City Launches Waste Wizard to Help Residents Recycle Wise and Sort Smart

Also in Recognition of America Recycles Day

The City of Sacramento – Recycling and Solid Waste Division, has launched the Waste Wizard. This new web-based application will answer resident’s questions on how best to recycle or dispose of waste using City services or other local facilities. The launch coincides with national America Recycles Day, which is November 15, 2015.

“Our customers are knowledgeable recyclers,” says Terrance Davis, the City’s Integrated Waste Manager. “The types of recyclables accepted has grown over the years and it is tough to know what is and isn’t suitable for the blue curbside container. The Waste Wizard can answer questions on whether or not you should rinse the peanut butter jar before recycling, or if a pizza box is accepted.” (The answers are yes – a light rinse, and yes, if there is not a lot of food residue or grease covering the bottom.)

The Waste Wizard will also direct customers on how to handle hazardous waste, construction materials and other items beyond daily household trash. City staff will continue to add answers to the wizard as questions come in. “We get inquires daily on a variety of materials and the ability to keep enhancing the Waste Wizard and tailor it to our customers particular needs is one of the reasons we chose this application,” states Davis.

The best practice for handling household waste is to reduce where you can, reuse as much as possible and then recycle.

Source: City of SACRAMENTO

Photo/video source: City Express

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