“Big Data Europe” to empower communities with data technologies

The growing digitization and networking process within our society has a large influence on all aspects of everyday life. Large amounts of data are being produced permanently, and when they are analyzed and interlinked they have the potential to create new knowledge and intelligent solutions for both the economy and society as a whole. To facilitate the use of Big Data technologies, the European Union funds an interdisciplinary research and innovation project called “BigDataEurope”.


A new kind of smart car

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is promising a massive shift in making driving safer.
With things like Bluetooth, sensors, cameras and even satellite radio becoming commonplace in today’s modern car, our vehicles are already ultra connected. But what if cars themselves were connected to each other? That’s the idea behind technology referred to as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.


Smart Internet Lab could change our future

A new research centre that could become a world leader in communications, digital and autonomous systems research was launched at the University of Bristol [Monday 30 November].

The Smart Internet Lab will build on the University’s major communications and digital technologies research to create and permanently support a hub for internet research that will have long-lasting benefits for society and the economy.


5G mobile network sneak preview: 5G Berlin takes a look at the networks of tomorrow

The telecom industry plans to roll-out the first 5G networks from 2020. Fraunhofer FOKUS and Fraunhofer HHI are contributing their comprehensive know-how to a consortium of manufacturers, carriers and research institutions, who are working on prototypes for early-stage 5G communications infrastructure and features, and are aiming to implement these into the 5G Berlin test bed.


Opera-Net 2 paves the way towards wireless networks of the future

Lannion, France. Celtic-Plus project Opera-Net 2 has developed new powering solutions for wireless networks. Projects results will help to avoid the foreseeable collapse when power consumption would scale with the expected increase of bandwidth in mobile communications in the coming ten years. The project adopted a holistic approach combining innovative powering solutions starting from network architecture, including radio signal coding schemas, down to the component level of the RF amplifier.

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