Elster provides interoperable solutions beyond metering

From meter manufacturer to full smart grid partner, Elster evolves in line with utilities to meet the changing smart grid environment. They will be showcasing their smart grid hardware and software solutions at European Utility Week, Vienna 3-5 November, stand A.b11.

Elster 1Elster, a leading provider of smart grid hardware and software solutions, will be demonstrating its capabilities as trusted partner for each stage of the smart grid value chain at European Utility Week 2015 conference and exhibition. As utilities have evolved and changed in tune with the ever-fluid smart grid environment, Elster has, at each stage, evolved with them to facilitate their journey through fully interoperable solutions.

Delivering hardware and software solution components at each stage of the smart grid value-chain, has transformed the company from manufacturer, to full solution provider. As well as advanced meters, Elster’s pedigree has expanded to include sensors, secure communications, and data collection, management and analytics.

One of the key solutions Elster offers is the G3-PLC international solution, which is designed to provide a complete end-to-end secure platform, from the meter to their innovative G3-PLC based Beacon 3100 data concentrator, which then continues all the way through to the meter data management system. The elements of this solution are based on European G3-PLC technology, enabling real-time, remote, two-way communication between the smart meters and a central meter data management system.

A fully interoperable environment is vital for these solutions and creates the ability for grid components to speak the same language through common protocols and APIs. Systems must be interoperable and must be able to seamlessly integrate with the legacy systems that have served as the backbone of operations for decades.

Another key element in Elster’s offering in the value that is designed to help simplify the utility journey is Connexo®.

Connexo is Elster’s next generation software suite that integrates key operational workflows, business processes, and smart grid data from multiple technologies into a single interoperable solution. It provides utilities a unified and simple approach for securely collecting, processing, storing and leveraging smart grid data. Connexo’s modular design allows each utility to evolve along with its unique business and technology needs.

Elster will also be showcasing Enacto, a flexible and scalable energy management solution that allows utilities to offer innovative and customisable energy efficiency products, attracting new customers and reducing the risk of supplier switch.

Referencing the company’s smart grid software solutions, Koen Bas, Head of Product Management Software and Services EMEA/APAC, said:

“With Elster’s Connexo platform, we have a unique offering which is designed to provide end-to-end solutions to collect, process, and use smart grid data. Connexo helps simplify the utility journey by rapidly adapting to continuous technology changes, evolving customer needs, and regulatory and economic concerns. Its operational intelligence, guided decision logic, and exception notification result in increased staff productivity while driving down operational costs and risks.

At the same time utilities can use Enacto as a platform to provide an energy service to their major customers. Enacto will help end customers gain insight and achieve savings with the built-in   flexible and granular reporting, across any asset or site measurement point.

Added Bernd Schumacher, Managing Director Electricity EMEA/APAC:

“We’re looking at what utilities need, plus what they are going to need, and working to providing answers to all those questions – be that of security, interoperability or meeting the multiple different standards in place across Europe. To that end, we are looking at expanding both our own range of solutions, while building a strong base of partners, which allows us to give our customers with best-in-class service throughout the value chain.”

By using a base of best-in-class partners and continuing to build out its software and hardware offerings, Elster is evolving to offer an ever broader solution.

Source: Elster

Photo/video source: Elster

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