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The IoT in 2017: What’s coming our way this year?

Without hyperbole you could say that 2016 has been one of the most eventful years in recent memory. While bigger events on the world stage command much of the media’s attention, there has been plenty of progress this year within the Internet of Things – and there’s more to come. Here, we round up some of the exciting things that could be coming our way in IoT technology and development in the next 12 months.


Getting it right the first time

With digital twins helping to ward off manufacturing defects, maybe product recalls will soon be a thing of the past?

15 September is a date Samsung employees are unlikely to forget anytime soon. It’s the day U.S. safety regulators formally announced a recall of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in response to an electrical fault that had caused several units to overheat and even catch fire during charging. At that time there were already over a million of the phones in circulation worldwide, making the recall action a hugely expensive exercise.


The augmented reality – just a game?

The augmented reality appeared to be relegated to the shadows until just a few months ago. But thanks to the Pokemon Go smartphone app, virtual reality is suddenly on everyone’s radar.

Catching little creatures using virtual balls may not seem like the best or most clever way to use this technology – but it certainly is profitable: Creator Nintendo earns some USD 200 with the app – every second!