About us

SmarterNext.com: “Future ready” eCulture hotspot. A technological vanguard site and a guide to a smart way of life.


SmarterNext.com is a platform opening new perspectives on knowledge of the future, which is being quickly redefined by new technologies.  Smarternext.com is a multi-author blog dedicated to future, an outpost for watching technological innovations, concepts and practices that are pushing the world forward – companies, cities, and people – towards a smarter and more sustainable future. Two large categories intertwine in the site content: “smart working & manufacturing” and “smart life & living”. By presenting new technologies, SmarterNext.com intends to highlight the directions in which the continuously-evolving concept of “smart everything” expands and takes shape and how it will change our way of living.

SmarterNext.com brings together a mix of advanced, vanguard perspectives, approaches and brands, large and leading companies or start-ups, the “game changers” of the beginning of this millennium, the visions and innovations of which will define the bases for the future way of living through information and content appropriate for business and individual purposes.


We intend to focus on, and provide, updated information on new concepts and directions of development and to present the newest solutions, equipment and services available on the technology market, which support the smart life concept (manufacturing, working, living). The integration of new approaches to a smart way of living and the promotion of multiple IT&C and hi-tech solutions supporting the overall quality of life.


Through the interconnection and dynamics of modern life, in a permanent contact with the environmental and social challenges intertwined in the profitability objectives of companies – “smart” manufacturing technologies, the ones dedicated to smart city, smart home, smart car, smart health, „smart everything” are already a permanent part of our life, require our attention and need to be quickly assimilated by each of us.

Content and sources

SmarterNext.com intends to aggregate information from various sources from all over the world and present it in Romanian and English, some of it with translations / adaptations from the original language, so as to provide an overview of the main fields in which the innovations that set the deep directions of society development and change   appear in various places of the world. The monitored directions are urbanization, industrialization and digitalization or digital transformation.


SmarterNext.com is provided with content by a community of volunteer authors of various ages and trades, connected by their natural curiosity and permanent wish to adapt and self-educate themselves by updated information in the spirit of, and for, a smart way of living.  The community is built – through site login and agreement on the site’s objectives, mission and terms of use – by journalists, engineers, teachers, students, professionals from various fields, with a passion for the a deep knowledge of technological breakthroughs in various fields and their potential influences on each of them and on life in general.

The authors, whether independent or from companies, try to present technological advancements and also to discuss and understand their influence on the way of working and living and behavior of individuals, communities, companies, organizations and governments.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities brought forth by the new technologies and concepts, we invite everyone to register on the site so as to be able to comment on the existing topics and propose new ones for the site articles. By trying to bring together the vision of companies, researchers’ creed, authorities’ involvement, specialist opinions and the expectations and comments of the people to whom the new technologies are dedicated, the platform provides a unique perspective on the need for change, adoption rate of new technologies and concepts and speed of their implementation and transforming action on the current way of working and living.

Tehnic Media is the founder and moderator of SmarterNext.com.