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Are Smart Islands the next step to EU sustainability success?

Running an island is hard work. Sure, some like Ibiza thrive as vacation destinations and profit from tourism, but due to their insularity, many are heavily dependent on energy—especially fossil fuels. Islands are also faced with the challenge of maintaining (or creating) a sustainable local environment and ecosystem while still managing issues such as high transportation costs and pollution. With about 11 percent of the world’s population living on islands, this becomes an issue not just for tourism, but also for the actual residents.


Smart cities 2018: building on strong foundations for Europe

Each year heralds in a new wave of predictions when it comes to the trends and technology that will be sweeping over smart cities—and developing new ones. In 2017, European cities saw the rise of smart city solutions like electric vehicles, smart parking and street lighting, and free (and fast) Internet. 5G, for example, was a hot topic at tech conferences as companies partnered up with cities to get the networks in place for this high-speed service.


ABB collaborative robot YuMi celebrates conducting debut with Andrea Bocelli

YuMi, the dual-arm robot made by Swiss technology firm ABB, was a host conductor on Tuesday at the Teatro Verdi, in Pisa, Italy. The collaborative robot took the stage with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in front of 800 guest, where they performed “La Donna è Mobile,” the famous aria from Verdi’s “Rigoletto.”

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