EPFL Inaugurates Lithium-ion Titanate Storage System for Smart Grid Testing

A system for managing and storing energy, developed by EPFL’s Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory, has been inaugurated on the school’s campus. The system, which received extensive co-financing from the Canton of Vaud, is built around an industrial- capacity battery developed by Vaud-based company Leclanché. It is now connected to the Romande Energie-EPFL solar park and will be used to conduct real-world tests on the behavior of a power grid that is fed electricity from solar panels.


Azure ML Powers the Brain of the Modern Smart Grid

What could big data have to do with the reliable flow of electricity? As it turns out – a lot.
Electrical grids include power plants, transmission lines, and a network of substations that serve thousands of buildings and a lot of our public infrastructure. These are complex networks powered by data stored in building meters, customer information systems and in the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used to manage the grid. Although there’s a lot of data available, pulling the right information is a challenge as there are many disparate systems and applications involved which do not talk to each other. Getting trustworthy insights on all of this data is therefore difficult.


Ericsson, E.ON and ABB enter cross-industry collaboration to develop smart energy solutions

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), E.ON, ABB have signed a cooperation agreement in Sweden to develop innovative products and services to deliver smart energy solutions for a number of industries, to help businesses reduce energy and operation costs and improve consumers’ comfort and productivity. The intelligent products created within the framework of the partnership will be launched and introduced to the market through Brunnshög Energi AB, E.ON’s start-up innovation company.