with open source a key indicator appeared first on Internet of Things News.

  • Space tech to give 43 million Americans access to safe drinking well water 
    by Duncan MacRae on 22/02/2023 at 12:31

    Sateliot, the first satellite constellation offering 5G standard connectivity from space, has teamed up with GOSPACE LABS, a space, telecoms and IoT hardware company, to provide standard 5G NTN NB-IoT connectivity from space to its MERATCH smart solution for water management, including drinking water well owners, in the US. Currently, 15% of the US population,... Read more » The post Space tech to give 43 million Americans access to safe drinking well water  appeared first on Internet of Things News.

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  • Women and the Rise of Innovation in Construction
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    March is Women’s History Month and tomorrow—March 8—is International Women’s Day. It is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness about discrimination. Perhaps this goes without saying, but we need more women in construction, engineering, and infrastructure. As we all know, the statistics show women make up only 10% of the [...] The post Women and the Rise of Innovation in Construction appeared first on Connected World.

  • An Honest Discussion about Women at Work
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    Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, so we can expect an onslaught of content about the importance of women’s equality—and it is important to talk about how we move toward a gender equal world, particularly in industries like construction that have historically been male-dominated. But I think right now the most important thing we can do [...] The post An Honest Discussion about Women at Work appeared first on Connected World.

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    IDC shows worldwide low-code, no-code, and intelligent developer technologies revenue growing to $21 billion in 2026. The post Fact of the Day – 3/7/2023 appeared first on Connected World.

  • Manufacturing and National Security
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    A technologically strong and resilient manufacturing sector is critical for national security and defense. Having a strong manufacturing base is essential to the national security of the U.S. Without the domestic capability to produce goods, especially in strategic sectors such as defense, the nation wouldn’t be able to defend itself to the same degree it [...] The post Manufacturing and National Security appeared first on Connected World.

  • The Rise of Amazon
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    Here at Connected World and Constructech, we have followed patent filings for years, and they often tell the tale of what the executives have in mind for the future of companies, brands, and technologies. Such is the case for Amazon that wants more eyes and ears into a home. The company has filed a patent [...] The post The Rise of Amazon appeared first on Connected World.

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  • How AI and automation are helping America’s Internal Revenue Service better serve we the people
    by Peggy Bogadi on 02/03/2023 at 14:58

    The delivery of public services by the government continues to evolve as citizens increasingly look for more personalized and seamless experiences. The last three years have acted as a tailwind, further pushing the demand and forcing government to rethink their service delivery models. The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) tax return processing function, the quintessential citizen The post How AI and automation are helping America’s Internal Revenue Service better serve we the people appeared first on IBM Business Transformation Blog.

  • Will ISO 20022 overcome its delays to unlock huge opportunities?
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    For decades, financial institutions and corporations have sought an easy and standard method of exchanging electronic financial messages. MT standards, X.25 and all the EDI formats were supposed to solve deficits in the data and finance reporting space. In 2004, when the first publication of ISO 20022 was released, payments practitioners and industry professionals all The post Will ISO 20022 overcome its delays to unlock huge opportunities? appeared first on IBM Business Transformation Blog.

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    Last year, as life sciences organizations were consumed by the recovery from COVID-19, their focus had to shift rapidly to mitigating supply chain constraints, labor and skill shortages, and by the end of the year, inflationary pressures—all of which were exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine war. Along with these challenges, the ongoing drive to reduce costs, The post Six innovation strategies for Life Science organizations in 2023 appeared first on IBM Business Transformation Blog.

  • Sustainability begins with design
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    If you want to make sustainable products today, dabbling at the edges no longer suffices. You must start at the design phase. For example, 80% of a product’s lifetime emissions is determined by product design. Achieving sustainability demands a transformation of thought. While 86% of companies have a sustainability strategy—with 73% of those set on The post Sustainability begins with design appeared first on IBM Business Transformation Blog.

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    There’s no such thing as a perfect supply chain. The key question is: What are you doing to continuously make yours more sustainable? A sustainable supply chain needs to embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices into how raw materials are sourced, turned into products and delivered to market. It should address a wide The post 3 strategies to make your supply chain more sustainable appeared first on IBM Business Transformation Blog.

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Internet of Things (IoT) blog The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of billions of end devices, from the tiniest of ultra-efficient connected end nodes to a high-performance gateway or cloud platform, intelligently connected and interoperating with servers and services

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  • Impact of Blockchain and IoT in Gambling
    by Nitin Garg on 25/02/2023 at 09:36

    Technologies like blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, and AI are playing a big role in transforming the gambling industry. They are changing the way of gambling and players all around the world are liking this innovative approach.  The Internet of things has added a lot of attraction to casinos because with the help of IoT, offering gambling according to the regulation, to ensure players' safety, secure their assets, data security, and excellent player gaming experience becomes so much easier. Not only the gambling industry but also other various industries have adopted it and collaborating with AI, Crypto, and blockchain gives a new shape to the casino world. According to the study, it is expected more than 41 billion IoT devices will be used by 2027. All digital devices such as smartphones, PCs, digital watches, cameras, and other smart gadgets are examples of IoT. In this article, we are going to discuss how blockchain and IoT are bringing fruitful results in the gambling industry. And why the demand for blockchain development services is so high in the market. IoT Basics: IoT is a network of physical objects that are connected with each other by sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data in a secure and smooth way over the Internet. IoT is defining the gaming industry with positive and fruitful way.  Before diving in-depth, let’s know about blockchain and IoT. Blockchain Basics The main objective of blockchain is to record data in the form of blocks and all blocks are linked together in a chain. That means blockchain is an immutable ledger where all records are saved but cannot be changed, deleted, or destroyed.  Basically, it is an advanced database mechanism that offers you high security and transparency. There are four types of blockchains: Public blockchain Private blockchain Hybrid blockchain Consortium Blockchain Lets’ know the positive aspects of Blockchain and IoT in gambling business Industry. Benefits of Blockchain in Gambling Industry Here are the reasons for the popularity of blockchain and IoT in gambling world and most games and service providers and online casinos are using both technologies in order to create a difference.  High Security Blockchain offers you high-end security and when you make any transaction using cryptocurrencies then it will automatically be added to the distributed ledger and will automatically be added in the whole blocks and entry of new coins is added in the blockchain.  Blockchain in the casino is offering high security to both players and owners. With its help, there is no need to do registration at casinos and there is no need to validate yourself, and no credit card information is required there. You can do all without sharing your personal data and no one regulates you due to the absence of central authorities. Anonymity As we all know that according to a specific location, there are certain rules to regulate online casino business and as a user, you have to follow these rules. But with the help of blockchain, you can enjoy any casino all over the world and you can make payments without facing any issues and no one will know your identity. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are not regulated by any central authority and you can earn huge profits by accessing all casinos all over the world and crypto can be used for payment.  At present, privacy is everything and you can gamble and make transactions without being noticed by anyone because no one can track you here and you have no need to share your personal information. Instant and Cost-effective Blockchain makes it possible to do fast and instant transactions. As we all know that crypto is based on blockchain and not regulated by a central authority so it means there are no mediators and you can make your transaction in a faster way. And cost-effectiveness is another reason that is making it more popular and it charges less than credit cards, debit cards and traditional platforms.  Transparency, Efficiency, and Access When you integrate blockchain in the online gambling industry, then you get transparency and no one can make fraud with you. Like you cannot trust traditional casinos, and online platforms for reliable betting services but on blockchain oriented casinos you can. Because here blockchain maintains all records that are impossible to manipulate.  You can also enjoy casino games without registration because it uses only your wallet address so it becomes quite easy to access and platform efficiency also improves.  Smart chips In online casinos, there is a huge amount of data and managing that is quite a tedious task and thanks to IoT that has made it quite easy and user-friendly. With the help of RFID microchips, all illegal activities have become so minimal. RFID microprocessors have made it possible to take care of all aspects of online casinos. So, we can say that IoT has increased the security of casinos and now players can enjoy gambling services in an easy way.  Final Word This article helps you to know all about the IoT and Blockchain and how they are bringing positive changes in the online casino world and gambling industry. After reading this article, we can say that now players and bettors can enjoy online gambling in an effective way without facing any issues. Now they are paying full attention to gambling without caring about extra issues. You can also invest in the gambling business with the help of a sports betting developmet company.

  • What is Matter Protocol and How Does it Work?
    by Kamal R on 20/02/2023 at 14:03

    The buzz for IoT devices is not a new thing. They are well-known in the modern-day, and we all tend to use them at our home. Smart assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit connected to smart cameras, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., are excellent examples of IoT-backed ecosystems. Though these smart ecosystems provide utility and convenience, they also come with challenges. One of the key challenges of these ecosystems is interoperability. As each IoT ecosystem has its dedicated devices, it becomes tough for users to find the one that fits in their home ecosystem. This is where the Matter protocol comes into the picture. The state-of-the-art standard released in 2022 has the solution to the described problem. What is the Matter Protocol, and What are its Features? Launched in November 2022, the Matter protocol is a revolutionary technology that breaks the borders between smart home ecosystems. The protocol sits on the application layer, allowing smart home accessories to work seamlessly across all the major smart home ecosystems. For example, if you buy a smart bulb or camera for your home, you just need to check if it has the matter logo. If it does, you can buy it without worrying about the brand ecosystem that you have at your home. Hence, with the devices backed by Matter protocol, you won’t have to make any changes to your smart home ecosystem. Here are some key characteristics of the Matter protocol!   Matter leverages the power of Internet Protocol (IPv6) and User Datagram Protocol. The protocol was created by Project Connected Home Over IP. Currently, it is maintained by Connectivity Standards Alliance. The Connectivity Standards Alliance has over 170 companies working to make their devices Matter-friendly. Matter, as of today, is an open-source standard.   Top Features and Benefits of the Matter Protocol! On top of these crucial aspects, there are numerous ingenious features and related benefits of Matter.   Top-notch security The Matter protocol takes a layered approach to ensure security. It employs a plethora of security methods, such as AES in CCM and CTR, to protect confidentiality and preserve identifiers, respectively. Further, the protocol also ensures data integrity through the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm. The under-the-hood security features of Matter are Zero Trust and Security by Design protocols. Integrating the Zero Trust protocol ensures that no one, whether inside or outside the organization, can access data unless they are authenticated. Furthermore, security by design focuses on making systems free from vulnerabilities and attacks through continuous testing and adherence to ideal programming methods. Offline IoT Computing Matter has a powerful protocol supporting it at the device level. Thread is a wireless, low-powered mesh protocol that allows the connected devices to communicate with each other without the central hub. The utility of this aspect is offline computing. With the ability to communicate with each other directly, devices do not need access to the internet. This feature of Matter makes it more secure, especially for devices like security cameras and smart locks. Power-efficiency  The power efficiency of Matter is one of its key USPs, and the Thread protocol is the reason behind it. The thread devices are low-powered devices that consume minimum power while transmitting data. Moreover, the frequency of data is less. The time when no data is transmitted, they power down, saving a lot of energy. Privacy Features Along with security, Matter also excels at protecting the privacy of data. Matter does not handle user information directly, but it only deals with information that goes to and from the network devices, albeit it takes care of that too. To ensure that the data is shared between known Matter devices, all the devices are required to provide proof of identity. It can be an attestation keypair coupled with an X.509 certification provided by a trusted certificate authority. The best thing is the sharing of as minimum data as possible that is required for proper operations. This greatly reduces the risk of data compromise and leakage. How Does the Matter Protocol Work? As stated above, Matter is an application layer standard that uses UDP and IPV6. Now, how does it work using them? The Matter devices in a smart home ecosystem primarily run on two technologies, namely WiFi and Thread. WiFi connects the Matter devices with the cloud and local network that communicates over a high bandwidth. These devices can be the central hubs, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. On the other hand, Thread protocol is used to connect the low-bandwidth devices with the network. These devices include light bulbs, security cameras, smart locks, etc. The device that connects the mesh network of Thread devices to the main network is called the Thread Border Router. In a Thread mesh network, any device can be a Thread Border Router, as data between the devices is transmitted by hopping it through the node devices and then sending it to the central hub. The best thing about the Matter Thread devices is the self-healing feature. If any device in the Thread network fails, it automatically heals itself by routing the data through any other device. Will the Current IoT Devices Support Matter? The manufacturers of smart home devices will need Matter certification to make their future devices compatible. However, the devices that are recently launched and work on WiFi or Thread would work after a software update. The fairly old devices will also continue to work, but they may not receive a Matter update. Their satisfactory work will depend on the hubs through which they communicate. These hubs will be made Matter-compatible by the brands. A good example of this is Philips Hue Bridge! What Manufacturers and Brands Support Matter? The Connectivity Standards Alliance has over 170 manufacturers, and all of them support Matter. Other than Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, etc., there are numerous big names on the list, such as   Belkin D-link Bosch Huawei Honor Ikea LG Xiaomi Tesla Logitech Oppo Panasonic   Other than these manufacturers, four primary platforms support Matter. It implies that devices like smart speakers, hubs, and smart assistants can be controlled via Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. When will the Matter devices be available? As of now, numerous brands are working on hundreds of Matter devices. These devices include sensors, lighting, plugs, bridges, WiFi routers, and Matter controllers. Most of these devices will be available in the market by the first quarter of 2023. Conclusion The matter is an excellent protocol that makes sure that all the devices, irrespective of their brand, can be used with any IoT platform. The features are top-notch and are surefire to offer enhanced functionality in the future. As of now, the devices compatible with Matter are limited. But top brands like Comcast, Philips, Schneider Electric, etc. are working on devices that will be ideal for your home and compatible with Matter. Building Matter-friendly apps and devices can be tricky, but it can be a walk in the park with the help of Intuz. The firm deals in developing ingenious IoT-based digital solutions that will skyrocket your growth.

  • What are the advantages of edge computing over cloud computing
    by tracyyun on 14/02/2023 at 03:39

    Cloud computing enables all kinds of smart devices to connect to the Internet and exchange information, which has won the favor of end users and has become a mainstream application trend. Various use cases of cloud computing have been pervasive: for example, the data in the mobile phone can be backed up using cloud services, and the data in the mobile phone can be retrieved from other networked devices through accounts. Complete applications, such as various cloud games, cloud office software, etc., can be accessed directly from a web browser. At the same time, cloud computing enables companies to complete more computing tasks and data storage through cloud servers in addition to their own physical hardware, eliminating the tedious maintenance process of physical hardware for small and medium-sized teams, and focusing more on their own business. From wearables to smart home devices to low-level sensor products, connected devices are everywhere. According to relevant statistics from IDC, the global Internet of Things spending will reach 690.47 billion US dollars in 2020, of which the Chinese market accounts for 23.6%. IDC predicts that the global IoT market will reach US$1.1 trillion by 2025, with an average annual compound growth rate of 11.4%, of which the Chinese market share will increase to 25.9% Smart Home Device Sensors But centralized cloud computing is not suitable for all applications and use cases. Edge computing can provide solutions in areas where traditional cloud infrastructure may struggle. In recent years, the consolidated and centralized nature of cloud computing has proven cost-effective and flexible, but the rise of the Internet of Things and mobile computing has put a strain on network bandwidth. Ultimately, not all smart devices need to leverage cloud computing to function. In some cases, the round-trip transfer of data even consumes additional resources. As a result, edge computing came into being. According to relevant information from IDC, edge computing is described as "a mesh network of micro-data centers that process or store critical data locally and push all received data to a central data center or cloud storage repository with a coverage area of less than 100 km." square feet". Localized data processing and storage puts less pressure on computing networks. When there is less data being sent to the cloud, the likelihood of delays is greatly reduced. This also puts more tasks on the hardware based on edge computing technology, and needs to include sensors to collect data and CPU or GPU units to process data in networked devices.

  • IoT Paradigms for EV Charging Future Growth
    by Kamal R on 20/01/2023 at 11:48

    IoT (Internet of Things) in today’s era is one of the most significant technologies having dynamic applications across every industry. Its advanced connectivity and ability to gather and process data in real-time makes it beneficial for all sectors. The automotive industry, too, leverages this tremendous technology to make itself more advanced.  The days of gasoline fuel vehicles and stations being obsolete are not far away now. Many countries worldwide have begun their journey to facilitate a fully electric vehicle system, while others are catching up with them. One of the major purposes of IoT in EV systems is the development of robust charging infrastructure. The ability to remotely manage the charging stations is a big challenge that IoT systems seamlessly handle.  So in this blog, we will discuss the role and uses of IoT in EV systems and how it is changing the automotive dynamics for the future. Let us start! Overview: IoT in EV Charging IoT is fundamentally a convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology). The OT focuses more on devices and sensors established in the system. At the same time, IT deals with the digital transformation aspects of the system.  In the EV charging station landscape, the system is connected to multiple IoT devices integrated with several third-party service providers like e-MSPs, energy suppliers, and charge point operators.  The devices established in the charging system utilize a back-end cloud infrastructure that is run through different protocols & connectivity options to ensure seamless charging operations.  The major services carried out at an EV station are Processing payments  Scheduling Software updates Predictive maintenance Usage analytics IoT in an EV charging system consists of three major elements: 1. Charging Equipment It is a hardware unit established at a charging station that provides a physical connection between the power grid and the EV. The unit comprises different connectivity options, power electronics, charging protocols, and sensors. All these devices perform operations like  Engagement and disengagement of the port  Start and stop the process of charging Energy Metering Fault Detection Health Status 2. Mobile App The next most important element of IoT in the EV charging system is a web-based smartphone app. The app is responsible for connecting The EV charging network to the EV owners. Some of the major operations include User Authentication Navigating A Charging Network Charger Onboarding Scheduled Charging Slot Reservation Billing, And Payments 3. Management Platform It is a cloud-based platform that aims to gather data from IoT Sensors and devices to perform data analytics. It consists of operations such as Load Balancing Remote Monitoring Configurations Management Firmware Upgrades Alerts and Notifications IoT in the EV charging system enables continuous monitoring of operations and gathering of data to present it in reports & dashboards. Also, it can be leveraged to notify users during critical failures.  IoT is a great technology for EV automobiles and charging stations as most of its failures can be troubleshot effortlessly with remote operations. Hence, IoT is unquestionably the next big technology in the automotive sector.  The Four Pillars of IoT in Electric Vehicle Management System The IoT Electric vehicle management system consists of four aspects on which it majorly works: Battery Management System As EVs are powered with batteries, so the primary role of the battery management system is to monitor and manage the battery processes. It includes charging, discharging, and checking key parameters like voltage, current, and temperature while charging operations.  IoT enables the battery system to be controlled and fixed remotely when required. Besides, the battery system continuously sends data to the servers to generate insights on the next course of action to enhance performance.  Safety and Smart Driving Providing higher safety to passengers commuting in a vehicle is an important element of using IoT in automobiles. IoT sensors and devices planted inside the EVs provide features like Theft prevention through real-time tracking, immobilization, and geo-fencing. It consistently monitors the performance of vehicles based on different attributes like driving conditions, geography, weather, etc. The accumulated data helps in making the system more efficient.  The IoT devices established in vehicles also capture the car parameters like speed and acceleration and accordingly provide ti[ps in real-time.  Preventive Maintenance System Though EVs are designed with care, there can be incidents of component failures. Therefore, there are IoT-based fault alert systems installed in the system that notifies the driver about the failing component.  It helps them to analyze the situation and act accordingly. As the issue gets addressed ahead of time, the driver gets time to prevent a breakdown. In addition, the problem can be fixed remotely in certain conditions. It enhances the customer experience and provides higher vehicle reliability to the user.  Telematics Data IoT is important and is used widely in different sectors today due to its ability to collect data for improved operations. In the automotive industry, data is gathered when connected to vehicle sensors. This accumulated data can be displayed via widgets and used to generate automatic reports. Some of the most beneficial factors of using telematics for EVs are: It provides the details of battery usage data.  It generates a charging report for every charging session. It monitors and provides insights on driver behavior data.  It alerts users with nearby charging station alerts.  How Does IoT Transform the EV Charging Experience? Here are some crucial benefits and use cases of IoT in EV charging: User Authentication The customer uses an RFID card/tag to access the charging machine. As soon as they tap their tag, the charging station transmits the data to the IoT platform. The IoT platform then checks the user profile and performs an authentication process to ensure secure and safe billing.         2. Charger Availability The IoT sensors and devices deployed inside your car notify you about the nearby available charging stations. In addition, you can utilize the smartphone app to reserve a slot and check the rates of the charging service for different times.         3. Automated Operations IoT has powered the charging stations to work automatically without any user help. Besides, the system notifies the users about the left charging time, due payments, and any charging errors.          4. Smart Charging Due to the availability of IoT sensors, charging stations can work more smartly. When there is abundant sunlight and energy production, the chargers automatically start charging, which invariably helps grid operators to manage energy more efficiently.      5. Remote Management The IoT devices installed in the system generate real-time metrics & insights. The metrics may include charger availability, utilization, and fault monitoring. It helps in fixing the issues remotely when required. Further, it helps in predictive maintenance and minimizing operational downtime.       6. EVSE Control There are several sensory nodes through which the IoT platform collects information. The data may include energy tariffs, grid limit, EV battery capacity, and state of charge. Information on these metrics helps manage the EV charging infrastructure and deliver better service.       7. Support and Management IoT enables EV charging stations to become smarter, connected, and accessible for everyone. Besides, it presents crucial information such as charging time, charging queues, weather conditions, etc., that aids in a better support system for the users.      8. Data Collection and Analysis Advanced cloud solutions powered by IoT significantly help in data collection and enable users, service providers, and maintenance workers to optimize their work more efficiently.       9. Geo-Dashboard Geo dashboard is an impressive feature of the EV charging module where the user is informed about the nearby charging stations to schedule their trip more effectively.  Should You Invest in IoT EV Charging Solutions? EVs are the future of automobiles and will get mainstream in the next couple of years around the globe. Hence, building refined EV charging solutions now can earn you a monopoly in this service industry. So if you wish to build your own IoT-based EV charging solution, get in touch with our Intuz expert team. Intuz is a leading IoT development company who have built impressive and unique IoT solutions for different market verticals. You, too, incorporate with them to build your next IoT solution.      

  • Penetration Testing with OSINT: Tips, Tools, and Techniques
    by Kaushal Naik on 20/01/2023 at 10:37

    According to a 2021 IBM report, the average organization did not detect a data breach for up to 212 days—and then did not fully contain the issue for another 75. In many instances, malicious hackers attack a company using publicly available information: open-source intelligence often referred to as OSINT. However, pentration testers can also use OSINT to protect organizations. This guide discusses what OSINT is and explains how penetration testers can apply OSINT tools and frameworks to improve an organization’s security. What Is Open-Source Intelligence, and How Is It Used? Cyberattackers usually start by profiling the organization or individual they’re looking to attack. Attackers can use publicly available data on the internet to locate exploitable targets with the objective of collecting as much data as possible about the individual or organization. Likewise, ethical hackers and penetration testers can use OSINT to identify a company’s vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before malicious actors find them. OSINT is raw data that is openly available to the public. It may include information like names, addresses, interests, and other personal details. Location and behavioral data, affiliations, and daily patterns are all important pieces of information that can provide an inside look into a target’s life. Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) Social media intelligence, known as SOCMINT, is a subcategory of OSINT. SOCMINT refers to publicly available information on social media websites. One aspect of an OSINT-based penetration testing framework is the use of social media for reconnaissance. Most employees have social media accounts, which can give hackers access to a wealth of sensitive information. Penetration testing with SOCMINT can locate information such as: Social media posts, messages, and images Person-to-person communications Group-to-group communications How Do Penetration Testers Find Information? Cybersecurity professionals perform penetration testing using OSINT as a proactive measure to protect organizations. Using publicly available information, the tester can determine which areas are open to exploits. Once they have this data, they can then implement appropriate measures to prevent an attack. Penetration testers gather OSINT in various ways. One method is to manually view content posted in specific groups or on certain pages. Another approach is to review results from searches the tester has performed. Testers may also find information by extracting data from websites using web scraping tools. A variety of tools have been developed to automate tasks for penetration testers, improving efficiency compared with manual testing. These automated testing tools can also be used to find items that manual testing doesn’t identify. Penetration testers have many OSINT tools available to collect information (Nordine, 2017). Google dorks. One of the most popular OSINT tools is Google dorks. Google dorking is the technique of using Google search operators to find sensitive information and vulnerabilities. Metagoofil is an OSINT tool that scans Google and Bing for email addresses. Testers use it to find people’s contact information, collect it in a list, and save that list as a CSV file. Recon-ng is a framework to automate intelligence gathering that supports several data sources. Recon-ng provides five data sources: Google, Bing, Maltego CE, ShodanHQ, and Dnsdumpster. SpiderFoot scans over 100 data sources to locate information about a target. The tool can find information such as IP addresses, domain names, and emails. Why Pursue a Career in Penetration Testing? Recent data from cybersecurity ventures  indicates that cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, with the cybersecurity job market expected to grow 350% by 2025 (Morgan, 2022). If you’re interested in obtaining one of these in-demand positions, consider getting certified with EC-Council as a Certified Penetration Testing Professional (C|PENT). In the comprehensive, hands-on C|PENT program, you’ll take a deep dive into how to use OSINT in penetration testing. You’ll also cover many of the other most-desired skills for penetration testers today, including: How to penetration test Internet of Things (IoT) devices How to use social engineering tactics in a penetration test How to conduct penetration testing in the cloud With the C|PENT certification, you’ll have a proven record of your expertise in the tools and techniques used in this rewarding field.  

IoT Business News The business side of the Internet of Things

  • Smart Cities Cellular Connectivity to Generate Over 143 Petabytes of Data in 2027
    by IoT.Business.News on 06/03/2023 at 13:49

    A new report from Kaleido Intelligence, a leading connectivity market intelligence and consulting firm, has found that smart cities’ data usage will increase by over 140% between 2023 and 2027. The new report, Cellular IoT Connectivity Series: Smart Cities Opportunities & Forecasts, notes that smart cities have recently been put back onto governments’ agendas following ... The post Smart Cities Cellular Connectivity to Generate Over 143 Petabytes of Data in 2027 appeared first on IoT Business News.

  • How IoT Architects Can Tap into the Benefits of a Data Lakehouse
    by IoT.Business.News on 06/03/2023 at 12:50

    By Bal Heroor, CEO and Principal at Mactores. IoT technologies are continuing to transform how organizations monitor, automate, and control their business operations. What’s more, IoT is currently poised for further growth: The number of connected IoT devices is projected to exceed 29 billion by 2030 and global IoT spending is expected to surpass $1.1 ... The post How IoT Architects Can Tap into the Benefits of a Data Lakehouse appeared first on IoT Business News.

  • Actility Selects iBASIS and Sequans to Deploy LTE-M Solutions With eSIM and iSIM
    by IoT.Business.News on 03/03/2023 at 15:16

    iBASIS and Sequans have been selected by Actility to meet its delivery schedule for eSIM and iSIM iBASIS and Sequans now considered frontrunners in programmable cellular IoT solutions; integrated deployments expected to represent up to 82% of total eSIM-capable device shipments by 2030 The move to iSIM comes as a result of 3+ years of ... The post Actility Selects iBASIS and Sequans to Deploy LTE-M Solutions With eSIM and iSIM appeared first on IoT Business News.

  • Thales Reinforces Its eSIM Management Leadership With Google Cloud Certified and Energy Efficient Services
    by IoT.Business.News on 01/03/2023 at 16:23

    Hundreds of MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) already trust in Thales’ eSIM management expertise to support massive predicted increase in adoption and deployment of eSIM (embedded SIM)-enabled devices. To boost its offering and better address MNOs needs, Thales has set a unique Cloud’s approach, which relies on the energy efficient and GSMA certified Google Cloud, with ... The post Thales Reinforces Its eSIM Management Leadership With Google Cloud Certified and Energy Efficient Services appeared first on IoT Business News.

  • Renesas Unveils Quick-Connect Studio: Industry’s First-Ever Cloud-based System Development Tool to Dynamically Create IoT Software
    by IoT.Business.News on 01/03/2023 at 16:12

    Quick-Connect Studio Accelerates the Design Cycle by Enabling Customers to Build Rapid Prototypes and Develop Production-Level Software before Designing Hardware Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today introduced a groundbreaking new online, cloud-based IoT system design platform that enables users to graphically build hardware and software to quickly validate prototypes and ... The post Renesas Unveils Quick-Connect Studio: Industry’s First-Ever Cloud-based System Development Tool to Dynamically Create IoT Software appeared first on IoT Business News.

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  • Best Practices for Building the AI Development Platform in Government 
    by Allison Proffitt on 28/10/2021 at 23:20

    By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor  The AI stack defined by Carnegie Mellon University is fundamental to the approach being taken by the US Army for its AI development platform efforts, according to Isaac Faber, Chief Data Scientist at the US Army AI Integration Center, speaking at the AI World Government event held in-person and virtually

  • Advance Trustworthy AI and ML, and Identify Best Practices for Scaling AI 
    by Allison Proffitt on 28/10/2021 at 23:19

    By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor   Advancing trustworthy AI and machine learning to mitigate agency risk is a priority for the US Department of Energy (DOE), and identifying best practices for implementing AI at scale is a priority for the US General Services Administration (GSA).   That’s what attendees learned in two sessions at the AI

  • Promise and Perils of Using AI for Hiring: Guard Against Data Bias 
    by Allison Proffitt on 28/10/2021 at 23:18

    By AI Trends Staff   While AI in hiring is now widely used for writing job descriptions, screening candidates, and automating interviews, it poses a risk of wide discrimination if not implemented carefully.  That was the message from Keith Sonderling, Commissioner with the US Equal Opportunity Commision, speaking at the AI World Government event held live and virtually in

  • Predictive Maintenance Proving Out as Successful AI Use Case 
    by Allison Proffitt on 28/10/2021 at 22:10

    By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor   More companies are successfully exploiting predictive maintenance systems that combine AI and IoT sensors to collect data that anticipates breakdowns and recommends preventive action before break or machines fail, in a demonstration of an AI use case with proven value.   This growth is reflected in optimistic market forecasts.

  • Novelty In The Game Of Go Provides Bright Insights For AI And Autonomous Vehicles 
    by Allison Proffitt on 28/10/2021 at 21:49

    By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider   We already expect that humans to exhibit flashes of brilliance. It might not happen all the time, but the act itself is welcomed and not altogether disturbing when it occurs.    What about when Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to display an act of novelty? Any such instance is bound to get our attention;

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  • Artificial Intelligence from a psychologist's point of view
    on 01/03/2023 at 15:15

    Researchers test cognitive abilities of the language model GPT-3.

  • Will future computers run on human brain cells?
    on 28/02/2023 at 12:57

    A 'biocomputer' powered by human brain cells could be developed within our lifetime, according to researchers who expect such technology to exponentially expand the capabilities of modern computing and create novel fields of study.

  • Tiny new climbing robot was inspired by geckos and inchworms
    on 27/02/2023 at 18:27

    A tiny robot that could one day help doctors perform surgery was inspired by the incredible gripping ability of geckos and the efficient locomotion of inchworms.

  • Real or fake text? We can learn to spot the difference
    on 27/02/2023 at 18:26

    While apprehensions about employment and schools dominate headlines, the truth is that the effects of large-scale language models such as ChatGPT will touch virtually every corner of our lives. These new tools raise society-wide concerns about artificial intelligence's role in reinforcing social biases, committing fraud and identity theft, generating fake news, spreading misinformation and more. A team of researchers is seeking to empower tech users to mitigate these risks. The authors demonstrate that people can learn to spot the difference between machine-generated and human-written text.

  • Robot helps students with learning disabilities stay focused
    on 21/02/2023 at 16:31

    Engineering researchers are successfully using a robot to help keep children with learning disabilities focused on their work.

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  • Building a Convolutional Neural Network in PyTorch
    by Adrian Tam on 05/03/2023 at 13:06

    Neural networks are built with layers connected to each other. There are many different kind of layers. For image related applications, you can always find convolutional layers. It is a layer with very few parameters but applied over a large sized input. It is powerful because it can preserve the spatial structure of the image. The post Building a Convolutional Neural Network in PyTorch appeared first on

  • Visualizing a PyTorch Model
    by Adrian Tam on 02/03/2023 at 13:25

    PyTorch is a deep learning library. You can build very sophisticated deep learning models with PyTorch. However, there are times you want to have a graphical representation of your model architecture. In this post, you will learn: How to save your PyTorch model in an exchange format How to use Netron to create a graphical The post Visualizing a PyTorch Model appeared first on

  • Managing a PyTorch Training Process with Checkpoints and Early Stopping
    by Adrian Tam on 28/02/2023 at 20:13

    A large deep learning model can take a long time to train. You lose a lot of work if the training process interrupted in the middle. But sometimes, you actually want to interrupt the training process in the middle because you know going any further would not give you a better model. In this post, The post Managing a PyTorch Training Process with Checkpoints and Early Stopping appeared first on

  • Understand Model Behavior During Training by Visualizing Metrics
    by Adrian Tam on 26/02/2023 at 13:19

    You can learn a lot about neural networks and deep learning models by observing their performance over time during training. For example, if you see the training accuracy went worse with training epochs, you know you have issue with the optimization. Probably your learning rate is too fast. In this post, you will discover how The post Understand Model Behavior During Training by Visualizing Metrics appeared first on

  • Training a PyTorch Model with DataLoader and Dataset
    by Adrian Tam on 23/02/2023 at 13:46

    When you build and train a PyTorch deep learning model, you can provide the training data in several different ways. Ultimately, a PyTorch model works like a function that takes a PyTorch tensor and returns you another tensor. You have a lot of freedom in how to get the input tensors. Probably the easiest is The post Training a PyTorch Model with DataLoader and Dataset appeared first on

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  • Early Access: This A.I. bot will write your emails for free
    by Matt Schlicht on 27/06/2022 at 17:58

    Super simple. Works REALLY well.Hi everyone!I recently built an A.I. side project that writes your emails and more for free and in seconds (and it is REALLY good at it). I originally made this for myself, but once I started showing it to people it was clear that I should release it for everyone to use.So here we are!It’s called Octie, and you can sign up for free here: https://octie.aiOver 1,000 brands have already signed up for Octie, some that are small, and many that I bet you saw in a grocery store, or on TV, within the past 24 hours. They have used Octie to write thousands of emails, product descriptions, and more, and these have already been emailed and distributed to millions of people.All of this has happened within the past 7 days, it’s been very wild to watch.I hope you get as much value from Octie as I have been.Thanks,Matt Schlicht (MattPRD)Early Access: This A.I. bot will write your emails for free was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Brand Strategies for Conversational Interfaces
    by Arte Merritt on 12/12/2019 at 22:27

    At Dashbot, we recently hosted a meetup in NYC to discuss brand strategies in conversational interfaces. As the space continues to mature, more brands are getting involved and moving from experimental to production deployments. We assembled a great group of industry experts to share their thoughts and tips for brands looking to build a chatbot or voice skill.Our panelists included:Alec Truitt, Global Product Partnerships, Google AssistantAnamita Guha, Global Lead of Product Management, IBM QAntonio Cucciniello, Senior Software Developer, Reprise DigitalBrian Plaskon, Senior Product Manager, Realogy HoldingsWhat use cases are brands developing for?Our panelists see a wide variety of use cases from customer service, productivity tools, and information sharing to entertainment and marketing initiatives.At IBM, they work with everyone from individual developers to Fortune 20 enterprises. The most common use case, though, is customer care. Large enterprises go to IBM given their ability to handle sensitive data across industry and geographic regulations.Google works with a similar range of users and enterprises. The use cases for Google Assistant Actions depend on the context — in the home (recipes, home automation), mobile (games, local search), or in the car on the go (communication, messaging).Reprise Digital, a global marketing agency, tends to work with brands looking to experiment on a new platform, market their products, or provide information and FAQs. Given voice is a new platform, there are some set of brands that want to be first on it. We also see this frequently with innovation teams experimenting in voice. On the text chatbot side, Reprise generally sees brands looking to promote their products or answer FAQs.Realogy, the real estate holding company for Century21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, and more, developed its own voice skill, AgentX. Agent X is a productivity skill that enables real estate agents to quickly get information, including their appointments, market research, and listing information — all without the need to open their laptop.Tips from the experts — what works well for conversational interfaces?Context is keyA common theme throughout the evening was the importance of context. Where is the user? What are they currently doing? What are they looking for or to do? What are the capabilities of the device?In addition to the three contexts Alec pointed out earlier (in the home, mobile, and in the car), he recommended also considering when will the user interacts with the chatbot and how the user expects to interact with it. If the user is in the car, they cannot use their hands. If they are at home getting a recipe, having something visual can help. If the user wants to play a game, but is on a device without a screen, perhaps a quiz is better.Whether the interface is voice enabled or text only is important. As Anamita points out, users talk differently than they type.Trust can also be an important factor. As IBM works with many global enterprises handling sensitive data, one of the areas Anamita sees is that a user may be more likely to trust interacting on a computer, where identity can be more easily verified, rather than via voice.Leverage the conversational nature of interfacesConversational interfaces are quite a bit different from websites and mobile apps — what works well in those may not work well in a chatbot or voice skill.At Reprise, Antonio sometimes sees brands who want to port what they currently have on their website or mobile app to a chatbot or voice interface. Whereas the website is all about navigating from one link to the other to vertically drill into what the user is looking for, with conversation, a user should be able to say, or write, what they want and directly get to the information.Similarly with Realogy, agents are looking for information that is stored in a variety of locations and want to be able to retrieve it quickly and easily. A powerful example of Agent X is when a listing agent is in a presentation with a seller and wants to know the average time on the market or average listing price for a property, they can quickly get the info, without the need to open a laptop and start searching.As Alec adds, there is a low tolerance amongst users of voice skills. If the skill is not useful, or they do not see the value right away, they will jump to something else. If they see a great use case, they will invest the extra time. It is important not to replicate what you already have on your website or app, but to consider what will add value to the user and what is faster to use.Keep it simple, provide guidanceAnother common theme amongst our panels was to start simple.As Alec pointed out, with voice, it is especially important to keep interactions simple rather than complex back and forths. For example, placing an order for food delivery from scratch can be rather complex. However, re-ordering a previous delivery is much easier, and better suited to voice. We see the same thing with the food delivery clients we work with. We also learned from our voice survey, that approximately 53% of purchases through voice interfaces is for food delivery.In general, the process Alec sees developers follow with Google Actions is to first build the foundation and make sure the Action works, next layer in visuals and make it more interactive, and finally delight the user so they come back and re-engage.Simplicity was also a key goal for Realogy. One of the most popular use cases is just looking up real estate listings. They plan to build new capabilities where it makes sense. They are not just doing voice for voice sake.To get started, Brian recommends going through the design exercise at and to read “ Understand how users invoke custom skills “ to add variety into the interaction model.In addition to starting simple, it is important to let the user know what the chatbot or voice skill can do. While Alec suggested the initial interaction can intro what the chatbot can do, it should not do that every time. If the user comes back, allow the user to take the next steps. Anamita recommends including a “fallback” Intent to catch cases the chatbot does not handle. If the fallback is triggered, the chatbot could respond, “sorry I cannot do X, but I can do these six things.”Personality can be importantDepending on the use case of the chatbot or voice skill, personality can be an important factor.IBM has an “empathy suite” including a tone analyzer and personality insights. When implemented in a customer care chatbot, if a user says they are having a horrible day, the chatbot can understand that and provide a different experience.As users become more comfortable interacting with chatbots and voice, providing a personality can be quite useful. As Anamita explained, initially chatbots were built for efficiency or to automate a task, but now people are creating relationships with them. Children are growing up with bots that have been anthropomorphized, like the Pepper Robot.Whether to enable empathy or a personality in a chatbot comes back to context. Anamita sees teaching and therapy use cases as more suited for empathy versus something more transactional. As Brian added, real estate agents range from “Type A” to “Type A,” so they keep personality and cuteness to a minimum. Right now the goal is to be as helpful and productive as possible, but there is room for personality in the future.At Reprise, copywriters try to come up with a voice for the brand — a name and description of the persona and how they would talk. They use this in all the copy as it is important for the voice of the brand to be the same across the entire experience, whether that is on the Internet or voice device.In regards to using voice actors on Alexa or Google Home, the panel in general thought they could be beneficial depending on the use case. For example, Antonio pointed out that if a user were interacting with a Jimmy Fallon skill, they would probably be more engaged if it was his voice rather than the default device’s voice.User acquisition and discovery are challengesOur panelists generally agree that user acquisition and discovery are challenges.Education is one of the underlying issues. Some users do not even know third party voice apps exist. As we noted in our earlier voice survey, one of the issues is users tend not to know what voice apps are even called.Similarly, while Antonio finds users tend to not understand how to invoke the voice apps, improving the invocation can lead to increased acquisition. Associating the invocation name with the brand or something popular can help.Making use of the “can fulfill” Intents on Alexa or Google Home can lead to increase acquisition too. If a user asks for something that matches a “can fulfill” Intent, the skill may be presented as a possible option to the user.Discovery can depend on the use case. Anamita finds word-of-mouth tends to work when users are searching for chatbots for need or pleasure. If the use case is more transactional, the enterprise could suggest to the user to try the chatbot instead.Even internal promotion within a company can be a challenge. At Realogy, there are a lot of competing internal marketing initiatives. What worked for Brian was to incentivize folks with device giveaways. He recommends channeling your internal game show host — “there’s a little Steve Harvey in all of us.”Alec’s team at Google is working on solutions to improve user acquisition and discovery. They are not only looking to help with generating initial acquisition, but with retention as well to keep users coming back. One of the challenges is users sometimes do not remember how they found a particular voice app and then how to get back to it.Analytics are essentialOur panelists all agreed analytics are important. As Alec pointed out, you need great analytics to identify what is driving usage and how to improve it.Realogy uses Dashbot to gain insights into how agents are interacting with Agent X. They wanted to know if agents would know how to interact with the skill and which features were used more than others. Dashbot helped answer those questions. They also found there is a voracious appetite for new capabilities.Through Dashbot, Reprise has also been able to improve engagement. They learned for one of their client’s Google Actions, that most of the Intents were not being used. It turned out the issue was with all the overly complicated Intents. Based on the analytics, they launched a new version that was much more simplified.In addition to analytics, Anamita recommends adding a feedback loop directly in the experience. Most of IBM’s internal chatbots include a thumbs up/down prompt asking the user if the chatbot answered the question right or provided the info they needed. At Dashbot, we are able to show these customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and the paths leading to them, to help enable improvements in the response effectiveness.What’s nextWe asked our panel if they had any thoughts on the future of the space. There was a great sense of optimism and excitement for the future.Anamita predicts digital humans becoming more of a reality — having interfaces with human facial reactions.Brian is looking forward to a generational leap in the device capabilities — what he likens to going from one game console to the next.Antonio sees users becoming more comfortable with having voice devices in their homes as well as areas for improvement for the space to take off even more. The three main areas are education (knowing how to use the device), discovery (how to find what is needed), and user experience (providing value to users). User experience is the most important to get people to adopt the devices.Alec envisions a blending of voice apps and chatbots to provide the best experience depending on the context, rather than separate experiences. Voice can be the bridge to jump from the starting point to the finish.At Dashbot, we are very excited about the future of conversational interfaces. We look forward to seeing what enterprise brands continue to develop.Watch the full panel DashbotDashbot is a conversational analytics platform that enables enterprises and developers to increase user engagement, acquisition, and conversions through actionable insights and tools.In addition to traditional analytics like engagement and retention, we provide conversation specific metrics including NLP response effectiveness, sentiment analysis, conversational analytics, and the full chat session transcripts.We also have tools to take action on the data, like our live person take over of chat sessions and push notifications for re-engagement.We support Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Kik, SMS, web chat, and any other conversational interface.Brand Strategies for Conversational Interfaces was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • How To Get Your Team Ready for AI Integration
    by Oscar Ibars on 12/12/2019 at 22:11

    Robot ordering a human outAI integration programs such as chatbots can sometimes make our employees a little nervous. While any type of change can be scary, especially when it comes to one’s livelihood, the most prevalent concern about AI initiatives is job security.Is a robot going to take my job?The simple answer to this is no. AI solutions like chatbots have incredible potential to alleviate simple or routine tasks from employee’s shoulders, but they will not replace skilled human efforts. In fact, we’ve found that bots open new doors to even greater possibilities.EducateThe first step to getting your employees ready for AI integration is to educate them about what this step means for their jobs and the organization. There’s certainly a lot to learn in this department, but we should do our best to break it down into manageable, understandable pieces.Show your employees how chatbots will help them to do their jobs. Give them examples of the tasks that bots will start to cover, and then introduce them to the new, more interesting work ahead. They will soon be able to solely focus their attention on complex, meaningful work.Simply put, educate them about how bots take care of the most unpleasant parts of their jobs and promise to upgrade their average workday. This goes a long way towards alleviating these tech anxieties.EnableProblem-solving still belongs to humans. Enable your employees to embrace this simple fact.Your employees will see new opportunities in their career paths as they take on more responsibilities for high-level tasks like business strategy and critical thinking. They will figure out how to properly handle escalation issues, and they will form the backbone upon which the organization depends.We also want to enable them to learn as much as they want about AI solutions like chatbots. We recommend earnest and passionate engagement with the change initiative at all business levels. For instance, we may introduce weekly breakout sessions or host part of a regular team meeting to share successes and discuss improvements. The point is that we’ll share in the overall change effort as a team.EmpowerOnce you’ve bought into an AI solution and trained your employees on how to use it, one step remains. Empower your employees to use their brains and find creative uses for the bots.Ultimately, employees are responsible for a successful bot integration program. They are any company’s most valuable asset. So, we should recognize them as such and treat them accordingly.Give them space to experiment with this technology. Provide a forum for them to give feedback and submit recommendations. Empower them to take the lead in driving your organization into the future. One way to do so is by restructuring company policies and reward structure to weigh in on the change initiative. By tying the reward structure in with embracing the change, we can facilitate this change by revisiting and updating any dated company policies in the change’s wake.Final ThoughtsThe first step towards preparing your company for chatbots is getting your people on board. They need to understand that AI isn’t going to replace them. They should feel valued, and they ought to understand their critical role in the business strategy. This is the part where we should pacify the small but sometimes powerful “detractor voices,” the naysayers, to help pave the way for embracing the change.After that, though, there’s still more work to be done. Enable your workers to take charge of the AI initiative. Empower them to bring their humanity to the forefront. They have powers that computers simply don’t.Emphasize these exceptional qualities to show them how man and machine can work together in harmony, augmenting our capabilities and business outcomes.Check out our other articles on leading change in AI1. How to Integrate Bots into Your Workforce2. Get to Know the 3 Levels of Chatbot Sophistication3. Chatbots: Your New Customer Service Superhero or Just a Sidekick?If you enjoyed this article, show your support by giving it a few claps 👏👏 and don’t forget to follow me ➕ if you liked my content!This article was written with the assistance of, the premiere AI assistant tool for writers to feel empowered and enabled to produce original, quality content at scale.How To Get Your Team Ready for AI Integration was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Overcoming the Patient Healthcare Challenges with AI Chatbots
    by Gautam Raturi on 12/12/2019 at 22:11

    AI Chatbots in Healthcare: Transform Patient’s Engagement with Healthcare ProvidersImage source: @totalshape.comChatbots are replacing phone call-based customer service in various sectors. In the healthcare industry is opting Chatbots to help patients in resolving their concerns faster than traditional methods. In the healthcare sector, the patient’s experience remains at the top priority. These days the patient-driven healthcare environment is helping the patient to make better decisions.To remain spontaneous, it is the time for the healthcare services to embrace consumer readiness for digital communication via AI chatbot. This can help to deepen patient engagement that leads to better health outcomes. With AI Chatbots healthcare systems can accelerate the leap to add values for patient healthcare. Healthcare Chatbots industry is booming at a CAGR of 20.5% to Estimated $542.3 million Growth By 2026.Chatbots in healthcare can offer the best health care service. Smart Chatbots can help a patient to schedule a follow-up instantaneously. It offers distinctive automated conversational interactions with quality experience of care. A chatbot is a way ahead to improve 24/7 customer service and assist patients with processing every service request faster than ever before.Challenges in healthcareHealthcare is all about offering the services to the patient without any delay or any compromise. Healthcare service providers can implement the Chatbot services from scheduling an appointment to paying bills.Chatbots make it simple for patients to connect anytime. It is the best way to ultimately deliver quality healthcare that surpasses patient expectations. These days app development services are addressing concerns in healthcare while overcoming the tedious challenges.Payment ProcessingIn healthcare collecting payment is more challenging. These days’ patients are becoming responsible for a larger portion of their medical bills. If you want to increase the speed and amount of your collections, you should integrate chatbot for dealing with your patients.Patient ExperienceIn recent years the landscape of healthcare services has experienced some significant changes. The patient experience is more demand for a better service provider. Healthcare service provider faces tougher competition in attracting and retaining patients. Chatbot services help to match the level of the patient experience.Effective payment modelIn healthcare payers and patients always demand a new payment model for better services. Chatbots can be helpful to reduce cost and increase service quality. AI chatbot can encourage healthcare providers to coordinate services and promote preventive care to patients.Functioning huge dataIn healthcare data is being generated in huge amount. It is very challenging to harness the power of data and generate accurate insights into the patient. In this case, Chatbots can use to optimize the patient experience.Some use Cases for Chatbots in Healthcare SectorChatbots continue to gain grip in the healthcare sector to redefine healthcare industry. Here is a look at those use cases in healthcare.1. Customer ServiceChatbot helps the users to navigate the site or troubleshoot a minor problem. Chatbots can be helpful for users to schedule appointments, issue reminders, or refilling prescription medications.2. Patient EngagementChatbots can keep constant contact between patients and healthcare service providers. Chatbots are designed to offer accurate suggestions related to the patients’ interest. The chatbot assists the healthcare service provider to answer the question for further patient’s engagement.3. Voice assistantsChatbots can also provide voice assistance to patients for better guidance and outcomes. Chatbots having spoken conversations with patients offer the best way to tackle any size of patient’s problems. The voice technology integrated with the chatbot is an innovative way to connect the patient or the concerned person.4. Keep patient updateA chatbot can help patients prepare for any size of surgery or operation beforehand. After a patient makes an appointment, a chatbot gets in touch via text message or email to the patient. With the concern expert details, it will deliver educational materials related to the surgery. This is a new way to address any patient. This will keep the patient and family to remain updated till the last moment.Final thoughtsWith best chatbot service provider your patient will not look elsewhere for a better option. A chatbot is the best option to eliminate human bias from interactions. With natural language processing, the Chatbots can increase the number of valid responses through the conversation.With time the healthcare industry continues to embrace Chatbots to improve the health-related services. AI Chatbots are the best way to drive the consumer-centric patient expectations to deliver quick customer services. Chatbot development services are on a hike these in the healthcare sector focusing the patient services. The Chatbot services offered can be asked for medical advice, carry out administrative tasks, or consulting experts directly.Overcoming the Patient Healthcare Challenges with AI Chatbots was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • How Chatbots can be a Game Changer for Educational Mobile Apps?
    by eSparkBiz on 12/12/2019 at 22:10

    The educational sector has undergone massive changes post the proliferation of internet services in learning.It will not be an exaggeration to say that they have completely changed the way students of all ages study, and the overall landscape of education has evolved for good.With Education App Development Companies coming in, there are a host of online educational mobile apps for readers of every age. Schools also recommend online educational mobile app these days to reinforce and supplement in-class sessions.Research suggests that the size of educational mobile apps is going to rise by CAGR of more than 27% by 2022, which marks it as one of the fastest-growing segments in mobile apps.Home-grown apps like StuDocu and Byju have also witnessed exemplary growth in the last five years and is turning out to be the primary source of learning outside classes for all kinds of courses.Some Factors That Govern the Impact of a Session, Online, as Well as In-Class, Are:1. 360-degree view of the overall subject — Teachers who leave open ends while teaching often leaves students confused.When a person learns, they develop a mind-map of the concept. When the mind map is incomplete, learning is fraught with confusion.2. Manner of Teaching — Some teachers have a habit of giving interesting examples to teach. Some others make learning extraordinarily interactive and fun.3. Engagement — When students engage themselves during the session, they tend to learn better.4. Feedback — A student remembers positive as well as negative feedback. Research suggests that feedbacks help reinforce a person’s mind-map. Examinations are the traditional feedback mechanism; in the case of app- based learning, they are online assessments.The solutions that are currently available in the market rely on coded content, embedded videos, and paid manual support to enhance the teaching experience.This is a gap that is still unaddressed and also a massive opportunity for improvement and innovation in the sector.Quality of content in training may be excellent, but it can never replace that component of personal approval that a learner seeks to reinforce their mind-map.Online mobile education is just a supplement and not a replacement to in-person education due to these very reasons in the present scenario.Chatbots are an artificial intelligence-based solution that relies on natural language processing and native language generation to address certain aspects that existing mobile apps are missing, for e.g., Instagram bot.Chatbots act as an online representative that may answer some of your questions.The best success story about chatbots in present times is their usage by financial organizations to address specific client requests without having to call or visit a branch.The chatbots are also widely used in scenarios that have intensive use cases developed traditionally. The reason is that they rely heavily on historical data and the flow of conversation.An advanced version of a chatbot is Amelia that has received a lot of acceptance across domains.Chatbot uses the Robotic Process Automation methodology in tandem with natural language processing to provide better customer experience while also gathering useful insights for the provider.Now, coming back to the education sector where a real-life human teacher imparts its learnings to pupils through innovative methods and further reinforces it by asking and answering questions, a chatbot might work like magic.To Base This Claim, Let Us Compare the Gaps in Educational Apps and Chatbot Offerings1. 360-Degree View: A trainer uploads a video of an exhaustive lecture to explain a concept. The difference comes when a student is faced with a doubt that they cannot ask anyone online.The chatbot window pops up and asks — what can I do for you today? The AI-based tool has already recorded the current context to answer the question.This tool has trained on this particular topic through training datasets having a size of several terabytes and has most likely developed a good understanding.If not able to answer, it says — “I am sorry, but you may have to reach out to an expert on this.” Voila! That is how we upsell.2. Teaching Method — During the course, the chatbot seeks student feedback. The student shares feedback, and the chatbot utilizes its intelligent system to suggest — Would you like to refer courses from another faculty? Would you like to change the language mode?The student can have a better learning experience than it would have had earlier. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, chatbot connects him to a manual expert again.3. Engagement — The student is faced with doubt in the middle of the training. He types the same in the chatbot that is present to the right side of the training window.The chatbot utilizes its expansive knowledge in this context to answer and also suggests additional training to further brush up on the concepts.The student can clarify small doubt without having to google into more pages — a straight cut method to retain student attention and reinforce learning with zero confusions.4. Feedback — At the end of the course, the student is asked to give a small test to check his understanding. Unlike a traditional MCQ window, the questionnaire is administered by the chatbot.When a student provides the wrong answer, it explains the reason why this answer is wrong and the best way to approach such questions for future references.Once the training ends, it gives a final score and uses its intelligent model to suggest more courses to strengthen the student’s learning.Using chatbot enables the consumer to have a better experience and also allows the provider to receive better feedback on their courses.Chatbots can also be offered to students to connect with them on a personal level and counsel them on things that are bothering them or making individual decisions.Benefits That a Chatbot Can Offer in Educational Mobile AppsAnswering questions that a child may not be able to ask in a classroom setting due to peer pressure and fear of mocking by teachers and friends.Slow learners can attend the same training multiple times and keep brushing up on doubts and confusion to get at par with others.Fast learners can seek chatbot recommendations to understand what courses they may take next instead of waiting for it in classrooms. They can also ask questions such as the topics that can enable them to grow in a specific area of interest or training module to answer particular questions.Students at the tender age can rely on the chatbot to seek answers that may not have been addressed by their parents or teachers.Students who have a habit of asking too many questions can happily tinker with the chatbot to satisfy those inquisitive pangs now and then.Customization of chatbot will enhance the comfort level and engagement of the student at every age.A chatbot can turn to be a personal counselor to children at a crucial stage that may decide how they may develop their careers.A chatbot can be a personal assistant that helps the child plan their courses to complete all topics before the d-day.A chatbot can seek student feedback through the click of a button for improvements. It can also be used to design the student profile to guide them in the best way possible.Things You Need to Take Care for Ensuring That Chatbots Can Add Value to the Existing OfferingsTraining and language model should be robust and exhaustive. A poorly trained system is even worse for a student than no chat support. Reason being that it may confuse children or portray the entire app solution as flawed and inefficient.The chatbot should not slow down the overall system. Integrating a chatbot into the existing system should be seamless, so it does not lead to other performance issues in the system.Security is a concern that has to be taken care of at all times. Chatbots should be galvanized against misuse by hackers since they are directly deriving information from the core database to learn from every experience. The chatbot should be able to identify a malicious user and notify the security team.ConclusionEducational Mobile apps have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of value addition and contribution.Many remote villages across India rely on online education to learn. The introduction of chatbot needs to be such that it percolates to every level of users.With time and increased penetration, businesses are bound to uncover further innovative ways to enhance the educational experience and make a social difference that they are capable of.***********************************************Author Bio:-Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies, a Mobile App Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT & BlockchainHow Chatbots can be a Game Changer for Educational Mobile Apps? was originally published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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  • #363 – B-Team Jiu Jitsu: Craig Jones, Nicky Rod, and Nicky Ryan
    by Lex Fridman on 06/03/2023 at 18:33

    Craig Jones, Nicky Rod and Nicky Ryan, together with Ethan Crelinsten are founders of the B-Team, a legendary jiu jitsu team based in Austin, TX. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Eight Sleep: to get special savings - Athletic Greens: to get 1 month of fish oil - BetterHelp: to get 10% off EPISODE LINKS: B-Team's Instagram: B-Team's YouTube: B-Team's Website: Craig Jones's Instagram: Nicky Rod's Instagram: Nicky Ryan's Instagram: Craig Jones's Instructionals: Nicky Rod's Instructionals: Nicky Ryan's Instructionals: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: SUPPORT & CONNECT: - Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast - Support on Patreon: - Twitter: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: - Medium: OUTLINE: Here's the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Introduction (06:21) - B-Team (11:57) - Winning and losing (19:43) - Danaher Death Squad (DDS) (37:13) - Nicky Rod vs Gordon Ryan (53:47) - Steroids (1:08:31) - White belts (1:16:40) - Alexander Volkanovski vs Islam Makhachev (1:36:15) - Greatest MMA fighter of all time (1:38:43) - Dagestani fighters (1:40:00) - Conor McGregor (1:42:39) - Strength training and injuries (1:55:03) - Pre-match ritual (2:01:34) - Toughest match (2:05:25) - Positional training (2:11:59) - Perfect training week (2:14:49) - Overtraining (2:17:08) - Advice for beginners (2:25:17) - Takedowns and submissions (2:30:55) - Ego (2:35:24) - Lion vs bear (2:40:15) - Street fights (2:42:17) - Money and friendship

  • #362 – Ginni Rometty: IBM CEO on Leadership, Power, and Adversity
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    Ginni Rometty is a former long-time CEO, president, and chairman of IBM. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Athletic Greens: to get 1 month of fish oil - ExpressVPN: to get 3 months free - InsideTracker: to get 20% off EPISODE LINKS: Ginni's book: Ginni's Twitter: Ginni's One Ten Website: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: SUPPORT & CONNECT: - Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast - Support on Patreon: - Twitter: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: - Medium: OUTLINE: Here's the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Introduction (05:22) - IBM (15:02) - Hiring (20:19) - Leadership (27:02) - Hard work (32:43) - Adversity (39:41) - Power (53:07) - Sacrifice (58:13) - Taking over as CEO (1:16:27) - Negotiating (1:21:34) - Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov (1:26:52) - IBM Watson (1:46:45) - Work-life balance (1:53:49) - Advice for young people

  • #361 – Aaron Smith-Levin: Scientology
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    Aaron Smith-Levin is a former Scientologist, Vice President of the Aftermath Foundation, and host of the Growing Up In Scientology YouTube channel. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Green Chef: and use code lex60 to get 60% off plus free shipping - InsideTracker: to get 20% off - Athletic Greens: to get 1 month of fish oil EPISODE LINKS: Aaron's YouTube: Aaron's Twitter: The Aftermath Foundation: SP Shop: Books mentioned: 1. A Billion Years: 2. Blown for Good: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: SUPPORT & CONNECT: - Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast - Support on Patreon: - Twitter: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: - Medium: OUTLINE: Here's the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Introduction (06:00) - Thetans (09:59) - Dianetics (22:02) - God (32:38) - Sea Org (36:48) - Auditing (57:01) - Control (1:07:25) - David Miscavige (1:16:32) - Xenu (1:32:26) - Secrecy (1:38:29) - Mike Rinder (1:45:36) - Separation of families (1:52:30) - Tom Cruise (1:56:23) - Sin (2:01:19) - Corruption

  • #360 – Tim Urban: Tribalism, Marxism, Liberalism, Social Justice, and Politics
    by Lex Fridman on 20/02/2023 at 20:18

    Tim Urban is the author of the blog Wait But Why and a new book What's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - House of Macadamias: and use code LEX to get 20% off your first order - Indeed: to get $75 credit - Athletic Greens: to get 1 month of fish oil EPISODE LINKS: Tim's new book: Tim's Twitter: Tim's Website: Tim's Instagram: Tim's TED talk: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: SUPPORT & CONNECT: - Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast - Support on Patreon: - Twitter: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: - Medium: OUTLINE: Here's the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Introduction (05:48) - Human history (21:47) - Greatest people in history (29:35) - Social media (36:17) - Good times and bad times (47:48) - Wisdom vs stupidity (49:55) - Utopia (1:04:05) - Conspiracy theories (1:17:16) - Arguing on the Internet (1:37:16) - Political division (1:47:10) - Power games (1:55:09) - Donald Trump and Republican Party (2:12:17) - Social justice (2:34:59) - Censorship gap (2:42:30) - Free speech (2:46:33) - Thinking and universities (2:54:56) - Liv Boeree joins conversation (3:07:15) - Hopes for the future

  • #359 – Andrew Strominger: Black Holes, Quantum Gravity, and Theoretical Physics
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    Andrew Strominger is a theoretical physicist at Harvard. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Eight Sleep: to get special savings - Rocket Money: - Indeed: to get $75 credit - ExpressVPN: to get 3 months free EPISODE LINKS: Andrew's website: Andrew's papers: Soft Hair on Black Holes: Photon Rings Around Warped Black Holes: PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips: SUPPORT & CONNECT: - Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast - Support on Patreon: - Twitter: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: - Medium: OUTLINE: Here's the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Introduction (06:34) - Black holes (11:37) - Albert Einstein (31:05) - Quantum gravity (35:17) - String theory (46:05) - Holographic principle (54:02) - De Sitter space (59:14) - Speed of light (1:06:02) - Black hole information paradox (1:13:41) - Soft particles (1:22:48) - Physics vs mathematics (1:31:58) - Theory of everything (1:47:20) - Time (1:49:45) - Photon rings (2:05:26) - Thought experiments (2:13:47) - Aliens (2:19:25) - Nuclear weapons

  • What Is NVLink?
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  • Glean Founders Talk AI-Powered Enterprise Search
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    The quest for knowledge at work can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if the haystack itself could reveal where the needle is? That’s the promise of large language models, or LLMs, the subject of this week’s episode of the NVIDIA AI Podcast featuring Deedy Das and Eddie Zhou, founding Read article >

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  • Application of Graph Theory in 2023
    by Great Learning on 17/01/2023 at 10:59

    Introduction The era of graph theory began with Euler in the year 1735 to solve the well-known problem of the Königsberg Bridge.  In the modern age, graph theory is an integral component of computer science, artificial engineering, machine learning, deep learning, data science, and social networks.  Modern Applications of Graph Theory discusses many cutting-edge applications … Application of Graph Theory in 2023 Read More » The post Application of Graph Theory in 2023 appeared first on Great Learning Blog: Free Resources what Matters to shape your Career!.

  • What is Artificial Intelligence in 2023? Types, Trends, and Future of it?
    by Great Learning Team on 17/01/2023 at 09:38

    What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is defined as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. AI is also defined as, A layman with a fleeting understanding of technology would link it to robots. They’d say Artificial Intelligence is a terminator like-figure that can act … What is Artificial Intelligence in 2023? Types, Trends, and Future of it? Read More » The post What is Artificial Intelligence in 2023? Types, Trends, and Future of it? appeared first on Great Learning Blog: Free Resources what Matters to shape your Career!.

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  • The Evolution Of Science: From Descartes To Generative AI
    by Robert Hacker on 02/03/2023 at 13:45

    Machine learning became the best tool in history for mathematical manipulation through the use of algorithms for pattern recognition. The post The Evolution Of Science: From Descartes To Generative AI appeared first on TOPBOTS.

  • Using GAMs To Project Progression Of Diabetes
    by Ajay Thampi on 24/02/2023 at 14:07

    Imagine that you’re developing an AI-powered app that will help you diagnose illnesses: Diagnostics+. The clinic that has commissioned you to make the app would now like to venture into diabetes and determine the progression of the disease for their patients one year after the baseline measurement is taken. The post Using GAMs To Project Progression Of Diabetes appeared first on TOPBOTS.

  • Part 3. AI — A New Approach to Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    by Robert Hacker on 01/02/2023 at 18:22

    Here I discuss how we need to re-examine creativity so that humans continue to add value in the face of the advances in generative AI. The post Part 3. AI — A New Approach to Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship appeared first on TOPBOTS.

  • Overcoming The Limitations Of Large Language Models
    by Janna Lipenkova on 30/01/2023 at 17:07

    Overview of approaches to complement the intelligence of large language models and to enhance LLMs with human-like cognitive skills. The post Overcoming The Limitations Of Large Language Models appeared first on TOPBOTS.

  • Part 2. Generative AI: It Could Redefine “The Theory of Knowledge”
    by Robert Hacker on 11/01/2023 at 22:59

    “The contemplation in natural science of a wider domain than the actual leads to a far better understanding of the actual.” — Sir Arthur Eddington The post Part 2. Generative AI: It Could Redefine “The Theory of Knowledge” appeared first on TOPBOTS.

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